My lover is pregnant, I can only be sorry for her infertility

It takes many years for a long time to calm down, and it is sometimes false and superficial. Once it is induced by a certain opportunity, it is likely to produce the same destructive power of volcanic eruption.Like the slow knife cut the meat, go to the raw grind little by little … It is false to say that it is false, but I want to have a child, but this child must also be the child of my wife. Other women give me a child me.Don’t want it yet.

You see, when people are not in front of their eyes, they will say a lot.But when Wanhua really walked in front of me and cried tears, telling me "South Brother, I am pregnant with your flesh", I was still excited and accelerated: "What do you say?Are you really sure? This is not a fun to play. "

"I have gone to the hospital for checking. I am 100 % pregnant. The child is yours, and my brother."

Wanhua is not the kind of intentional woman, she will never have the idea of replacing my wife.

She is 36 years old, not too young, she has been married, and later left again. To be precise, she was rested by her in -laws -because she couldn’t raise it, ridiculous?This kind of thing may be nothing in the city, but if it happens in the countryside, things will be big.Wanhua married for eight years and gave her in -laws for eight years of farm work. She also helped her mother -in -law to become a home for her uncle, but even so, she did not have the sins of no children.

Whoever made her stomach has always had a flat slightest movement.In her hometown, a woman has no status and cannot be raised. Even her husband can’t speak for you.Wanhua’s in -laws have some power in the village. At that time, it was already brought out inside and outside. In their situation, it would not be difficult to find a woman with a child.

At this time, it was not something Wanhua could decide alone, not to mention, her brother was still asking for things under her father -in -law.Perhaps it is the only way, who makes your stomach unwilling!Is it staying, watching his husband marrying another woman as a wife?

Wan Hua was 30 years old.

She worked everywhere and moved through many places. Tangshan, Baoding, Shijiazhuang … Finally, she settled in Tianjin and was a leader in a restaurant on Hongqi Road.

Although I was pitiful, I never gave her love.

Between us, except for the simple men’s and women’s relationship, others are gone again.Her education level and her growth experience are doomed to two kinds of people completely different from me.

A man and a woman do that kind of thing even if they do not understand each other and are driven by desire, it does not mean that they can hold hands for a lifetime in the future -Examples of strangers abound.This is like a match, but it shines once, after finishing, and it is burned out. What else can I do?I never expected that this incident would leave such a big sequelae!

Do you ask me to regret it?I regret the two words, I really can’t say that I have taken Wanhua to the hospital for investigation, and her stomach is pregnant with a son.The reason why I told you so much Wanhua is to tell you that this child is not only a gift to me, but also a proof that she is better.Wan Hua promised me that when the child was born, we went to do parent -child identification. This kind of thing is not more than anything else.

This is also a kind of psychological compensation.I believe Wanhua did not lie to me, she was not the kind of casual woman.At the same time, I also promised her to take the child back to her hometown with her, so that the people in the village knew that it was not Wan Hua who would not be born, but her former husband.

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