One said one: Learn to avoid stepping on the pit during decoration, it is worth seeing

I would like to ask, who did not want to finish everything when I decorated the house without stepping on a pit?

But not everyone is a special designer. Many friends lack corresponding experience when they decorate their houses. They stepped on the pit unknowingly.

So in this article, Xiaosoft wants to share some experience in decoration with you, so that the friends who decorate the new house will have less wrongdoing.

There will be a harmful gas such as formaldehyde, organic volatilization, benzene, pupa, ammonia, etc. in the newly renovated house. If it exceeds the standard, it is likely to have a direct impact on the fetus, such as the abortion of the pregnant woman and the abnormal development of the fetus.

Therefore, Xiao Soft suggested that if someone at home is pregnant, don’t live in a newly renovated house.

Different from the decoration of the living room and the bedroom wall, the decoration kitchen is the best wall tile with good quality, less pattern, and smooth surface. Because the tiles are high -temperature and easy to scrub, it is not easy to dip the oil fume, which is very suitable for use in the kitchen.

I believe that many friends know about the advantages of pushing windows and windows.

Here I mainly talk about the advantages of opening the window.

Because the flat -opening window can be opened to the maximum extent, so that indoor and outdoor air can be fully circulated, so the room that is installed on the open window is easier to breathe.Gas content.

Oil -based paint uses organic solvents, which contains a large amount of benzene chemical, which will inhibit the human body’s hematopoietic function and reduce red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

The water -based paint uses water as a solvent, which only uses a small amount of low toxic alcohol ether organic solvents, which is safer than oily paint.

Someone may ask here, how can tiles have radiation?This is mainly because the raw materials of tile products are mainly derived from mineral soil such as stone powder, quartz powder, long sand powder, and vermiculite powder. These raw materials will release a special ray during the transformation process to generate radiation.

At the same time, in addition to the mineral radiation of the tile itself, the additives during the processing of tiles will also generate certain radiation, such as the oxidation of oxidation and potassium contained in the super white tile polishing tiles.

But don’t worry too much, as long as the amount of radiation of the tiles will not have any impact on the human body within a certain range.

Therefore, when choosing tiles, you must look at the product radioactive test report, and try to choose Class A tiles.Because according to my country’s standards, type A tiles can be used arbitrarily without being limited by the scope of use, which is the safer to the human body.

The installation height of the range hood should not be too high from the stove, otherwise the oil fume will float indoors before it is sucked in.

Therefore, Xiaoshi recommends that the lower the range hoods, the lower the hood without affecting cooking. Generally, it is advisable to be 65cm-75cm from the countertop.

The formaldehyde pollution in the indoor environment is actually mainly derived from wooden furniture, wooden floor and wallpaper.

Therefore, when purchasing furniture, you must recognize the E -Class certification. E1 and E2 levels of formaldehyde release refer to the formaldehyde release standards stipulated by the state.Essence

Furniture has always been one of the large sources of pollution in the room.

Therefore, it is necessary to make edge treatment when customizing furniture. This will not only look more beautiful, protect the furniture from erosion, but also effectively reduce the discharge of formaldehyde.

The floor drain in the kitchen and bathroom is the most likely to spread and harmful gases, so try to use the water seal depth to a floor drain of more than 5 cm.

When it comes to decoration, green plants indoors are indispensable. This can not only reduce the harmful gas content in the air, but also make the room look full of vitality.

Aloe vera, tiger -tailed orchids, chrome, and ivy are plants with better indoor air effects. The absorption ability of harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene in the room is very strong.A few plants.

I will share so much decoration experience first. I hope that friends can get inspiration from these experiences and pretend to be the home you want soon!

Do you think these 10 experiences are helpful to you?Come and talk about the comment area!

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