Not every woman is Tang Yixin?No need, the giving is two -way!

I saw this blockbuster yesterday,

It was shocked by the scale,

OK, really a real couple is bold … (covering the face)

(Available two cool love heads ↓)

It means that they have been married for 5 years.

In the past 5 years, they did not have any negative news or black materials, and they rarely ficked sugar in a lot.

But as long as the fit appears, it is very sweet (crying)

Tang Yixin was pregnant in 2020,

At that time, the paparazzi took them to go out together,

The video of nearly 200w likes on DY really has a sense of happiness.

Zhang Ruohuan touched Tang Yixin’s pregnant belly ↓

Eat together with a big mouth, tease the children of other people’s houses ↓

After dinner, he helped her up ↓

Take a walk together and enjoy the two -person world ↓

A few minutes of videos are brushed than any so -called eyes.

The baby was born during the Y love period,

At that time, the hospital also had special regulations, and only one person could be accompanied by it.

Zhang Ruohuan stayed with Tang Yixin for 24 hours,

Both people can nothing,

The nursing matters are basically done by Zhang Ruohuan alone,

Washing diapers, coaxing children, washed the handle and washed ↓

(Although it should be, many men can’t do it)

The family atmosphere can be felt from the details.

After the baby was born, Zhang Ruohuan went to variety shows,

I couldn’t help thinking of my daughter when I saw a cloth doll on the show. ↓

It will also be particularly proud of saying,

The first piece of diaper of the daughter is to change it by herself

It also tastes from them to a rare and warm atmosphere of non -Mingxing …

Tang Yixin returned after delivery,

Zhang Ruohuan even posted Weibo to praise ↓

"There is only her in her eyes",

Not only a recognition of inner entertainment netizens,

It is also an indisputable fact in the star circle (KSWL) ↓

The love is indeed a rare couple in the entertainment industry.

But through this GQ interview,

Except for the love, as usual,

Orange is still get. It seems that in this relationship, Tang Yixin is the one with more emotional value.

The aura of two people is very complementary,

Zhang Ruohuan is calm, Tang Yixin releases ↓

Zhang Ruohuan feels a bit of people, Tang Yixin properly looks like E people ↓

Although the question and answer question has no connotation,

But from the interaction, you can also see the active and vitality of the woman,

As Zhang Ruohuan said, Tang Yixin is a "bright antidote" ↓

There are not many details in marriage,

But blindly guess that the two of them will have "redemption" internal flavor

Looking back at Zhang Ruohuan’s growth environment,

Since he was a child, he was in a crushed home, and he saw the most unfortunate side of his parents’ marriage.

After the divorce of the parents, the number of times to meet with the mother does not exceed 15 times ↓

The misfortune of the original family has long been a lonely and gloomy personality in his early years.

In middle school, he dyed his hair, hit earrings, and killed Matt.

I will listen to death rock and roll.

Although he was not in the showbiz, he was not a social fear,

Even the courage that others are difficult to reach when they are fighting for roles ↓

There are also extraordinary carefulness in variety shows ↓

But it is still a high -sensitive person, a very closed inner world.

(He once said that his biggest disadvantage is that he has always been "fake social" ↓)

What he is most eager is to get rid of loneliness,

There is a partner who can fully trust and rely on ↓

Tang Yixin is such a person.

Whenever she has seen her variety show, she can find that she is a rare true vitality girl,

It’s quite happy at any time,

And there is no sense of business, no idol idol ↓

He cares more about your family than your career,

When her family needs her particularly, she is willing to give up her career ↓

Although cheerful and Gu family, it is not a girl who has no care of the brain,

I believe that marriage needs equality and communicate,

I played a love brain "Xiao Jie" that year,

She commented on Xiaojie’s biggest problem is that she completely lost her herself ↓

It can be seen that she is really warm enough, independent and relaxed,

Both the value and the personality match the match,

No wonder netizens will say Zhang Ruohuan’s "good blessing" (arming)

However, in addition to sugar this time, I also saw some rules from the hot search reviews,

For example, netizens are very obsessed with "providing emotional value".

Regardless of what the woman does, as long as the emotional value cannot be full,

It’s easy to be scolded (beard)

Tang Yixin’s "negative" is about Miao Miao ▽

At first glance, it is similar to the configuration,

And Miao Miao gave birth to 3 babies in 3 years, and there was no scandal black material.

It is even more extravagant to eat and wear.

But everyone’s marriage is continuously singing,

These unreasonable malicious essences are still aimed at her personality,

Netizens think that she is not strong enough, not warm enough, not a powerful maternal mother, can not let Zheng Kai stretch (beard)

It is said that he will bring Zheng Kai depression ↓

Because Miao Miao cannot control his emotions ↓

If you don’t know what happened to Miao Miao,

In fact, she just showed her fragile side in the variety show …

Speaking of his early years of bullying, being isolated

Unexpectedly, this became a point where more people attacked her?

Speaking of my own inferiority ↓

As a result, she became the lowest party in the relationship,

It is worthless in front of confident and generous girls …

She really depends on her husband psychologically and life,

Miao Miao also admits that Zheng Kai helped her open her friend’s life circle ↓

So if you have a small thing, you will think of your husband ↓

But she did not do evil, no domestic violence, and no so -called emotional out of control.

Just because at first glance, you cannot provide greater energy, not enough "independent",

Just make netizens hate (crack)

They can’t see the sacrifice and dedication of Miao Miao at all,

I can’t see this deeper relationship, in fact, Miao Miao is conforming to Zheng Kai’s emotions ↓

Zheng Kai: She is my shelter

Netizen: Zheng Kai is going to be forced by her mental illness

Leave the control group,

It can also be found that the "immortal couple" is actually based on the emotional value of the woman.

The first sister -in -law of Inner Entertainment is not Song Yi but Haiha Jinxi ▽

After all, the comment area is now boasting her good woman ↓

It is necessary to get a kitchen in the hall and down,

An old black pot is a proof of a woman’s virtuousness ↓

The clothes do not wear a brand, and never make heavy makeup.

Grounding is the best medical beauty of a woman ↓

The key is,

She agrees with his life concept, and can bring the child with the performance ↓

(I often take my child to visit the "Four Seasons Small Garden" and love some swings ↓)

(Li Yapeng is very immersed, but the child has always been Haiha Jinxi hugged ↓)

(Lecture while taking a lecture …)

She also agrees with his charity ↓

(After all, two people met at the foundation)

Li Yapeng did not make money at all in the later period,

Haiha Jinxi finally can’t stand the grievances in DY crying and complaining that the other party will not let himself do live broadcast ↓

But the subsequent live broadcast is still done,

I am working hard to make money ↓

It can be said,

Netizens think that "Li Yapeng is blessed", but because Hai Hangxi is enough to cooperate, enough good wives, he can still support his family.

Li Yapeng provides others with a half of the emotional value of life. Now it has entered the elderly stage.

Finally found someone to feed (eat melon)

It is hard to imagine that Zhu Xiaotian’s wind review was reversed by his wife ▽

As an overshide artist who was once popular,

His personality is a very twisted crush …

Unwilling to shoot well ↓

Go to make music without shooting, but no one cares ↓

Nothing from Shangshuo, no one patronize when you open a shop to buy things ↓

I feel very good, but I can’t do anything,

Tucao also talked about your own value very low ↓

How much emotional value should be paid with him, and how much effort can you give, you can imagine,

His wife Han Wenwen has always been tolerant.

Not only did he not care if he had money or not,

He also gave up the child because he had a genetic disease. ↓

He deliberately made her embarrassed and she would not be angry at all ↓

Want me to see that Zhu Xiao’s genius is the person with emotional instability (cover his face)

Anyway, love pushes Han Wenwen again and again,

It was Han Wenwen’s constant affirmation of this relationship, so the relationship was maintained ↓

However, everyone is really not talking about Zhu Xiaotian’s …

(He said that he had only a friend Han Wenwen. If this kind of person was placed on Miao Miao, some people would probably persuade Zheng Kai to rest her)

All later became "good match",

It seems that Han Wenwen provides emotional value.

Although he is not good, it is not good, but this is "the most beautiful love"!

Of course,

Of course, the model of these "fairy couples" is desirable,

And these husbands must also have their own advantages and charm,

However, it is very ironic that why the man is always fragile, broken, and selfish in his feelings.

These emotions are also softened by the default woman should be tolerated,

But women can’t show a little insecure in their feelings, otherwise they are "work", that is, "blessing is lost by you"?

From the perspective of orange,

"Perfect Wife" and "Great Mother" are the same,

They are all high hats, a shackle -like label,

Wife can be imperfect, it can be not great,

It can be the other side of the emotional value, and there is also the right to show their fragility.

Why do you have to be warm like the sun?

It is well known,

Emotional value is two -way. Only by getting more and more love can we output love.

The last sentence

Fairy couple nominated in the inner entertainment female A male o!

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