Obviously wearing a suit, still pregnant!Do you know these 13 minefields?

Health medical examination D-I-Y, the disease said early byebye!

We do not talk about treatment, health, and only talk about the methods and strategies to prevent diseases.

I don’t know if you have watched the French film "Women’s Rhymes". The film story happened in World War II. The female lead was finally crowned by the crime of rebellion because of helping people abortion.

Before that era, the people did not know that there were condoms. Many women had a great misfortune because they were pregnant and more due to their pregnancy.

Now, if there are any adult women who do not know what condoms are, it is estimated that which remote tribal in Africa just ran out.

However, even if it is a well -known condom, no girls do not know how to use it, otherwise, how many unexpected pregnancy happens every year.

The complicated parachute can reach the 100%opening rate. Why is the simple condom contraceptive power of about 90%?

This thing, although wearing a man, is to prevent women from getting pregnant.

In this issue, we will popularize it. What are the mines that are incorrect using condoms:

1.Store errors, the condom cannot be placed in a personal pocket or near other thermal sources. Near the heat source in the long period of time, it will make the like glue aging.

2.The best time to wear a condom is before the sponge body is erected, and it is closely in contact with various parts.

3.No penile foreskin was turned up, and the risk of cracking of condoms in sexual intercourse was added.

4.The size is inappropriate, either broken or falling off.

5.The front -end small sac is not flattened, leaving air, and it is easy to break the front end during exercise.

6.When wearing the wrong direction during the XXOO process, new condoms are not changed.

7.Without paying attention to the condom material, the condom made of natural rubber should avoid contact with Vaselin or other oily applied to prevent chemical reactions from destroying its integrity.

8.When trying to enter such as dangerous movements, no condoms with thick materials are not used, which increases the risk of rupture.

9.Using expired condoms, the risk of rupture increases.

10.After the incident, it was not withdrawn in time, resulting in semen flowing out.

11.When you pull it out, do not hold the root of the sleeve and accidentally fall off.

12.The semen is still overwhelming.

13.The condoms are all disposable, but they are repeatedly used.

Be careful to get a thousand years of boats. In these minefields, you can keep your eyes.

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