Obviously contraceptive, why are you still pregnant?Take the medicine time and diet … you probably make these mistakes

For women who are not prepared for pregnancy, contraception failure is a particularly serious thing, because it is likely that unexpected pregnancy is likely to occur.It will cause serious harm to women’s health.Therefore, it is necessary to master the cause of contraceptive failure. Only in this way can the appearance of contraceptive failure.

1. The time to take medicine is incorrect

The incorrect time to take drugs is one of the reasons for the failure of contraceptives.For example, when using emergency contraceptives, take it within 72 hours after sexual life. Once this time exceeds this time, it will affect the normal efficacy, thereby increasing the chance of contraceptive failure.

In addition, many people will take two kinds of contraceptives at the same time in a short time in order to avoid contraception failure. In factTaking it again will not only cause contraceptive failure, but also may cause various side effects.

2. Take other drugs during the medication

If you take other drugs at the same time while taking contraceptives, there is great possibility that will cause contraceptive failure.For example, when using emergency contraceptives, if antibiotics are taken at the same time, drug reactions will occur between drugs, which will affect the body’s absorption of emergency contraceptives, which makes the drug concentration in the blood insufficient, which will eventually lead to contraception failure.It is generally not recommended to take other drugs at the same time when taking contraceptives. If necessary, consult a doctor.

3. Improper diet

Improper diet may also cause contraceptive failure.For example, after taking contraceptives, taking too much acidic foods will affect the contraceptive effect. This phenomenon will occur because the contraceptive pill is alkaline substance. If you take a lot of acidic food after taking contraceptives, it will make the alkali alkali.The combination of sexuality and acidity eventually affects the failure of drugs and fails.

4. Don’t pay attention to the safety period

No matter how contraceptive methods are adopted, contraceptive failure may occur, so it is necessary to grasp the safety period of women during the process of contraception.After all, in the safe period and adopt a suitable contraceptive method, the contraceptive effect will be better, and the safety period of women can be calculated based on the date of menstruation.

5. Incorrect use of condoms

Constitution is a safe and effective method of contraceptive, but many people still have contraceptive failure after using condoms. This will happen because it cannot be used to use condoms correctly, such as washing the condomAfter repeated use, wearing two layers of condoms, not seeing the right side, and so on.

Kind tips

Many people feel particularly strange when they see the pharmacy put condoms and gum together. In fact, this approach is very meaningful.First, you can avoid embarrassment, and the second can stimulate consumption.The Chinese are more traditional. Therefore, in the large court, you will be ashamed to get a condom, and putting condoms and gum together can avoid this embarrassment and promote more people to use condoms.

In addition, compared to other contraceptive measures, condoms are still more effective, but to master the correct way of use, we must not be used repeatedly first. Secondly, we must distinguish between the right side. In addition, wearing two layers of condoms can not play a better contraceptive effect.

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