On the second day of the engagement, the boyfriend regretted marriage.

Love is valuable, and cherish, love, marriage, and children, no matter what steps they go, men must be responsible for their beloved women to the end. After all, the man of a man, the promise made by the man, should be fulfilled.Get out of bed and become a liar.

Regarding remorse, I believe that everyone usually sees such things on the Internet, or that men and women love to break up. No matter which one is, women are the disadvantaged side, and they will always be disappeared by ruthless men.Especially when a woman is pregnant, the man who is a child’s father can abandon it hard. In the end, a woman who is weak and the wind resisted all.

So, do women think of unlucky in this failed feelings?How to defend rights?

The 23 -year -old girl Wei Li (pseudonym) and 25 -year -old boyfriend Su Kang (pseudonym) have been in love for 3 years, and finally engaged, and she was pregnant with her body. For this reason, the parents of both sides invited many friends and relatives to hold a one.The grand engagement banquet.

After the engagement banquet, Weili was very happy. After all, she was about to become a bride immediately, put on a beautiful wedding dress, entered the marriage hall, and even dreaming was sweet, looking forward to a new life in the future.

However, before the day of getting married, Veli’s beautiful vision was completely shattered.Because, on the second day of the engagement banquet, her boyfriend Su Kang sent a message that was unacceptable to Veli, claiming that the marriage was not intended to break up, and she would break up with Wei Li.

It is not uncommon on the Internet to say this matter. How could Wei Li think about it, and the remorse would happen to her. So what is the reason for not getting married?

As a result, Veli eagerly asked about the reason.In desperation, he could only find Su Kang everywhere. Surprisingly, Su Kang suddenly "lost contact" and looked for everything, but he could not find Su Kang himself.

In the end, Weiri dialed Su Kang’s father’s phone call and asked her boyfriend’s whereabouts. Her boyfriend’s father told Wei Li that Su Kang took a car in Sichuan in the morning. When he heard the news, Wei Li only felt that it was clear.The reason why her boyfriend regrets marriage is not a moment of anger, but it is true.

As for why Wei Li was so calm, because she was still with her boyfriend Su Kang’s flesh. If she really didn’t get married, what should I do if the child in this belly?

As a result, Veli communicated with Su Kang’s parents, hoping that the other party could persuade Su Kang back. Even if she really regrets marriage, she must discuss how the children in the stomach can solve it.

At that time, Wei Li was pregnant for four or five months, and she was already pregnant, saying that it was a life, and it was not an exaggeration at all.

However, in the face of such a small life, Su Kang’s father said something to make Weli stunned. Su Kang’s father said: "You can do a painless abortion by yourself and kill the child."

After looking for her boyfriend Su Kang many times, Wei Li could only choose to terminate pregnancy with her parents.

So, is this just the matter?Does Weili consider herself unlucky?It is obviously unfair to Weli.

Therefore, Wei Li sued his boyfriend Su Kang to court and asked the man to give compensation. It is estimated that many people believe that the two have no marriage and break up in love. Both sides have a responsibility.The fee and nutritional fee is over. If you think so, then it is very wrong.

However, before the discussion of this incident, we need to understand why Su Kang regrets marriage?

To say how the feelings of Weiri and Su Kang, Weili revealed that for love, she once resigned from work and went to the city where her boyfriend was. During this period, she had been with her boyfriend Su Kang’s parents for a long time.The two sides get along well.Marriage is a stable thing.

However, if Wei Li wants to marry Su Kang, he must promise a condition for the other parents: "You must get married first, otherwise you will marry a daughter -in -law and have a child, and the money will be white."

At that time, Wei Li didn’t think much. After all, there was indeed this custom habit in the local area. At the same time, she also believed in her boyfriend that she would marry her as a wife and would not lie to her, so she agreed to this request.

Later, the wedding photo was taken, and the person was pregnant. The engagement banquet was also held. As a result, the boyfriend suddenly broke up on the second day of the engagement. The man asked to kill the child. The whole thing was so simple.Why is my boyfriend regret marriage?

Because Su Kang had been hiding from Weli and refused to show up negotiations, Weli brought Su Kang to court. The court believed that this was a healthy dispute that was unable to get married and forced to abandon abortion together.

In court, Su Kang still did not show up. Su Kang’s agent lawyer argued for Su Kang, thinking that the love between the two sides was free. Weli had an abortion, which caused the statement that the health right was infringed.

Hearing Sukang’s acting lawyer said this, Wei Li was very sad, saying that marriage was the promise given by Su Kang. The birth of a child is also the condition that the other party is determined by the marriage custom.However, they were willing to pay to marry Su Kang.

Seeing this scene, the judge asked Su Kang’s agent lawyer, and asked questions, why did Su Kang suddenly regret marriage?

In this regard, Su Kang’s agent finally said the reason for the remorse to marry, and there are two main reasons:

The first reason: the wedding gifts are unhappy

The second reason: the eight characters on both sides are inconsistent

Wedding gifts are one of the reasons for dismantling a pair of lovers. However, Weili told us that the gift money was not the reason for remorse. It turned out that the man came to the door and gave a 15,000 meeting ceremony. According to local customs, there was a fortune.5,000 yuan gifts, as a result, the man did not agree, and said directly in front of Weili’s parents: "Just 15,000, there are more, no, love to marry!"

Later, because of her pregnancy, Wei Li made a concession for children and the future. There was no gift.

As for the man’s family saying that the eight characters are inconsistent, it is not right, because the eight -character problem is mentioned by accident after the engagement banquet. Besides, the marriage is the eight characters, which is a feudal superstition and cannot be used as a legitimate reason for remorse.

So, since the reason for the remorse is not sufficient, can Weli defend her rights and interests?Can you recover a fairness?

In fact, at this time, why did Su Kang regret marriage and it is not important, because after the marriage, Su Kang did not have a negotiation attitude, and subjectively was damaging Welli;

After all, a woman is pregnant, and a man does not come out to face the problem. Women have been harmed to a certain degree in physical and mental health. Furthermore, it was also first to get pregnant before remarried. It was also the request made by the man. In terms of responsibility, the man could not escapeDry.

In the end, the court made a verdict that Su Kang compensated Weli for 3147.55 yuan for medical expenses, a total of 1856.4 yuan for transportation expenses, and 12,000 yuan in mental damage.

For many girls in love, it is a very happy thing to walk to the palace of marriage with the beloved.Love yourself, invest in seven points of feelings, and don’t lose yourself for love.

You know, you do n’t get a response, after all, you do n’t get a response. After all, it is a single love love. Good love requires the two sides to go. No matter what difficult and dangerous obstruction, it will not hinder the two people.Looking back at the love of Weiri and Su Kang, I said the request of "getting married first after pregnancy". It is seen that Su Kang is indeed a problem in character and family style.

Do you agree with the author’s point of view?

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