Once the mortality rate of the disease is 100%!No need to seek medical treatment without bleeding?Big wrong

Entering summer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter.At the same time, as the temperature rises, the "Wang Xingren" and "Meow Star" will also "heat upstricate", and they are no longer so docile and well -behaved. At this time, animals such as cats and dogs are high.

Doctors remind: The bite of animals such as cats and dogs cannot be careless, and it must be treated scientifically in a timely manner, otherwise it will cause dangerous rabies. Once there is no effective treatment method, the disease mortality rate is 100%!

The weather gradually became hot, and the number of cases of being bitten by animals gradually increased.

01. The increase in the number of cases of animal grabbing in community hospitals

In early May, Zengcheng Zengcheng released the news that the number of cases of being scratched and bitter in Zengcheng District recently received the increase in animals.According to the community doctors in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, the proportion of cats has recently caught or bite more. It may be that there are more and more families that treat cats as pets, and the number of stray cats in the outer environment has gradually increased, resulting in the increase in the probability of exposure.

02. Some people in the circle of friends are exposed to being caught by pets

Recently, on the social platform, some netizens have exposed their experiences of being caught by their own pet cats, and the wounds are still deep.

03. Cases of media reports

1. According to the Nanning Evening News on April 10, Nanning Fourth People’s Hospital took a 8 -year -old rabies child.The child was caught by the puppy and the family behind the right hand did not deal with it. The wounded puppy died that night, and the child began to fever from the fifth day.As a result, the child was bitten from a dog to the onset and death of only 20 days.

2. According to the "Urban Express" report, a college student in Hangzhou went to feed the stray cat after class. As a result, his fingers were scratched by a small mouth of the stray cat’s teeth. Seeing that there was no bleeding, Xiao Wang did not go to the doctor at the time.I went to the hospital the next day and was given emergency treatment by doctors to debride and vaccine.

3. According to Zhejiang media reports, in early May, a 26 -year -old man accompanied the emergency department with the dog owner."I often tease and play with puppies in my neighbor’s house. I walked over in the morning to tease the dog. I just squatted down. I didn’t expect the puppy to rush up and grab it in my forearm."The two red scratches on the forearm are deep and bleeding.

What are the symptoms of extremely dangerous rabies?

Doctors said that being bitten by animals such as cats and dogs, even small wounds are very dangerous.

Guangzhou Daily · Xinhuacheng reporter also learned from Wang Ming, an expert at the State Council special allowance expert and public health expert Wang Ming:

Many years ago, a middle -aged man was cut by a knife, and a 1.5 cm long wound appeared on his thumb. He went to the hospital for wounds and sutured. After about two weeks, the wound was bandaged with gauze.Subsequently, one of his relatives was bitten by a stray dog at the gas station.In the process of helping relatives to handle the wound, the relative’s wound bleeding water and wet the gauze on his thumb.After that, he just threw away the gauze, but did not deal with the wound on his hand.

More than a month later, the man began to have symptoms such as restlessness, sleep disorders, and tingling on his legs.His saliva was tested by the national key laboratory of infectious disease diagnosis and treatment to confirm that he was infected with rabies; and then he died on the 10th day of the onset.On the contrary, because his relatives were bitten by a stray dog, they went to the hospital to do wound treatment and a rabies vaccine, and there was no disease.

It can be seen that rabies are extremely dangerous.

A rabies disease, an animal -derived infectious disease caused by rabies virus infection. Once there is no effective treatment method, the disease mortality rate is 100%.

Rabies exposure refers to the bitterness or tissue of animal saliva or tissue of animal saliva or tissue of animal saliva or tissue of animal saliva or tissue of animal saliva or tissue of animal saliva or tissue of animal saliva or tissue of animal saliva or tissue that may be damaged, open wounds, and mucous membrane contacts that may be infected with rabies virus.

The rabies are mammos, such as dogs, cats, and bats. The incubation period is usually 1-3 months. 99%of patients occur within one year. The initial symptoms are fever.Essence

As the virus diffuses in the central nervous system, it develops into a fatalized cerebral feptitis. There are two specific situations: the symptoms of maniac patients are hyperthyroidism, restlessness, and fear of water.The symptoms are not so severe, but the course of the disease is long. Starting from the bit of biting or scratching, the muscles gradually paralyzed, and then gradually breathing and heart failure, which eventually caused death.

What should I do if I caught the injury?Do you have to seek medical treatment without bleeding?Do you want to get rabies vaccine?

What should I do if they are scratched by animals?

Remember these points ↓

It is important to deal with self -rescue for the first time!

You have to seek medical treatment in time without obvious bleeding!

Be sure to vaccinate rabies in time!

1. Treat the wound as soon as possible:

After being bitten/caught, immediately squeeze the wound and discharge blood, but you must not use your mouth to suck the wound;

Use a certain pressure of flowing water (such as tap water) and 20 % soapy water or other weak alkaline cleaners to rinse the wound, at least 15 minutes;

Wipe the wound with dilute iodine (0.025%~ 0.05%) after rinse;

Wounds are generally not sutured or bandaged, no drugs such as ointment or powder are not conducive to drug detoxification.If the wound wound is large and deep, go to a regular hospital for treatment immediately.

2. Based on the biting site and serious situation, timely and standardized inoculating people use rabies vaccine:

After being bitten by animals, the rabies vaccine is taken as soon as possible. The better the protection effect. The best injection time is that within 24 hours after injury, it is best not to exceed 48 hours.

If you are delayed due to accidents, you cannot injection in time within 48 hours, and do not give up injection.

So, how to vaccinate rabies vaccine?

At present, rabies vaccine has the "five -needle method"

There are two types of "four -pointer".

Research data shows,

On the 14th day after the first point of the two procedures,

The rotation rate of the 45 -day anti -body yang reached 100%;

"Four -needle method" is doubled due to the first dose,

Early antibodies are faster and higher.

have to be aware of is,

Because it can produce protective antibodies about 2 weeks after the vaccine is injected,

Therefore, the full vaccination should be completed on time.

3. In the case, inject rabies immunoglobulin.The purpose is to allow rabies immunoglobulin to "neutralize" the rabies virus in the wound to reduce the number of rabies virus invaded into the human body.The role of resistance rabies virus.

Hot and answering hot dog vaccine vaccination

Q: After being vaccinated throughout the whole process, after being vaccinated, I was caught and bitten. Do I need to vaccinate again?

A: Those who are exposed within 6 months after the whole process generally do not need to be immune again; those who are exposed from 6 months to 1 year after the whole process shall be vaccinated by 0 and 3 days;The exposure should take 1 dose of vaccine each from 0, 3, and 7 days; those who have been vaccinated throughout the process should be vaccinated throughout for more than 3 years.

Q: Can pregnant women and lactation women vaccinate rabies vaccines?

A: Studies have shown that pregnant women with rabies vaccine are safe and will not affect the growth and development of the fetus. Breastfeeding women can also breastfeed normally after vaccination.

Q: Have bleeding bleeding by rabbits, hamsters, mice, etc., do you need to vaccinate rabies?

A: Rodges and rabbits (including rabbits and hare) rarely infect rabies, and did not find evidence that caused rabies on earth.The chances of rats and hamsters spread very low, and the probability of contact with the surface of the object is lower. It is not recommended to vaccinates with rabies.However, after bleeding, the wound is to be treated, and the wound should be rinsed alternately with water and soap for 15 minutes, and disinfected with iodine.

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Source: Author: Guangzhou Daily

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