Obstetrics, can’t stop!

The obstetrics and medical staff of the Third Hospital of Guangyi are in the inspection room.Interviewee confession

At 9 pm on December 17, 2022, Xia Jiayi, 28, did fetal heart monitoring as usual. The fetal heart rate suddenly was as high as 210 times per minute, and the normal heart rate was 110-160 times per minute.

Xia Jiayi suddenly became nervous.Worried that the result was inaccurate, she tested twice, but the fetal heart rate was still high.Fearing that her baby was hypoxic, she and her husband quickly rushed to the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University (hereinafter referred to as the "Canton Medical Third Hospital").

In the emergency department, Xia Jiayi had a heartbeat quickly, chest tightness, breathless, and nucleic acid detection results showed positive.She took an hour of oxygen, the baby’s heart rate was reduced, but she still exceeded the normal value.

In the past month, many pregnant women have been infected with new crown viruses during pregnancy like Xia Jiayi.Wei Yan, director of the obstetric department of Peking University (hereinafter referred to as the "Northern Medical Hospital"), often asked some questions: "Is there any effect on children?" "What medicine is safe?" "Do you want to have basic diseases?Go to the hospital? "" Can you feed it? "

"Maternal mothers with basic diseases are high -risk people"

Wei Yan has cured two pregnant women with new crowns and combined with basic diseases.A gestational diabetes with a large dose of insulin, combined with pneumonia in the third trimester; there is also a secondary myocarditis with insufficiency of heart function, but after treatment, it is smoothly delivered after treatment.

Some patients are not so lucky.He Fang, deputy director of the obstetrics department of the Third Hospital of Guangyi, told a reporter from the China Youth Daily · Zhongqing.com that more than half a month ago, a 34 -year -old mother was transferred to the hospital for treatment.

After rescue, pregnant women survived.But due to the dangerous condition, she had a miscarriage when she turned.He Fang told China Youth Daily · China Youth.com reporters that the pregnant woman had diabetes for many years. After the infection, he had symptoms such as high fever and difficulty in breathing.

"Maternal mothers with basic diseases are high -risk people. Once infected, they need to be more closely monitored." He Fang said.

On December 13, 2022, at the press conference of the State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism, Qiao Jie, Dean of Peking University Third Hospital and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, introduced it from the domestic situation and international reports summarized by the National Quality Control Expert Group.After the maternal infection with the new coronary virus, the general incidence and symptoms and the course of the disease are closer to the general population.There are very few severity, and the course of disease is basically 5-7 days.

"After infection, fever is the main symptom, and cooling is the most important." Wei Yan told the China Youth News · China Youth.com reporters that the fever in the early pregnancy may have a certain impact on the embryo, increasing the risk of abortion.In the late pregnancy, fever will cause the fetal heart rate to increase faster, and monitoring needs to be strengthened.Under normal circumstances, as long as the fever is antipyretic, the fetal heart rate will return to normal.If pregnant women continue to be high fever, they need to go to the doctor in time.

After some pregnant women have a fever, the fetal heart rate has increased for a long time, causing in -palace distress and having to have a cesarean section.But this situation is relatively rare.Wei Yan said that there is currently no evidence that the probability of premature birth, abortion, and cesarean section has increased significantly.

Zou Liying, deputy director and chief physician of the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, told reporters that the hospital recently treated a case of new crown -chronic pregnant women. During the diagnosis and treatment process, the blood oxygen saturation decreased, the lungs appeared to the ICU ward.After treatment, the pregnant woman returned to normal within a few days.

"Compared to the elderly, the advantage of the group of pregnant women is young and strong immunity." But Wei Yan said that there are more and more maternal women who are pregnant with basic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.Increase the risk of severe illness.

"It is particularly important to do self -monitoring." Wei Yan suggested that maternal mothers monitor blood pressure and body temperature at home, and monitor blood oxygen saturation if necessary. "These indicators will suggest you some common obstetric diseases, such as hypertension during pregnancy.Determine if you have anything to do. "

Qiao Jie suggested at the press conference of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism that pregnant mothers prepare a thermometer and a cardiac blood pressure monitor.It should be noted that the pregnant woman in the third trimester should also pay attention to the monitoring of fetal movement. It can be monitored for one hour per day in the third trimester, with fetal movements more than 3 times per hour.If the symptoms continue to fever for more than 3 days, the use of antipyretics does not improve, or fetal movement disappears, chest pain, chest tightness, abdominal pain, etc., contact the delivery institution to seek medical treatment in time.

Xia Jiayi lived in the hospital for 4 days.Under the care of the medical staff, the baby’s heart rate gradually returned to normal, and was born on January 3rd. Recalling the scene at the time, Xia Jiayi was a little scared, "The fetal heart is so high, if it is not paid attention to, it is very dangerous."

"Which pregnant woman has a fever, just send a medicine"

Several medical staff recalled that in mid -to -late December 2022 was the peak period of maternal infection.

On December 9, 2022, the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference. Jiao Yahui, the director of the Medical and Political Department of the National Health Commission, said that all medical institutions will take a consultation with positive patients.Patients do not have to worry about the hospital will not take the consultation.

Liu Bing, chief of the obstetric nurses of the Third Hospital of Guangyi, recalled that after that, the number of positive patients in obstetrics increased by day by day, reaching its peak on December 25, 2022. Among more than 100 maternal women who were treated, positive patients accounted for nearly 82%.There are 13 houses in her high -risk estate ward, and 9 of them are "positive wards".

Seeing the people around him, Xia Jiayi was very anxious.Every time she went to the hospital for a check -up, she put on a protective cap, a protective mask, a KN95 mask, and medical gloves.Fear of increasing the chance of infection, she did not let her family accompany.During the checkup, Xia Jiayi saw that a pregnant woman wore a raincoat to "protect" and "everyone is vigilant and will not gather together to chat together."

However, Xia Jiayi’s husband went out to work every day, and was still infected, and she did not escape.

During that time, the medicine was short, and many pregnant women racked their brains in order to buy antipyretics.Chen Wanzhen, a pregnant woman who lives in Haidian District, Beijing, wants to prepare antipyretic medicines in advance, but whether it is an offline pharmacy or an online shop, you can’t buy medicine.

She sent a medicine information in the pregnant woman group, and two or three people responded to her medicine.She contacted one of them, and the other party said that the medicine was about to expire.Worried about eating problems, she asked another pregnant woman to buy medicine. The other party said that there were half a bottle of suspension of acetaminophenol, which could be given to her for free.

On the first day after the infection, Chen Wanzhang burned to 39 degrees Celsius. After drinking 3 times, the medicine bottle was bottomed out.She poured some warm water into the bottle and drank the medicine.Fortunately, the high fever retired the next day.

In order to ensure that pregnant women who are offline can buy antipyretics, the third hospital in Beijing has distributed the medicine and a box of medicines are divided into several pregnant women.Zou Liying, deputy director of the Department of Industry 1 of Beijing Maternal and Gynecology Hospital, said that for the most tense medication for the medication, medical staff took the medicine at home to the hospital for emergency.

In order to facilitate the treatment of pregnant women, the third hospital in Beijing has opened up a green channel for the fever pregnant women. The obstetricians not only checked the obstetrics, but also had the right to start feeding and cough medicines to facilitate patients to seek medical treatment.For maternal maternals with complex diseases, obstetricians and physicians infected the Disease Center will jointly consult the diagnosis and treatment plan.

"The only department that cannot stop is the obstetrics"

During the peak infection of pregnant women, medical staff also infected in large areas.Zou Liying told reporters that during that time, the obstetrics and medical staff of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital were Yang as soon as they went to work, with a minimum of less than 20%.After the infection, she continued to work in only 3 days of rest.At the most nervous, she and two doctors and six nurses took care of dozens of maternal mothers. After 3 days and 4 nights, she slept for a few hours and had two meals.

Most medical staff in the third hospital of the North Medical Hospital have been infected. The hospital puts limited medical power into emergency treatment, hot kidney clinics, respiratory medicine, and obstetrics.

Wei Yan recalled that one night, an elderly maternity hemorrhagic was needed to be rescued urgently. The hospital organized a multi -disciplinary expert to consult the maternal condition.Wei Yan joined the rescue at two or three in the morning. After rescue the mother, he had surgery for a pregnant woman. He was busy until 11 pm. There was no rest for nearly 24 hours.Come on. "

During the hospitalization of pregnant women, family members and caregivers cannot be accompanied, and the workload of nurses has doubled."In addition to observing the life signs and fetal conditions of pregnant women, they also need to take care of their diet and clean up." There are 17 nursing teams of Liu Bing’s high -risk department, and at least 7 nurses can maintain the normal operation of the ward every day.

"The girls are still having a low fever and returning to work spontaneously." Liu Bing said that the ward sounded the cough sound. After a nurse infected, he took a few days to come back to work. The electrocardiogram showed abnormalities.Although the problem was not big after the inspection, Liu Bing wanted to rest for the nurse, and the nurse rejected several times.Due to excessive work, Liu Bing once fainted in the toilet and did not stop to rest.

In addition to medical care, Liu Bing also has to communicate with pregnant women with various problems.She remembered that a pregnant woman had just finished the hospital and learned that the ward is the "Yang" area next door, and she asked the ward many times.At that time, the ward’s resources were tight. Liu Bing managed to change the room for this worried pregnant woman. The patient in the same ward also reported that she tune to increase the risk of her infection.

Another time, one patient in the ward "Yang", and the other two patients were worried about being infected and anxious.Liu Bing immediately eliminated the room. The two were just soothed, and the newly entered patients were "yang" again. The two resolutely asked to transfer the house."Everyone was worried when it was released. We could be considerate, but communication was time -consuming." Liu Bing said.

Zou Liying feels that when medical resources are scarce, doctors and patients need to understand each other.She remembers a pregnant woman who was "Yang" the next day.At that time, the hospital intends to transfer the pregnant woman to a designated hospital for treatment. As a result, the car arrived and the pregnant woman refused to leave.

The pregnant woman felt that she was infected with the hospital and requested to set up a single room in a designated hospital and take care of a nurse.The communication with pregnant women failed, Zou Liying contacted the pregnant woman’s lover again. As a result, the giving birth of her loved man scolded him on the phone.Later, the family of pregnant women had a fever and proved that it was not infected in the hospital before stopping entanglement.

"Many of us insist on work with illness, and some people still don’t understand, and it is difficult to do work." Zou Liying said, "If we can communicate well, we will not sleep well to benefit more patients instead of unnecessary consumption consumption.Only more meaningful, mutual understanding and support are particularly important. "

After Xia Jiayi’s baby was born safely, she did not dare to relax at the center of the confinement. After the confinement, she had to continue fighting for her baby.

(At the request of the interviewee, Chen Wanzheng is a pseudonym)

China Youth Daily · Zhongqing.com reporter Yin Haiyue Source: China Youth Daily

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