My wife is pregnant!The pregnancy reaction to endure is uncomfortable, what food can help alleviate

After pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will suffer from pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers have been vomiting from pregnancy to birth, and the taste is really sour.Pregnant vomiting is not just to bear the mothers. Some foods that help to alleviate pregnancy, the pregnant mothers have collected it.

1. Soda biscuits

After pregnancy, it is affected by hormones in the body. The increase in gastric acid in pregnant mothers is easy to vomit. Soda biscuits are alkaline and can neutralize gastric acid in an appropriate amount to help relieve pregnancy.And it is easier to digest in moderate amount of soda biscuits, so as not to aggravate the burden on the stomach.Pregnant mothers are more likely to vomit when they wake up in the morning. They can eat two soda biscuits first, which helps neutralize the an empty stomach after waking up overnight.

2, raw peanut

Raw peanuts have the effect of nourishing stomach and nourishing blood, and have a certain effect on chronic gastritis.Many pregnant mothers are affected by stomach inflammation. If pregnant mothers can usually pay attention to the maintenance of the stomach, the healthier stomach, the healthier, and it can also play a certain role in alleviating pregnancy vomiting.Pregnant mothers must remember that raising stomach and peanuts are better, and a few grains should not be eaten too much every day.

3. Lemon

Lemon is alkaline and contains a large number of VCs, which has the effect of strengthening spleen to help digestion.Pregnant mothers can use lemon slices to soak in water, or cut fresh lemon slices. When they are disgusting, they can smell the nose when they want to vomit. The fresh taste of lemon can make people feel refreshed and beneficial to relieve pregnancy.Note: Those with too many stomach acid and stomach ulcers should eat less lemon.

4, yogurt milk

Yogurt is rich in protein, which is beneficial to digestion and absorption. The lactic acid bacteria inside can help the stomach and to a certain extent.Pregnant mothers can drink yogurt when they add meals between two meals, which can supplement nutrition and avoid pregnancy vomiting caused by fasting.

5. Ice cream

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers can feel heartburn and burning sensation in the stomach.This is affected by hormones in the body, inhibitory gastric acid secretion, and the influence of gastroesophageal reflux.When the pregnant mother is particularly uncomfortable in the stomach, if you can eat cold things, it will feel particularly comfortable to "lower cooling" the stomach.Pregnant mothers can eat a little bit of ice cream to satisfy the desire of the body, help to make the mood comfortable, and promote the promotion of pregnancy and vomiting.However, Ice cream eats more to stimulate contractions, hurt the spleen and stomach, and pregnant mothers should not be greedy.

6. Apple

Apple is weak and alkaline, which is helpful to relieve pregnancy.And apples are rich in minerals and vitamins, which helps regulate the electrolyte balance in the body.Avoid pregnancy caused by fasting, pregnant mothers can occasionally eat a few bites of apples to relieve.Apple is steamed to eat the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and pregnant mothers can come according to their appetite.

7, millet porridge

Xiaomi porridge has spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and spleen, and it is easy to digest in liquid food. Pregnant mothers drink bowl of millet porridge at night and have the effect of soothe the god of sleep.Pregnant mothers are uncomfortable in pregnancy, but can drink a bowl of millet porridge to relieve.

In addition, in addition to some foods to help, pregnant mothers should eat less and eat less, mainly light, maintain a relaxed and happy mood, and avoid the stimulating smell.

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