Novel: Are you pregnant too?

Cen Group, office building.

Cen Shaofeng was sitting on the office chair in front of the invincible Jiangjing panoramic floor -to -ceiling window, and his hand rubbed the pink diamond brought back from Zurich.

The person who sold this diamond told him that he had a romantic name called "misunderstanding".

Cen Shaofeng was thinking that there was really a misunderstanding between the same diamonds and Su Jiayin, like this diamond?But she ran away with that man, which is an indisputable fact!

"Ms. Su, president said that no one sees anyone this afternoon!" The secretary at the door tried to stop Su Jiaqi.

Su Jiaqi glanced at her coldly, "See who I am!"

The secretary said embarrassed, "The president said, no one is seen."

"President!" Su Jiaqi pushed away the secretary and broke into the office.

"President, I can’t stop Miss Su …" Said the secretary Wei Wei Nuo Nuo.

Cen Shaofeng turned back, saw Su Jiaqi, pretended to put away the pink diamond inadvertently, waved his hand at the secretary, and frowned slightly. "You go out first." Then he asked Su Jiaqi, "Why are you here?"

Su Jiaqi put away the spicy secret of the secretary, and put on a pitiful face, "Maple, you recently …"

"Recently, the subsidiary is busy on the market. I don’t have time to accompany you. You go back first. When you finish this, I will give you gifts, okay?" Cen Shaofeng interrupted her without waiting for Su Jiaqi to finish saying, and then interrupted her, and thenGo to a guest order.

Su Jiaqi bit her lip, good for you, but there was a kind of evil species in his stomach, so he made Cen Shaofeng so five fans, children, that damn child!

Su Jiaqi knew what Cen Shaofeng didn’t like, and immediately stopped speaking, but took out a test sheet from the bag, placed in front of Cen Shaofeng.

Cen Shaofeng glanced and immediately stunned, "Are you … pregnant?"

Su Jiaqi’s eyes were red, "I know you are upset recently, and I would like to tell you directly, but after all, this is your child. I dare not do so. I think about it and tell you."

Cen Shaofeng’s eyebrows were twisted in one place, recalling the night a month ago, he drank too much during the entertainment. He went to Ziwei Garden to watch Su Jiayin, but fell asleep on the sofa.Already in Su Jiaqi’s bed, he asked Su Jiaqi what was going on, but Su Jiaqi told him with a smile that he was drunk and rushed over to eat people and wipes them out, and he had to pretend to be stupid.

Cen Shaofeng did not take this matter. Since then, he has been exciting for the company. He has never seen Sister Su Jiayin again, but he sent someone to send some gifts to Su Jiaqi every three differences.

At this time, looking at the test list on the table, Cen Shaofeng felt that he was a little bit embarrassed. It was impossible. That night, he had no memory.

Su Jiaqi looked at Cen Shaofeng’s expression, first issued a person, and grabbed the test sheet. "You just said that I did n’t say it, I did it, you still wait for your sister’s child to be born!"

Cen Shaofeng got up and pulled Su Jiaqi, "Jiaqi, wait for me to think about it."

Su Jiaqi looked at Cen Shaofeng and tears fell. "This child is not at the same time."

"How can this be our child." Cen Shaofeng comforted.

"So, I will give you one afternoon to think about it. This child is staying. You want to decide carefully. I am waiting for you at home at night." Su Jiaqi stomped his toes and kissed Cen Shaofeng’s lips, "Feng, I will not blame you what you make, "


"What are you looking for me?" Su Jiayin’s voice was cold when he received a call from Su Jiaqi. This sister, she was completely clear.

"Sister, I all want to understand. The previous thing was that I was not right. I blame me. I blame me from childhood to jealous of my sister, so I did so many crazy things, sister, can you forgive me? I want to invite youWhen you come here, in front of you, I will tell Shao Feng all things, unbutton your misunderstandings, as long as you are willing to forgive me … oh oh ~~ "Su Jiaqi sobbed on the phone on the phoneI cried, "Sister, you don’t know. Recently, I always dream of dad, and he also told me that I did something wrong. I think of my father so good to me during his lifetime. I really feel that I am not something., Beast is not as good! Please give me a chance to regret it! "

"…" Su Jiayin was simple and simple. Where is Su Jiaqi’s opponent? Su Jiaqi just sold a few times, and she started to shake, "What do you say … is it true?"

"Sister, I pointed out that he swear that I really regret it! In the spirit of my father in the spirit of heaven, if I say a half -sentence to Cen Shaofeng, I will not die."


"Sister, rest assured, as long as I make all the words clearly, the misunderstanding between you and Shao Feng will be gone. At that time, whether to stay with him or leave him to get freedom, depending on your choice, and I …… I will leave from a distance, to a country that no one knows me, and start living again. "

"Jiaqi …"

"Sister, I still remember that when I was a kid, I broke my father’s favorite antique vase. In order to help me conceal, you took the initiative to admit that it was broken by myself.You sit in the door, you tell me, I am your sister, no matter what, you will help me carry it. Sister, I want to go back to that time! "

"Sister, are you willing to come to me and solve the misunderstanding?" Su Jiaqi asked again.

Su Jiayin hesitated, "The misunderstanding, it has passed, I don’t want to mention it anymore. He loves you, as long as you let him let me go, we will sell it."

"Sister, why are you always so good to me … Woohoo, sister, I’m really wrong … I will send a car to pick you up." Su Jiaqi hung up the phone, and the sobbing sound in his throat was not completely yet completeStop, the corner of his mouth had a contempt.

Su Jiayin, I want you to disappear in Cen Shaofeng tonight!

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