Novel: Inexplicable pregnancy!Mengbao strikes!

After squeezing the long team at the door, when I came to the medical hall, I saw that four instruments were busy. From the left, the first middle -aged medical correction of the goat with goat was asked: "What did you eat?"

"I … I don’t know either!" The monk wearing a gray -blue robe was black, and his mouth was smoking in his mouth. He covered his stomach tightly with one hand, and couldn’t help mourning.

"Then you talk about what the spirit grass looks like?" The goat asked loudly.

"Just red … I can’t remember, oh, it will glow!" The blue robe monk was smoked when he spoke, intermittently.

"Is this this?" The goat Hu picked up a thick brick book and brushed it to a leaf, pointing to the blue robe monk to confirm.

"Yes, this should be this!" The blue robe monk excitedly.

"Don’t you know the devil grass? Still the grass! You dare to put everything in your mouth? Wait for this thing to tie the root in your belly, you can be two meters high as a nutrient!"The anger’s beard was erected, and the sideways fell to find the jade bottle.

"Hurry up, eat it, you are good luck. If it is more than three days, Da Luo Jinxian will not be able to save you!" The goat said angrily.

"Thank you, thank you again, I dare not!" The blue robe monk took the Dan medicine significantly, and I thanked it with a grateful look.

"Lao Hu, come and help!" The medical practice next to the goat suddenly shouted. At this time, a monk with blood was sprayed with blood at this time.

"How did you do it again?" The goat Hu asked loudly as he turned around and asked.

"He was just practicing the inflammation tactics, and suddenly he blown into his legs. He also took the hemo Dan, but it was not useful!"

"Of course it is useless, the meat is fried. Fortunately, the bones are fine yet. The blood can stop me with your surname!"

"Hurry up, go again and get raw muscle powder!" I saw the goat Hu span the golden powder on the wounded place, and instructed the disciples aside.

"Master, muscle powder." The little disciple moved the exercise.

"Apply it!" The goat husted his disciples while bandaging the wounded part with a stranded thing.

"Well, take him back, wait for him to be sober and hurry to sit and transport meritorious power to absorb the remnant spiritual power, and tomorrow will be fine!" The goat said.

After taking the soul tea on the table, the sip of the table fiercely, looked at Xingzi and others, and said, "Let’s say, what do you have done?"

"It’s my sister’s sudden appetite recently …"

"God, what should I ate?" Before Lan Xianyuan finished speaking, the goat hugged.

"No, I eat ordinary meals, but I can eat too much, I’m afraid there is nothing wrong!" Lan Xianyuan hurriedly explained.

"Hum, it’s best to do this!" The face of the goat eased, and he squeezed a method at Xingzi.

Xingzi suddenly felt that he was warm, and he couldn’t say that he could sleep when he couldn’t wait.

"What do you practice for your female baby?" Shan Sheep asked concerned.

"Ashamed, the juniors have just built the foundation." Xingzi was embarrassed that she was probably the lowest batch of cultivation in the monk who is currently gathered in Zhongzhou City.

"Tsuki!" Shan Hu Hu said in surprise, watching Xingzi unbelievable.

"It is indeed just built the foundation not long ago." Xing Zi Na explained that the medical practice seemed to think that he was talking big, but this cultivation could not be fake at all.

"It’s really strange. The old man has never seen a monk of the foundation of pregnancy!" The goat suspected.

Generally speaking, as soon as you enter Xianxiandao, you should cut off your love, especially the female practitioner, and you can cut the body to cut the body. After that, you must not be pregnant unless you have fallen into a fell.

Although the Xianxian Realm also has double cultivation, it is generally difficult to have offspring. The higher the more difficult female practitioners, the more difficult to get pregnant.The above period is unheard of.

On the contrary, when the male cultivation wants the offspring, you can get married and have children. The difference is to marry a mortal woman or marry the monk. Just like Lan Xianyuan’s mother, he was born in the early stage of training.

"Pregnancy!" Lan Xianyuan widened his eyes in surprise and shouted regardless of the wind.

Xingzi hadn’t responded yet, and it was shocked by Lan Xianyuan, but it was as if he was speechless by covering his mouth.

"It’s so shocked to be a father, and the production is just a few days. Don’t be surprised if you can eat too much, but try to control it if you can control it …" The goat Hu Bai glanced at Lan Xianyuan., Then continue to tell.

"I … this has nothing to do with me!" Lan Xianyuan stunned.

"Your female baby is really lucky. How can you be careless and you are about to produce. I haven’t found the little guy in the belly. I simply be healthy. The cultivation of cultivation these days is also suitable. I always pay attention to my body."Lan Xianyuan whispered to Xingzi, as if she was afraid that she would produce here.

"What can I do if I have? Where do I go?" Xingzi reacted and fell into infinite scary. It is also a horrible thing to have a child to think.

"Take a bottle of soothing Dan, eat one in three hours at the time of the attack, and take another bottle of oxyt. Dan. By then, eat one for a hour. Don’t worry, the female practitioners can be produced safely."

"After giving birth?" Xingzi wanted to be born here.

"Take a bottle of Fuyuan Dan, just eat two days a day." Satonus explained to Xingzi while signing the disciples to prepare the above -mentioned elixir.

Xingzi’s head was like filled with lead. She would only nod when she blew her goat, and she took out the spirit stone and took three bottles of elixir, and she was out of the door of the medical hall.

"Sister Xingzi, when did you get pregnant? Don’t you know?" Simei asked softly.

"I … I don’t know, how long is the monk’s pregnancy? Is it October pregnant?" Xingzi asked Lan Xianyuan, who looked the most experienced.

"How do I know!" Lan Xianyuan screamed like a cat on his tail.

"It is no different from a mortal, but it may not be so obvious." Ye Qian said expressionlessly.

"When are you bullied by others?" Ye Qian asked angrily, and after so long, I didn’t find that Xingzi had a love person.

"I … No?" Xingzi thought back hard for the past sixteen years of lack of affordable experience, and there was no suspicious candidate at all.

"Wait for ten months, and the medical practice just said that it will be produced in the past few days, indicating that you are pregnant ten months ago, but you have only seven months in the martial arts!" Lan Xianyuan said puzzledly.

"What’s wrong? She also became pregnant in the mortal world." Ye Qian looked at him like a fool.

"But when you enter the martial arts, you will check the whole body! Do you forget? If there are pregnant women who are pregnant, they will concentrate." Lan Xianyuan explained.

In fact, Xiu Xianjie’s new power still depends on low -level disciples and mortals.

If there is a spirit root, you will let him live with his mother if you do n’t have a spirit root.

"Then I was pregnant after entering the martial arts? I really didn’t impress it!" Xingzi couldn’t think of it why, it was really one of the first two.

Mengwa is coming!

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