My pregnancy experience (3)

The two articles I wrote yesterday shared my two previous pregnancy experiences with you. I did not expect that many friends browsed and had friends to leave a message. It was really flattered.

Think about the first experience, in fact, I always felt that it would be caused by squatting on the ground, but I felt a bit exaggerated.At that time, I remembered that I kept asking the doctor why this is what I do. I told her every day. To be honest, the doctor was still responsible and knew that it had a great impact on me, so I was patient withI said that there are many abortion phenomena in this unknown cause in society. If I want to know why, my husband must go to a full -body examination, especially in chromosomes to see if there are genetic we go.

I still remember that at that time, I suspected whether there would be a hemolytic disease, because I was an O blood type, I do n’t know the blood type of my husband, and then the medical examination of my husband was also O.Essence

Yesterday, I just mentioned my profession in the article. When I did a design before, I would know that people know that it is non -human. I have a fight with the IT department.At that time, I was worried about whether I would die suddenly in my position someday.Therefore, the physical fitness is indeed poor, and if you add a little fat, climb the stairs to pant.

Here I think I have to mention my husband’s career, and he was actually not much better at the time.He didn’t work very much, but he learned chemistry. He did chemical experiments every day. He had a chemical taste on his body. He did not smell anything himself.And I am not very clear about their unit, but the children at home were all girls at home. There was no exaggeration. There were no boys. So far, there are very few boys, so that chemical experiments have a great impact on the body.Essence

After giving birth to a daughter, we pay special attention to diet and exercise. My husband also applied for an experimental post. From time to time, he would go to play basketball. We will walk for about two to three days a week to go to work.I finally developed in the professional direction and basically controlled the weight around 111. If you want to know, I am 1.60 pounds in the late pregnancy.It is also a difficult process to lose 30 pounds. If everyone is interested, I will share it with you in the future.Because now this is estimated to have a minimum of more than a dozen pounds.

Thank you friends for your likes, willing to see me for this leisure, I will continue to share [Rose] [Rose] [Rose] in the later period

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