Once "yang" is not to be taboo, 5 kinds of breakfast touch, no nutrition and delay recovery, it is recommended to understand



Friends in Weifang, Shandong, I mentioned him some time ago and said that he had good protection and made two masks at work. He would disinfect it with alcohol when he went home, but tonight, he told me that he "Yang Yang"When I heard this news, I couldn’t believe that the protection was so good, but it was still a recruitment.He has always lived alone, and this time he "Yang" was quite serious.

After chatting, he told me that he had to do nucleic acid every day at work. It was estimated that the nucleic acid was yesterday. It was not until this afternoon that the results were known.Breakfast is also related to "Yang". Don’t say that you really have to be "taboo" after the sun. Some foods that are not very nutritious must be eaten.

Like the five kinds of breakfast mentioned below, you should not touch it once you determine that you are "Yang".What breakfast is it in the end?

The favorite of "single nobles", my friend is a typical instant noodle enthusiast. He has never broken his instant noodles at home. He will store one or two boxes every time.Earlier, you will go to the store to eat fire, and then return to the company to go to work.

We all know that it is a typical fried food, and the salt is particularly high. If you eat it, you basically have no nutrition. If you are in the sun, it is recommended to touch less.

Like some hand -tear bread, as well as cream bread, etc., many people like to use them as breakfast. This is also determined to touch less. It is basically not necessary to say that the bread is baked.It is quite high, and it is easy to lead to increased heat after eating.

After the sun, most of the throats are uncomfortable. At this time, if you think of bread as breakfast, it is likely to increase, which is not conducive to recovery.

This is mainly a kind of snack in the Weifang area of Shandong. My friend likes to eat the fire. I have also eaten it when I was in Weifang before. Although this fire is delicious, it is enough to eat it because it is used to use the oven directly.It was baked and was eaten while it was hot.

It is baked in itself, and it is hot in my mouth. It is not suitable for eating it as breakfast, because after eating, your throat may be speechless, it is easy to cause fireEssence

If you eat dumplings for breakfast, I think there is no problem, but if you eat a fried dumplings for breakfast, and you still know that you are Yang, it is undoubtedly worse.It becomes very hard and will also release various harmful substances. The most important thing is that fried dumplings will also cause symptoms of fire.

Although fried dumplings are delicious, they are not suitable for eating at the time of onset. This will even cause severe throat and pain. It is best to eat some benign foods to facilitate digestion and absorption.

Everyone must be more clear. It is known as a junk food in itself. It needs to be fried at high temperature. It is not particularly healthy food in itself, but many people like to eat.If you are sunny, then breakfast like fritters is best not to eat well.

Unhealthy foods, nutritional value will be greatly reduced, and even the disadvantages are greater than the benefits. Instead, we might as well eat healthier rice porridge.

【Food Say】

Once "Yang", breakfast still needs to pay more attention, because according to the symptoms of Yang, it is prone to sore throat. At this time, you should eat some food that is easy to digest.Foods, like these 5 kinds of breakfast, have less breakfast, delayed recovery without nutrition.

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