Net Red Village Xiao Qiao released a good news in the New Year: I am pregnant!The due date is in July this year

Just brushed the news of the net red village, the news of the pregnancy was announced. For their family, it was really a good news.

Because of his daily life, Xiao Qiao, with his simple and naive smile, has harvested nearly 10 million fans on the self -media platform. He is a veritable big Internet celebrity.

Xiao Qiao has always been smooth and smooth, because she often does something positive, helping the elderly and children, reflecting the positive energy of society, and she has also received a lot of praise.

For Xiao Qiao, the only question she was questioning from the media is her love relationship. Since her relationship with Xu Pan has been disclosed the previous year, the controversy about the two on the Internet has continued.

Some people think that Xu Pan, who is unswerving, can’t match the beautiful and capable Xiao Qiao, thinks that the two are not good.

In fact, the relationship between the two people is quite bumpy. Xiao Qiao and Xu Pan have been in love for several years. Because of the two hard conditions of family conditions and appearance, Xiao Qiao’s mother did not agree at the beginning, so the relationship between the two people was only the relationship between the two people.After dragging for a long time.

Xiao Qiao and Panpan successfully convinced his mother with his own sincerity. Under the blessings of his family and the controversy of netizens, in last year, he successfully entered the palace of marriage.

After the marriage, Xu Pan, who was honest and honest, was really good to Xiao Qiao in his life. It was very considerate. Xiao Qiao’s marriage life was particularly happy and satisfied.

Everyone also changed his view slowly, thinking that he was a reliable man.

Just when the two lived in the right track after their marriage, they had been married for more than a year, but they had no news of pregnancy, and the rumors of infertility of Xiao Qiao were hotly debated by netizens.

On January 4th, Xiao Qiao announced the news that was already pregnant, showing Xu Pan’s performance after knowing the news, and her husband’s performance was particularly excited and moved.

Xiao Qiao explained to everyone that she discovered pregnancy in November last year. She kept hiding the good news and spent three months in stability before choosing to be public. At the same time, she also returned to those who said she could not get pregnant.

On the same day, her husband took her to the hospital for examination after he knew it, confirmed the news of pregnancy, and did a B -ultrasound. It could be seen that the children were healthy.

On January 5th, Xiao Qiao wrote this good news as a note and gave it to the father -in -law as a gift. He learned that his daughter -in -law was pregnant and the due date was in July this year. The father -in -law was particularly happy and excited.

The mother -in -law of Xiao Qiao was almost crying, and expressed his pity for Xiao Qiao, telling Xiao Qiao to take a good rest, and not forget to tell his son Xu Pan to take good care of his daughter -in -law.

After her daughter -in -law entered the house, her mother -in -law had always taken care of Xiao Qiao. If she had a child in the future, she would definitely be particularly attentive. It must be a particularly good grandma.

For Xiao Qiao, she has always been a very gentle person, and she also likes children. Whether it is her sister’s child or her aunt’s child, she is full of love and shows particularly love.I believe she is also a good mother after she has her own child.

Bless the village, Xiao Qiao, successfully have a baby, and bless their family of three.

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