Novel: Single dogs cross into ancient times, marry the prince as concubine, and get pregnant smoothly, everything seems to dream

Aunt Man Qiu thought for a while: "The slaves had heard that the general gave the princess a cat before, and I heard that the princess baby is very."

"Do you mean that Long Yan was sent to Ye Li Changrui a cat?" Shangguan Xianyun asked his lips and asked.

Aunt Man Qiu seemed to be wrong with Shangguan Xianyun, and he was busy explaining: "It’s not sending, it’s the main thing to go to Ye Li Chang Ruigong."

Shangguan Xianyun waved his hand, with a touch of joy on his face: "It is not important to send it or it, it is important that the cat is still not there."

Since Princess Ye Li Changrui admires Long Xiu so much, no matter what she sent her, Long Yan will be regarded as a baby.If you can …

Thinking, Shangguan Xianyun said to his aunt Qiu Qiu: "You, go, Zhu Xian and Juyan, come and say that I have something to discuss with them."

"Yes!" Aunt Mang Qiu left, and just turned around and folded it back: "The concubine, the lunch time has arrived, and after a while, Xiaolan Xiaokui will eat."

"Well, in our province, you quickly call them to come over." Although there is a plan in my heart, it can be implemented, and I have to wait for Zhu Xianjuran to discuss it after discussing it.

Although Shangguan Xianyun knew that Princess Ye Changrui was not a disappearance, but for a long time, she became more worried.After all, this month is getting bigger and bigger, so I really don’t have that thought to deal with it again.

If there are once and for all, it is the most suitable.

Although this Zhu Xianju dyeing two people was given to himself, the Shangguan Xianyun was still not used to surrounding him.Generally, as long as he does not come out of his palace, the two are alert to secretly.

As for the people assigned by General Su, they also asked him to be in the yard outside.

Xiao Lan Xiaokui should listen at this time, rare Xiaokui can hold back much.It seems that Xiao Lan had warned her.After arranging the food, I stood aside quietly. After drinking a little sweet, I saw that Aunt Mang Qiu led Zhu Xian and chrysanthemum dye in an outer blessing.

Shangguan Xianyun busy put down the spoon in his hand and beckoned to the three of them: "Come here, come over!"

The three stepped forward to bless the body and were interrupted by Shangguan Xianyun: "Okay, hurry up, just a few of us, don’t have so many gifts."

"Xie Dafei!" The three still saluted respectfully.

In this regard, Guan Guanyun is helpless. These people have been engraved in their bones for these seasons.It is not that he can change the situation alone, and Shangguan Xianyun did not want to change, just feel that the trouble is cumbersome.

"Time, I said a long talk, and the two of you heard clearly." Shangguan Xianyun got up and watched the two of Zhu Xian and Chrysanthemum.Do you retreat? "

Zhu Xian and Ju Ran glanced at each other and nodded: "Nature."

"Okay, what if I let you go to the princess’s house to bring things out?" Shangguan Xianyun then asked.

The two saw doubts from each other’s eyes, and for a while, Zhu Xian said hesitant: "Then, what do you have to bring?"

"Cat." Shangguan Xianyun blurted out.


"Well, that, Aunt Man Qiu, you said to them." What kind of cat I really didn’t know.I didn’t pay much attention to this before, but Aunt Man Qiu was different, it was simply everything in the palace.

"That’s it. The concubine asked you … The cat brought back is not the same as ordinary cats. It is a white cat, dark green eyes. It is said that it was tribute to other tribes.I’m going. "Aunt Man Qiu said briefly.

"The meaning of the concubine is to let us go to the princess’s palace to grab a cat?" Chrysanthemum’s expression was a little distressed.

Shangguan Xianyun nodded: "Well, didn’t she catch the blessing ball, do she want to peel and do shoulders, then change things with things."

Zhu Xian and Juran looked at each other, with a touch of smile on his face.Although this concubine treats them well, there is no shelf.But the two who were accustomed to the task did not do anything at once, really panic.

Although this task is not difficult, it is always good to move and bones.

"Is there any problem?" Shangguan Xianyun asked with uncertainty.

The two of them arched: "Guaranteed to be completed!" After that, he turned and walked out.

Shangguan Xianyun was a little uneasy, and warned: "It’s okay, it’s okay to be okay."

After all, the person from Long Yanxiu really did not dare to let her two happen in her hands.

But I don’t want the two to echo with confidence: "Concubine rest assured."

After the two of them left, Aunt Mang Qiu stepped forward and said, "Rest assured! They are powerful."

"Yes yes!" Saying this way, Xiao Lan said, "I have seen Sister Zhu Xian flying on the roof."

"More than a dozen guards are not the opponents of the two sisters, you can rest assured!" Xiaokui nodded.

Shangguan Xianyun was silent, but just raised his hand to hold his stomach, letting Aunt Man Qiu help himself.The fetal movement from the palm made Shangguan Xianyun unconsciously raised the corner of his mouth.

"Help me go to the yard." Although the body is inconvenient, it can be exercised properly, which is good for pregnant women.

"Isn’t the doctor who let you live well? The concubine still wants …" Aunt Man Qiu persuaded him.

Shangguan Xianyun waved his hand: "It’s okay, this is to lie down all day long. Not only can you not stand the waist, 80 % will also be stunned. This is already one morning in the room.The breath is not long, there is no hindrance. "

That’s all, but when I was in the pavilion of Yu Xiangyuan for a while, I started to be sleepy.I had to let Aunt Man Qiu help himself back.

I originally thought that I was just a nap for a while. I didn’t think about it. When I opened my eyes again, the sky outside was dark.

"What time is it?" Shangguan Xianyun raised his hand and wiped his sleep.

"Back to the concubine, it’s time." Xiao Kwai served Shangguan Xianyun on the side and replied.

Shangguan Xianyun, who was helped up, frowned: "Why don’t you see Aunt Man Qiu?"

Xiao Lan poured a cup of hot tea for Shangguan Xianyun and poured it: "Aunt Mang Qiu thought that this would wake up, and said that he would eat some concubines."

After drinking some water, Shangguan Xianyun got up and walked to the window, looking up at the bright moon hanging in the sky: "Bamboo chrysanthemum dyed them with news?"

"Back to the concubine, not. But the time should be fast." Xiaokui answered softly.

In the final analysis, he is still worried. After all, Ye Li Changrui is the princess, and the daughter of the monarch must always be protected by a few cattle forks.If they were really encountered, they were really worried about the loss of them.

When I was thinking, I saw Aunt Man Qiu pushed in, and saw Shangguan Xianyun standing in front of the window and facing the blessing.Put the food in the middle of the hand on the table aside, and then said, "This is the red dates for the red dates for the afternoon in the afternoon, and now it tastes just right."

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