Novel: Neighbors and sisters are pregnant, who is the child?

We simply cleaned up and sat in the yard.

"Qingyi, I don’t want to go back to school at all. I’m afraid of that school. Although I was quite suitable for the school at the beginning, the teachers and classmates were very good. But the day before we were on vacation, a female classmate in our dormitory jumped off the building and jumped off the building.I heard that they were pregnant and had two lives. Everyone said that this school was cursed to die every two years and died of a pregnant girl. "

"Sister Hai Ling, this should not be a curse, is it that the girl was abandoned after pregnancy like a TV and couldn’t think of suicide."

"I heard you said that, I felt that this girl was a bit wrong. I heard that the girl’s family was very remote. They had a festival there. On the day of the festival, they would choose the most beautiful woman who did not leave the cabinet to guard the mountain temple."

I have heard of this village.It is said that a woman had been abducted a long time ago. The woman wanted to escape, but the people in the villagers were protecting each other. No matter what she thought, she couldn’t get out of the village, and slowly she no longer struggled.The buyer just wants that the woman to have a son, but after several times the child, the woman was born with a daughter. The buyer was killed directly when the girl saw it.die.Even if he was abducted and gave birth to a child, the woman hated the buyer, but did not hate the child. Every time she gave birth to a child, she asked the child as soon as possible. The result of each child was dead.

A few years have passed, and the woman seems to be fate, and the buyer has relaxed, allowing women to swim in the village.

One day, the woman was scattered in the village, and when she walked to the door of a family, she heard the people inside and said herself.They said that the buyer bought so many women was all the girls, all of which were killed by their family’s findings, owed a yin debt, and could not give birth to a baby baby for a lifetime.

The woman who was abducted was crazy when he heard these. That night he killed the family who bought him, and then left.Starting the following year, all children born in the village failed to survive.

A few years later, the villagers made a dream in the same dream in the same dream.The girl who was not out of the cabinet guarded the mountain temple, and the selected girl’s house would reach a wealth within five years.On the third day, the villagers started to prepare, and this custom has continued to this day.Their village has become more and more richer.

This year, the classmates of Sister Hailin were selected. The girls in the past were selected for one night. No major incidents happened. This year, the girl was selected to defend the temple.In the middle of the night, a drunk man broke into the Temple of Mountain, and the classmate hid when he heard the sound.In the corner he saw the drunk man pointed at the mountain god and yelled.

"What breaks the mountain god, one night makes the woman lose innocence. I do n’t know who it is when there is a baby. If you say you, you will appear to pick up their mother and son.You do n’t know if something goes wrong with the temple. "

The man pointed at the stone statue for a long time, but the stone statue did not respond even if the stone statue was scolded for so long.Tired of scolding, the man walked away.

The girl stayed in the corner for a long time, and I fell asleep when I fell asleep. The next day she felt soreness. She thought it was too hard to sleep.

Until the woman did not come to menstruation, he thought he was just irregular menstruation.Life passes day by day, and the girl can’t afford the spirit every day, and she will retider every time to brush her teeth. After two weeks of menstruation, the menstruation is still not coming.It was very late to fall asleep unknowingly, and it was impossible to get pregnant without changing the position of sleeping.

She was very nervous. She went to the hospital for an examination quietly for a weekend. After the inspection was checked, she was also startled by herself. She didn’t know what to do with the B -ultrasound.After a long time in the hospital corridor, I still got up and called her parents.

"Mom! I’m pregnant."

The phone was silent for a while.

"Did your boyfriend know?"

"Mom, I didn’t talk about my boyfriend, I don’t know what happened and suddenly became pregnant."

The girl was anxious and scared.

"You say you don’t have a boyfriend, you have a child again, how do you tell me how to believe you, you did not find sexual behavior when you were selected to go to the Temple of Shan.

His mother’s words stabbed her heart. He didn’t know how to explain. Such a sudden pregnancy said that he didn’t know how others didn’t believe it or couldn’t believe it.

"You think about it at school yourself. Don’t go home recently. This matter will be finished, and the villagers will not spare us."

When she called, she did not notice that there were students from the same school. The student was very eight. In a few days, the girl’s affairs spread throughout the school. The girl may not be able to stress her parents and believe her.Everyone will commit suicide the day before going home.

"Qingyi, in fact, the girl is quite pitiful. Before she committed suicide, her parents came to school, and she could save her in one step.Child. But everything is a dead body. "

"Hey, in fact, the most damn is the communicator. Without her, your roommate should be able to wait until her parents come."

"Qingyi, I listened to the school in the school. In fact, all the girls who guarded the mountain god found that they were pregnant a month later. Do you say this is not a bad girl? I think the mountain god temple was smashed earlier."

I had a strange dream that night, and I dreamed that the peach tree that was as big as me became a fluttering red woman.

It said to me: "Qingyi, you chopped your mother -in -law peach tree tomorrow to wear her on your body. You are too good and he is so good to you.There will be any danger, but the yin on your body is not a normal yin. As long as you get a little, there will be a lot of evil spirits to find her. Over time, she will be in danger of life. "

Without waiting for me to speak, it disappeared, leaving only a peach blossom flying around.

The next day I chopped a peach wood with a thick baby’s arm and gave it to Sister Hai Ling.

"If you are afraid, bring the peach wood, and the peach wood."

Sister Hailin gave me a big hug.

Sister Hai Ling returned to school that afternoon.

Later, I heard that Sister Hai Ling had a serious illness as soon as she returned to school, and it would be nice to go to the hospital for three days.

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