Novel: I am pregnant, but she has made a cold turtle soup.

"Big, big brother, where do you say this …"

Xu Jiachang pointed at Liu Ye’er’s nose and yelled: "Is the small people in the market as mean and shameless as you? The show is not dark in the surface, and you want to get such a means of three abuses!"

Liu Ye’er blushed and trembled, "Ye Er didn’t understand what the elder brother said, and asked the elder brother to make it clear!"

"People want face trees and skin, and they are all on this child. Do you dare to pretend to be silly with me?"

Liu Ye’er’s eyes were slightly hot, and he sucked his nose and worked hard to prevent the tears from falling off: "I am a civilian background, but I have never done it.Never quibble. "

"Okay, I will reveal your true face in front of everyone. The pariah is a pariah, the heart is not right, and the mud can not help the wall …"

Xu Jiachang was still unhappy, and patted the table and jumped up and stretched out to poke Liu Ye’er’s head.Seeing this, Xu Jiayan was busy pulling Liu Ye’er behind him, and grabbed Xu Jiachang’s hand: "Big brother, you are a man, what kind of body of a woman!"

"Jiayan, there is no thing about you here, you will flash for me. If I do n’t teach this poisonous woman well today, she will also become a worse to hurt people. Do n’t blame me to turn my face …"

Xu Jiaheng shook away Mrs. Xu, got up and hugged Liu Ye’er with tears, and stared at Xu Jiachang and yelled at anger: "You pig, dare to bully my lady, I kill you!"

Xu Jiachang kicked the stool with one kick, patted his chest with both hands, and shouted: "Come, come, come, have a wife forgot, Xu Jiaheng, you have grown up!"

Seeing that Master Xu was getting angry, everyone knew that they would not look good at them again. They had to look at it: "Jiachang, your daughter -in -law is uncomfortable, beware of the fetal gas, you should take her back to rest first!"

Yushun followed the persuasion: "Yeah, yeah, the most important thing in the first three months of being pregnant with the child, Miaoer had a appetite and ate some porridge."

Bizhu always knows how to observe the words, and busyly: "Jiachang, what are you doing, listen to the words of your auntie, take Miaoer back to rest."

Xu Jiachang had no response, Yushun Manfan lifted up Miao’s: "Miaoer, Jiaheng and Ye Er are unintentional, don’t you compare with them. San Niang cooks porridge for you? Do you want to match some small dishes?? "

"Come on, less pretending to be here!" Xu Jiachang pushed away Yushun very politely, screaming with contempt, "You and the bitch bullied my daughter -in -law, you really thought I didn’t see it!"

Yushun took a few steps and hit Xu Jiayan’s arms. Her thin shoulders kept trembling, staring at Xu Jiachang incredible: "How can you say this … who me, who I have stunned …"

Xu Jiaheng and Liu Ye’er stepped forward to support Yushun. Xu Jiayan couldn’t help but reprimand Xu Jiachang: "Big brother, don’t make trouble anymore!"

Mrs. Xu couldn’t stand it anymore, and fists the table a few times: "Jiachang, what happened to you today, and recognize your third mother!"

Xu Jiachang didn’t take it for granted: "Lao Po, there is a mistake to recognize it, but Jiachang is right, and it is by no means unreasonable!"

"Oh? It’s not your fault, who’s wrong?" Ruan Ruan stroked Mrs. Xu’s back and asked lightly.

Xu Jiachang pointed at the pot of turtle soup, gritted his teeth and said, "People with a little common sense know that turtle turtles are cold, and often drinking turtle soup can make pregnant women abortion."

Hearing the words, everyone was stunned, and looked at Liu Ye’er in an appointment.

"Abortion?" The Miao Flower screamed, staring at Liu Ye’er’s eyes and beads, "You, you, you are so ruthless! You are jealous of me pregnant with the bones of the Xu family, the surface, the surface, the surface, the surface, the surface, the surface, the surface, the surfaceIt’s like nothing but this vicious means in the back, no wonder Xianggong said you are despicable! "

Mrs. Xu asked Liu Ye’er suspiciously: "What’s going on? Do you know that Miaoer can’t eat turtle soup?"

Liu Ye’er looked pale and waved his hand: "Lao, I don’t know, Jia Heng said that I would do it if I wanted to eat turtles. I really don’t know that there is still this."

This incident is not the same. If Liu Yeer is intentional, everyone will not forgive her.Yushun knew that Liu Ye’er would not do such a thing, and helped her siege under pressure: "Mother, Jiaheng loves to eat turtles, we all know. Ye Er has only Jiaheng in his heart.Doing it, I did n’t think so much for a while. It would be original. If she knew that Miaoer could n’t eat it, she would not do it. "

Liu Ye’er nodded like a garlic: "Yes, yes … I really don’t know that pregnant women can’t eat turtle, big brother, big sister, sorry, I will definitely ask in the future."

Mrs. Xu believes that Liu Ye’er is telling the truth: "Ye Er, it’s okay. Fortunately, you didn’t eat it, please pay attention later!"

"Mother -in -law, I know wrong!"

Ruan’s and Yushun finally relieved. Bi Zhu didn’t say anything about it. Everyone wanted to rest, but Miao did not rely on.

"I’m sorry? Isn’t it right? Liu Ye’er, Jiachang revealed your tricks, you are pitiful and sympathy, you can lie to everyone and don’t want to lie to me! I am about to die when I am pregnant with a child., If you ca n’t get pregnant, you want to hurt me? Fight with me, wait for the next life! "

Liu Ye’er finally understands the taste of jumping into the Yellow River, and the anxious tears came out: "Dada, what do you want me to do to believe that I do n’t hate you without jealousy.I’m too happy! "

Miao was stunned, her eyes blurred, and her hands yelled at the table with both hands and shouted: "People who do evil make mistakes and have a hard mouth, and I am faint …"

Xu Jiachang helped Miao, and fiercely glanced at Liu Ye’er: "If you don’t give Miao Er sincerely today, I will make you look good!"

"Big Brother …" Xu Jiayan couldn’t tolerate it. He just jumped over Xu Jiaheng, holding a shame that he was at a loss, "Mother, don’t cry, don’t cry, ignore this pig, let’s go!"

Xu Jiachang shouted with his throat: "Xu Jiaheng, do you like your daughter -in -law anymore, I’m not finished with you!"

Xu Jiaheng bit his lips impatiently, grabbed the tea cup and smashed it on his head. Xu Jiachang hurriedly dodged and was still drenched by tea.

"Jiaheng, hold your hand …"

Yushun was so frightened that he was so angry that Ruan and Bizhu helped Mrs. Xu back aside. Master Xu drew his eyes and said nothing, and his fists giggled.Xu Jiaheng was getting more and more irritable. She grabbed what she threw, and Xu Jiachang did not show weakness. He picked up the pot of turtle soup and poured him on him.Liu Ye’er pushed away Xu Jiaheng, and the hot soup was hot.

Master Xu was so angry that he stared at him, and his sleeve swept the dishes to the ground and smashed it: "Reverse, reverse, do you want to be angry with me?Who does it hear? Jiayan, Jiaheng, Ye Er, do you sit down! Jiachang, when can your stinky mouth say something good? Ye Er is your brother -in -law.You come and scold! You and your daughter -in -law can leave it if you ca n’t eat the Xu family ’s meal.

Xu Jiachang was dumbfounded. He was so lazy to spend his solemnity. He did not think that he was a big deal. He did not expect that Master Xu had already seen him not pleasing to the eye, and even stunned him in front of his lower person.

Mrs. Xu was sweating: "Wan Shan, what do you say, Miaoer is pregnant now, where can they go!"

"Mother, you listen to me …" Master Xu was angry, who could not listen to it, "Jiachang has become more and more over and over in the past two years.He also promised to never bet on debt. Who knows that he ran to the neighborhood a few days ago to bet on the town.Seeing that he was looking for something. Miao Er was pregnant with the child and he hadn’t been a father. Can we still expect him in the future? "

Xu Jiachang’s fat face gradually twisted, and he was so angry that he was so angry that he didn’t dare to shout with Master Xu.He knew that his father was eccentric, and he prefers Xu Jiaheng since he was a child. Now Xu Jiayan’s status is higher than him. His wife’s grandson in his belly is also not favored. In this way, he also wants to be the heir.

There is another person who is more anxious than Xu Jiachang now, which is Bizhu.She knew that the son had many disadvantages, and he didn’t have a little bit of nagging on weekdays.I thought he had changed the bad habits of bad gambling, but he did not expect that he became intensified, and even owed a debt in the neighboring town.

However, Xu Jiachang was her son after all, and no matter how too much, she couldn’t be embarrassed in front of everyone.Bi Zhu had never seen Master Xu who had had such a big temper, and had to come forward.

"Jiachang, you are too much, apologize to Jiaheng and Ye Er!" Bizhu talked with each other, and the charming apricot eyes were full of anger.Evergrande played, and you are still a big brother. If you ca n’t find your family Heng and Ye Er today, you do n’t want to call me. "

"Mother … You …"

Xu Jiachang never expected that Bizhu would help Xu Jiaheng speak, with her weight in the minds of Master Xu, as long as she opened her mouth, this matter was over.Xu Jiachang couldn’t understand what was about to say, and Miao hiding behind him quickly pulled his sleeves.

Miao likes to fall in the well to see people jokes, but she will still look at people.After so many years with Bizhu, she has long taught her mother -in -law. Now it is about what situation she knows, and it is Xu Jiachang who will suffer from losing money again.

Xu Jiachang glanced at Xu Jiaheng and Liu Ye’er very much, and clenched his teeth and turned his forehead straight. It was better to apologize to them.

"Jiachang, have you heard it!" Bizhu’s scream was harsh, and Xu Jiachang refused to apologize. Her patience was almost the limit.

Xu Jiachang snorted and turned his head suddenly, and said reluctantly, "Jiaheng, brother and sister, I’m wrong!"

Bizhu apricot eyes opened, and the bracelet on the wrist waved straight: "You are dumb, a louder!"

"Second sister, it’s okay, it’s okay …" Yushun held Bizhu’s hand and said anxiously. "This can’t be blame Jiachang. Ye Er is not careful enough, and Jiaheng is too reckless, forget it!"

Ruan’s sneer in a lot of Bizhu, thinking that this scene was to see when she could sing.

Mrs. Xu sighed with a crutch: "Forget it, forget it.

Master Xu frowned tightly: "Yes, mother!"

After Mrs. Xu left, Bizhu asked Master Xu: "Master, let’s go back and rest!"

"Take care of your son!" Master Xu shook Bizhu’s hand and stared at Xu Jiachang’s sleeves.

Master Xu left her and left. Bizhu felt very faceless. She happened to see Ruan’s laughter, and suddenly she didn’t hit a place.

"Tomorrow, you will not be allowed to go at home!"

Xu Jiachang didn’t dare to say a word, and Miao retreated aside.Yushun shook her head with a frowning face, and she had a meal like this. She saw that Liu Ye’er was soaked in her body, and she felt very unhappy.

"Ye Er, have you been hot? Cuiju, take the scalded medicine for Mrs. Shao!"

"Madam, I have already brought it." Cuiju handed the bottle of ointment to Yushun, and Yushun looked at, "Yes, this is, remember, three times a day, the injury is so serious, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask if you are seriously injured and please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask, please ask if you are seriously injured.Doctor, don’t delay. "

"Yes, Mrs., Cui Ju remembered."

Xu Jiaheng stared at Xu Jiachang with his lips tightly, and Liu Ye’er was afraid that he would cause trouble, and he wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

"Mother, I’m okay, Jiaheng is tired, let’s go back first."

The meaning of Yushun also said: "Okay, let’s go back, let Cuiju come to me if you have anything."

Yushun stayed to clean up the messy dining room, and Ruan’s was not in a hurry. The maids were busy rubbing the table and mopping the floor. No one noticed what the two ladies were saying.

Ruan’s look at Yushun deeply, and whispered: "Three sisters, you have to leave more gods in the future, and the second room will not give up."

"Ah? What do you do?" Yushun was dark in front of her eyes, and felt that she couldn’t support it anymore.

"Rest assured …" Ruan Ruan patted her hand twice, and smiled with a bamboo land. "With me, you and Jiaheng will not be okay."

Yushun was relieved and didn’t know what to say: "Sister, thanks to your mother and son over the years, otherwise I can’t live …"

"Don’t say that when you see it, I am a sister, Jiaheng, I like it in my heart, who dares to bully you, I will never spare him even if I fight for this life!"

"Sister, my sister, Jiaheng is my son and your son. He and Ye Er will respect you well."

Ruan’s mouth was slightly raised, and there was a small smile in his eyes.

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