Official reminder!Do not eat this season of river powder, rice noodles, and fungus, serious or dying

Source: People’s Daily Science

According to the Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Commission,

February 2023 (0:00 on February 1st to 24:00 on February 28),),

The province reports a large -level public health incident,

Reporting to Wuhua County, Meizhou City together

Tree roots with mixed hook kisses

Caused food -based disease incident,

Three cases of onset and 1 case of death.

March 16th,

The Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued food safety consumption reminder:

Wet rice noodles such as river powder, intestinal powder, nicheci, rice noodles

And the soaked Tremella, fungus and other foods

It is easy to produce rice yeast acid toxin in high temperature and humid weather

The risk of poisoning increases 险

Important reminder:

On the occasion of spring and summer,

Don’t pick such things, don’t buy, let alone eat!

Meizhou Wuhua Report Together Poisoning Incident

Mistake -mixed hook kiss tree roots and soaked wine, causing 1 dead 3 diseases

What is the hook kiss that causes 1 death and 3?

Hook kiss, known as "broken intestines", also known as big tea medicine,

The whole plant is highly toxic,

The main toxic substance is hook kiss biological alkali,

Those who eat them are difficult to breathe lightly, and they are fatal.

5-8 leaves can put down a adult,

The toxicity cannot be underestimated

According to the statistics

There are more than 150 species in South China mainly toxic plants

Many people like to dig in the wild to dig Chinese medicine materials in the wild

Mistakes and misunderstandings occur when the incident occurs

The clinical manifestations of hook -kiss poisoning are mainly neurological symptoms, mainly including respiratory palsy, dizziness, vague speech, muscle relaxation, resulted, visual loss, throat burning pain, difficulty in swallowingEssence

Hook kiss is common in villages, roadside, hillside grass, or shrubs. The root system of vine -shaped crawling is developed, and the root system buried in the soil is developed. It is often entangled with other surrounding plants.Such as "five -finger Maotao", "gold and silver flower" and "golden kernels" are very similar.

For the Guangdong people who have always used Chinese medicinal materials for making wine or soup and drinking habits, they may be poisoned by mistakenly digging the root of the hook kiss or mixed with the root of the hook kiss.occur.

How to distinguish the hook kiss?

Watch its flowers and leaves:

The flower buds and flowers of the hook kiss are yellow, and the leaves feel smooth on both sides, like a layer of wax.

The flower buds of gold and silver flowers turned yellow at first, and after blooming, the leaves were furry and no gloss.

Look at its stem:

The surface of the stems of the young hook kiss is relatively smooth, and the outer layer of the old stem is a sponge -like cork.

Many people will confuse it with the black tiger. In fact, the black tiger’s stems can feel rough, and the texture is solid, with horizontal cracks. Be careful!

Different from its roots:

The root surface of the hook kiss is brownish yellow, with obvious longitudinal patterns, the heart of the bending place will be exposed, and the root surface of the five -finger peaches is generally reddish -brown skin.Essence

Recently hot weather

Rister toxin toxin toxin poisoning such as river powder and rice noodles is high

Recently, the temperature in Guangdong has changed, and the weather has gradually recovered.Wet rice noodles such as river powder, intestinal powder, noodles, rice noodles, and soaked white fungus, fungus and other foods are prone to production of rice yeast toxins in high temperature and humid weather.The risk of poisoning of rice yek -toxin toxin will increase.

The Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau reminds that consumers should choose regular channels when purchasing foods such as wet rice noodles.Read the product label carefully and pay attention to the sensory characteristics and shelf life of the product.Wet rice noodles should be stored at low temperature and should be eaten during its shelf life.

Before consumption, the shelf life of wet rice noodles should be checked.Because the production process of wet rice noodles has changed, the sensory characteristics of the wet rice noodles that exceed the shelf life are still normal, and there will be no allergies such as sourness and odor, which will cause people to continue to sell or eat.Plug -in by coconut poisoning and fake monolithic bacteria and then produce rice yeast acid toxin, and the risk of poisoning after consumption will greatly increase.

At the same time, coconut poisoning fake monolm may also breed on ingredients such as hair fungus and white fungus, which will generate rice yeast acid toxin.Therefore, it should be checked before consumption of fungus and Tremella, and should not be eaten if it is found that the moisture and deterioration should be found; they should be processed in time after soaking;fungus.

Wet rice noodles, white fungus, fungus and other foods such as improper storage are contaminated and produced toxin toxin, and it cannot be eliminated by heating and cooking. It can still cause poisoning after consumption.After suspicious symptoms, you should go to the doctor immediately.

Poisonous disease caused by rice yeast toxin is urgent. The incubation period is generally 30 minutes to 12 hours, and a few are 1 to 2 days.

The main manifestations are upper abdomen discomfort, nausea, vomiting, mild diarrhea, dizziness, and general weakness.In severe cases, jaundice, hepatochroma, subcutaneous hemorrhage, vomiting, hematuria, low urine, unclear consciousness, irritability, convulsions, convulsions, shock and even death, generally no fever.

Recently is the peak season of mushroom growth in the wild

Don’t pick it up!

It is understood that the types of poisonous mushrooms in Guangdong include white poisonous umbrellas (fatal goose cream), gray -patterned goose cream, yellow -covered goose cream white variants, sticky covered with mushrooms, clustered silk umbrellas (clustered yellow umbrellas).Among them, the two mushrooms with the largest number of poisoning are white poison umbrella (fatal goose cream) and lead green fold mushrooms.

White poisonous umbrellas are often surrounded by or scattered under the shade of the trees. They are distributed in Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Zhaoqing and other places. A large amount of growing in the warm and rainy in spring to April, from May to July, it also appeared.

Some wild poisonous mushrooms are similar to the shape of edible mushrooms. The identification requires professional knowledge and rely on certain instrument and equipment. It is difficult to distinguish the appearance characteristics of the naked eye and according to the appearance of the shape, odor, and color.

In the wild, non -toxic mushrooms are often mixed with toxic mushrooms, and non -toxic mushrooms are easily stained with toxic mushroom mycelium.

What should I do if food poisoning occurs?

At present, there is no special effect on poisoning such as poisonous mushrooms and broken intestinal grass.Once there is suspected poisoning symptoms after eating wild plants such as wild mushrooms and wild hook kisses, it should be used to quickly eliminate toxins as soon as possible.

After vomiting, you should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible and report to the local health administrative department in a timely manner.It is best to bring the remaining mushrooms or wild plant samples to prepare further diagnosis.

At the same time, be alert to poisoning "false healing".After some patients were treated, the symptoms of acute gastrointestinalitis gradually relieved or even disappeared, giving people a feeling of healing. In fact, toxins are entering the liver and other internal organs through the blood, infringing the substantial organs.Fast deterioration, accumulate organs such as liver, kidney, heart, brain, etc., the most serious damage to the liver.

Therefore, when the symptoms of the early poisoning are relieved, they should still stay in the hospital to actively receive treatment and observe for a period of time to ensure that the condition is stable and improved.

Remind again

Keep food safety points: separate and store raw foods; cook cooked foods to be eaten as well as food; eat as much as possible as meals as meals. Do not eat foods or long -term metamorphic foods.

Do not eat wild mushrooms at will: Never pick and eat wild mushrooms without casual or "experience".

Source/People’s Daily Science Popularization of Guangzhou Daily, Guangdong Health Online, CCTV News

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