One of the behaviors of the mother during the birth and being criticized by the doctor’s "chopping their heads", the family members are very grateful

Friends belong to the typical late marriage and late childbirth, so after pregnancy, the whole pregnancy is specially paid attention to maintenance. When there is a child, the friend asked her husband to accompany the birth. My husband also felt that his friends were really confusing and had to accompany the birth.

What was unexpected to everyone was that after the child was born, the friend’s husband cried. He said: It turned out that the mother had children was a contest of life and death. He wanted this child in his life.No longer let my wife take this danger.

When he didn’t experience it, he also said, "Don’t you have a child?"

The birth process is not a simple child, and the "Ghost Gate" tour

It turned out that she knew a pregnant mother. She was also a second mother. Dabao was a daughter. The father -in -law had a micro -word about this. After the birth of the second child, the attitude eased a lot.The attitude of the in -laws changed.Even her husband is different from the past.

When the second child was six or seven months old, the menu doctor said: This pregnant mother

The test results are not very good. Doctors recommend hospitalization.As a result, my mother -in -law said:

"Isn’t it just having a child? I haven’t done a checkup before. The children are not the same. They are still hospitalized. There is nothing at all. The doctors are flickering."

At that moment, I was really frightened. There was a "ghost gate" trip to have a child. How could it be a simple child?

If it is just that simple, my friend and husband, like the beginning of the article, how can you be unforgettable after a period of accompanying, and only this child will never want the child again in the future.

At the moment of production, whether it is a family or a maternal herself, they really hope that they can recognize the meaning of production and be able to take it seriously and rigorously.Sometimes the labor process is like a war that is filled with smoke.And naked has nothing to do with others

The birth is a war that has nothing to do with others.

In a real estate video, the mother did not want to cooperate with the doctor because of the extreme pain, and she did not want to make it effort. She did not cooperate.The doctor let the legs separate, and she was still immersed in her pain.The doctors have seen the fetal head, and she is desperately claming her legs and shrinking desperately.When the doctor was anxious, he started to shout:

"Do you want this child? Is this your child? You are not cooperating with it. The child is not good at birth, and crying is not good. You are not in a hurry. If you want to give birth to the childOne way, there is no way, no one can help you. "

In fact, if I saw such a doctor before I had a child, I still felt that such a doctor was very powerful, but when I gave birth to a child, my mentality was different. I know that the doctor really hopes that the mother and the child can be flat.An An.

The child was born healthy, and the doctor had a breath.Family members should not only blame the doctor, but also very grateful to the doctor.

I am also a second -born mother. Although I was working in the hospital, I also saw a lot of thrilling scenes in the hospital. However, at that time, the protagonist who faced everything was not me after all, many things did not have so intuitive experience.

When I gave birth to Dabao, my stomach hurts for two days and two nights, and I was finally pushed to the bed to make a last blog for the meeting with my child.

The moment I was lying on the birth bed, in the face of the anxiety of doctors hated iron and steel, and her husband hated anxiety that could not replace, they realized that everyone’s anxiety and anxiety were shouting.Replace.

Although it is not as painful as dying, but when I hear the doctor, I have seen the child’s head. If I do n’t work hard, I will be in a hurry, and I will never care about the pain.The essentials and knowledge of prenatal training classes are just a concept. The child cannot be done. As a result, the child is too hard, the child is born safely, but I have a non -tear wounds.

At that moment, I had a real feeling inside:

The moment the pregnant mother lay on the bed, some things belong to their own war. No matter how much people around them love you, they care about you, and they can’t do it.

In daily life, if you encounter difficulties, you can ask for help or find a companion, but this matter cannot be.It is really "I am me".

In the future mothers, some related knowledge is the "hardware" guarantee for having children

1. Maintain balanced nutrition during pregnancy, but control the fetus too large

"Fat Mother Zhuang Er" is a mantra often said by the elderly, but I want to say that this is really unscientific at all.Because the fetus is too large, not only the fetus has risks, but also has too much safety hazards for mothers.

Therefore, the scientific breeding is to maintain a balanced nutrition during pregnancy, be properly matched, and maintain a suitable weight to control the fetal too large.

2. If the pain threshold is very low, remember to make an appointment with painless delivery in advance

Painless delivery may be mixed for many people, but at present, this is a very mature technology. When I have a child, I use painlessness, and the child is still healthy.

And the biggest benefit of painlessness is to greatly alleviate my pain to a large extent, can make myself better nourish and storage, and reserve energy for the last level of the birth.

3. The focus of grasping the training of the production process

In the prenatal training class, the teacher told a lot of relevant knowledge, which is really comprehensive, but after experiencing, you will find that a lot of knowledge does not work at that moment, because it is not available, and you can remember what you can use.

When the early contraction is too painful, inhale with my nose and exhale with my mouth.

After the palace mouth is opened to four, you must cooperate with your breath.When the contraction came, the big mouth was inhaled and then held up, the chin was retracted, his eyes looked at the navel, and the eyes were hard.As long as possible, you can take a long time. Generally speaking, it is about 10 seconds.

At 2/3 of the fetal head delivery in the later stage of the delivery, the fetus should not be given slowly.But the mother will involuntarily want to work hard at this time.In order to avoid excessive force leading to the damage of the birth canal, you can try "hack", that is, your mouth opens, and breathing like a pant.When having qi, it is basically not effective.

For women, sometimes they need to face some things alone. Of course, everyone, including doctors’ hate iron and steel, is for the mother and child of the mother.Everything is for a goal: mother and child are safe!

I hope all the future mothers can be peaceful!

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I am a mother, a second -born mother, writing left hand, and raising my right hand.With the attitude of learning and thinking, try to walk on the way to be a good mother. Friends who like me can follow me!

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