Net red panda breeder derailed during the marriage, disappeared after pregnancy, and disappeared after pregnancy. The chat history was exposed

Recently, some netizens have exposed the extramarital affairs of Zhang Yue on the Internet with the online celebrity panda breeder. Zhang Yue disappeared after he had a relationship with himself and caused himself to get pregnant.

Zhang Yue is a panda breeder at the Sichuan Panda Breeding Base. It became popular because of its rounded appearance and very similar to the panda, and was called the "head hoop grandma".

As our national treasure panda, I believe that no one does not like it. In recent years, the breeding video of giant pandas has been widely circulated on the Internet, and it has a popular panda breeder. Zhang Yue is one of them.

According to the female netizen "Mei Show Meow", she is a fan of Zhang Yue, a panda breeder. After contacting Zhang Yue alone, the female netizen and Zhang Yue played hot.Love sublimation.

However, after passion, the female netizen found that she was pregnant, and then contacted Zhang Yue to discuss what to do, but Zhang Yue learned that her pregnancy was directly played and disappeared.

In desperation, "Mei Show" began to announce the emotional experience with Zhang Yue and some chat records on the Internet.

According to the exposed chat history, female netizens are very active in Zhang Yue, and Zhang Yue also seduces their fans with sweet words. The two know their own situation and agreed to meet the time and place of offline meeting.

It is outrageous that female netizens know that Zhang Yue is married, and Zhang Yue’s purpose is only to have an unfair relationship with female netizens. The two who have a ghost fetus have completed their emotional sublimation.

This is the end of the matter. No one will know that an influencer satisfies the stimulus of derailment, and female fans have obtained the pity of their idols.

Perhaps the two people encountered fire fire and did not take good protection measures. Female fans were pregnant because of this. After the incident, female fans may slowly recover their reason.The psychology of a person’s relationship was relieved.

I did not expect Zhang Yue to do not pretend at all, and told the female fans that she did not love her. This may also make the female fans feel unhappy. In addition, the female fans are pregnant at this time, and they will ask Zhang Yue how to do.manage.

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