Obviously taking measures, why are you still pregnant?Pay attention to these details

Not long ago, a picture of a "Newborn Big Big Big Handing Ring Ring" exploded network ↓

("Want to kill the labor and management? Not so easy!")

It turned out that the two baby mothers Hellein were pregnant again after receiving a birthplace in the hospital!Of course, the picture is just a photo. In fact, the doctor was found under the placenta when the doctor had a cesarean section surgery.

God!Obviously doing birthplace, can you "make people’s lives"?September 26 is World Contradicance Day, let’s talk about this "life -related" question together!

1. Release Xiaoma in vitro

In 9012, how many ignorant girls have been deceived by this statement?Not to mention that the "self -control" of men may not be free, and sperm contained in the secretions released before ejaculation is enough to make women pregnant.

Besides, men and men, your "critical moments" suddenly pulled out, not only interrupted the current "sex", but in the long run, it was very hurt!

2. The safety period "streaking"

The safety period of "first seven and eight" is not safe.After all, girls love late, and the eggs will often not "keep the time". After the discharge, they can survive for 1-2 days, and some small tadpoles are "tenacious" for 2 to 3 days.

TIPS: The same is true for breastfeeding. Although it is common for menstruation during breastfeeding, "Auntie" does not come without ovulation!It is not safe to lactation without safety measures!

3. Sperm kill agent alone

There are many forms such as paste, foam, and membranes, which can lubricate and increase interest and are favored.But its name is bluffing, and the ability to fight alone is actually weak.If it is not used in conjunction with other contraceptive methods (such as uterine hats, etc.), the power of a "preparation" is difficult to enemy the masses of the masses.

Summary in one sentence: Rights are risky, and contraception needs to be cautious!To master the scientific contraceptive method, Sao Nian, don’t sink and be happy and can’t extricate yourself.

Many people know that they are reliable with sleeves and medicine, but they do not know these details.

Most recommended: set

Prevention can also prevent disease

The condom is named after its inventor: Condom, which was originally cut and dried by the blindness of the lamb (it is said that there are actually animal blades or fish crickets earlier earlier). Add oil and wheat bran to soften.

It is one of the most "great" inventions because it can prevent "life", but also to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.but!The sleeve is not 100%safe. The use of errors can easily lead to damage and slip, which makes people "recruit".

3 misunderstandings

Misunderstanding 1: Is the sleeve not expired?

Positive solution: Generally, it can be stored in a cool and dry environment for 5 years. Light, heat, and wetness may shorten the life of the sleeve. Therefore, the money clip and the window sill are not a good choice.Once cracking or loss of elasticity, don’t feel bad, throw it away.

Misunderstanding 2: Double -layer wearing is more insurance?

Positive solution: Not only affects the experience, but the two layers will rub each other, but it may cause damage to the sleeve.

Misunderstanding 3: Can you discharge the air in front?

Positive solution: If there are small holes in the sleeve, it is not easy to find, and the sleeve after opening is more difficult to wear and easily damaged.

5 correct details

”" Wear "throughout the process: Don’t think, Xiao Yan is very hard, from the beginning," strive to go upstream ";

:Be careful of "weapon": such as ring, nails, many people’s "blood tears lessons";

最 Squeeze out the air: The raised position at the front end is to store seminal vesicles. Pinch the squeeze air before using it before using it to avoid overflowing or rupture;

:Volumes and outward: It is inconvenient inward.

:Select the lubricant with caution: can only be matched with the water -based lubricant;

合 Throw the knot again: reasonable and aftermath is a manifestation of quality.

Most effective: pharmaceutical

The effect is remarkable, but you must use it with caution

According to legend, an "oral contraceptive" with snail mucus, oil, and wine is popular; while women in ancient Chinese green buildings are used in small doses to take mercury, frost, and mate -horsepine.Mowing

One is much happier than modern times, not only safer and effective, but also more choices ↓

Long -acting contraceptive

≥ Effective index: ≥99%

地 Representative drugs: chloridine progesterone, Gengluorone, Melid confession needle, D-noco apertone buried agent, etc.

✎ ✎

The main needle, subcutaneous buried implants, etc. are mainly based on the prescription of doctors. The medication can be maintained for a period of time and the accumulation of fat in the body is slowly released.

, , Can inhibit ovulation and thicken the cervix mucus, preventing sperm and eggs from combining sperm.

恶 have great side effects, such as nausea and vomiting, menstrual disorders, increased blood pressure.

妇 Women who have never given birth are not recommended to take it. If you are preparing to take the medicine, you should stop the medicine for 3 months to half a year.

Short -acting contraceptive

9 Effective index: 99%

隆 Representative medicine: Mom Fulong, You Siming, etc.

✎ ✎

, Mainly oral medication, doctors need to be prescribed, and can also adjust the menstrual cycle.

, , Can inhibit ovulation and thicken the cervix mucus, preventing sperm and eggs from combining sperm.

☞ Every!day!Clothes!medicine!Leakage for more than 12 hours will reduce the effect of contraception, and the method of supplementing is more complicated.

小 The side effects are relatively small, and you can get pregnant the next month.

Emergency contraceptive

0 Effective index: 70%

婷 Representative medicine: Yuting, Jin Yuting, etc.

✎ ✎

"Regret medicine" is only for emergency, and it is not recommended to take routine.

Inhibit ovulation through large -dose hormones or prevent fertilized eggs from bed.

小 It is generally recommended to take it within 72 hours. The later the failure rate is higher, and it is basically useless to take timeout.

Small soup shattered thoughts: In addition to sleeves and pharmaceuticals, women’s uterine built -in nursery (commonly known as the upper ring) and the vollar ligation (commonly known as ligation) are more reliable and effective.There are very few cases like Hellein. It is really ape dung, and it can’t stop it!

原 Women’s condoms: The principle is the same as that of a male condom, one -time use; but the shape is different, one end is a large ring ring, and the other end is a closed small ring.

口 Usage: Put the sealing end in the vagina like a tiny cotton strip until the cervix is covered, and the opening end leaves about 2cm at the vagina.

看 contraceptive diaphragm: It looks like a small hat with different sizes, which is made of lactom rubber or silicone.For the first time, it is recommended that the medical staff’s use and selection size, the contraceptive effect is average, often "partner" with the spermist.

要 Usage: Use before and edges to be covered with a sperm, and the semi -folding diaphragm should be used to promote the vagina to the cervix like a stuffed cotton strip.Each time you slap, you must re -apply the sperm.

形 uterine hat: The shape is like a hat, the principle is like a plug.Small than the vaginal diaphragm, it also needs to be used with a spermist.Demonstration guidance for medical staff for the first time.It has little effect on giving birth, because delivery will support the vagina and cervix.

一 Vaginal contraceptive ring: A transparent elastic ring like rubber band, which can slowly release drugs in the vagina to inhibit ovulation.

孕 Usage: The vaginal contraceptive ring needs to be taken out in the body for 3 weeks, and another vaginal contraceptive ring will be placed in the body after one week.

Anchidal cotton: a small plate -shaped sponge with a self -killing agent has a concave surface and a strap.

Usage: First, get the wet cotton to release the drug, promote the vagina towards the vagina, pull the strap and throw it away when taking it out.Continue to prevent pregnancy within 24 hours, and cannot be washed or rinsed with vagina within 6 hours after the end of Papa.

Xiao Tang said: Cherish life, scientific contraception, and responsible for themselves and small lives.

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