My wife is suspected to be pregnant with a second child, and her husband replies: "Live! 6 -year -old daughter can do a lot of work"

My friend talked to me and told my husband that he might be pregnant. Her husband’s response and the previous 180 -degree turn, scaring her soft.

I and my girlfriend’s children are generally big. I was in the first grade of elementary school in the discussion.

My girlfriend suddenly said to me: "I just told my husband: My aunt was postponed for 3 days (she was usually on time), and I was pregnant. As a result, my husband said:I don’t know why, which caused him to suddenly feel that there was a second child. "

The girlfriend said that she was panicked now and scared her body.

I said, "Don’t be nervous. Men have no effect anyway.

The girlfriend said that she had just arrived.

I said, "That’s good. If there is, you have to consider it yourself, feel that it has a greater impact on women, and a lot of fine things, men don’t do it."

The girlfriend said, "I don’t have a birth, I have already considered it clearly."

My girlfriend sent me a conversation with her husband. I saw the sentence: "My cub is 6 or 7 years old, and she can help do many things." It is really uncomfortable.

The little girl can have a princess like princess, and she is also a child. She has to learn to be modest. She has to throw diapers for her younger and sisters. Why is it not a dad to do a lot of things?

I told my girlfriend and said, "I have only one child in my family, and my family is not the case at all. I really have to be cautious.

A few years ago, when the conditions were okay, the indoor playground, more than 200 300. I would always think: If a child, I will definitely choose this kind of child to play.But the two children, to consume 400-600, there is no way, you can only play the place where dozens of dollars are played once after doing cards."

Girlfriends resigned after pregnancy. After bringing children at home for 3 years, the children finally went to kindergarten and came out to work again.So I understand her thoughts.

I sent my girlfriend and her husband to my husband and said it.Of course, we will never have a second child. The head tires are already two children. We just want to vomit the man.

As a result, my husband’s reply was even more amazing: "Isn’t the reason for birth, shouldn’t the fetal fetuse affect the mother’s health?"

I asked, "Do you think the fetal fetus is harmful to the body? Still having a second child? It seems that men need science!"

Later, my husband explained forcibly, and I was too lazy to listen.

The second child is really impulsive. Women should consider it carefully!

Whether your body is okay, age is not very large, whether the work is affected, and whether the family living standard will decrease significantly, whether the child and family support it; after the birth of the second child, will the husband and other family members have the ability to contribute or have the ability to pay the whole processPlease ask Yuexun, infant teacher, and cook aunt.

Well, many people do not necessarily have a child now. Only our 80s are still hesitating to have a second child!


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