My husband and godmother and sister harmed me abortion. After looking at the photos of his ex -wife, I rushed to go out.

My husband and I were both married. My husband had a son. I had a daughter. Later

Her husband is a businessman who started in scratch, 8 years older than me, but very old.I did n’t deserve to go out with him. When others introduced us, I did not agree with him.But he thinks I am good. I have been married like him, and I must cherish it, and I have a good appearance.

He chased me for half a year. I didn’t agree. Although I was divorced, I didn’t want to make a cluster about to find a reliance, and I didn’t want to enter the unfortunate marriage again.Later, my mother was sick and was treated in the provincial capital. At that time, my husband was not a boyfriend and a friend, so he arranged properly.When my mother left, I took my hand and said, "Girl, the biggest wish of my mother in this life is that you can get happiness. Is it good for a man?My husband) is good. At first glance, it is a reliable person. Besides, the economic conditions of others are good. Now you live with your baby alone. You are so distressed when you are so rushing … "My mother said a lot, soI said tears, and in the end, I thought clearly, and I was with my husband.

After my husband got a positive answer, he was very happy and wearing his son to come to my family to confess his relatives.He is 8 years older than me, but his son is only two years older than my daughter. It can be seen that he is getting late.That day he explained his family, and he had to talk about his marriage.It turned out that his wife died of suffering four years ago. After that, he had passed alone and wanted to find a knowledgeable person, but he never found it.He is busy doing business now, and he doesn’t have much time to accompany his son. He hopes to give his son a complete home.

I felt that he was quite upright, and he accepted him, and he accepted him. Moreover, he also agreed that he resigned as a housewife at home and cultivated two children.But I did not expect that after we got married, I went to his house, but found that there were two women in his family. One year a year, my husband said that he was his godmother and sister.I have to cook them every day.Later, I asked my husband, why the godmother and the sisters were living in our house.He said that the two of them were also pitiful, and there was no man at home, so they temporarily retained them.I can’t say anything, but I can feel that they don’t like me very much.

However, my husband is also a smart person and feels my embarrassment.One day he said, "Mom, Xiao Lian (the name of Gan sister), I will give you a set of 80 square meals and one living room in the community next to the community.Now that I am also married, I have to take care of my lover’s feelings. "The godmother snorted, her sister turned her eyes, but she didn’t speak, but she still packed things away.I especially thank my husband for thinking for me.My husband said, "Don’t you blame me to buy a house if you haven’t asked, right?" I said, "I thank you for being too late. The money for buying a house is made by you, and I will not interfere."

At this time, I was pregnant.The godmother first moved back and said that she would take care of me.I said, "Do you, no, my mother can come to take care of me." She said, "Your mother is not in good health, I listen to Xiao Zhou. You are assured that I am Xiao Zhou’s godmother, your mother -in -law, I am, I am, I am, I am, I, I, II won’t treat you at a loss. "She said so, but during my pregnancy, she gave me some unknown things every day, and said that she was nutritious, for the fetus.At this time, my husband did not know if it was because of his child who was overjoyed, and thanked his godmother.And Sister Qian also moved over with momentum, saying that she would counsel the homework of the two children replaced me.

But as soon as they were, I felt that my head was bombed, and it was noisy all day. They did not pull them away.When I brought it before, the two of them never fight.It is the godmother. I always say to my husband’s son, "Your stepmother has a younger brother, and your dad will not like you anymore. You will have no home in the future."I have persuaded the godmother more than once, don’t say this, but she said, "What is the relationship between teasing children to play?" But the child is only six or seven years old. It is when it is aware of the world.?

My husband and I told a word or two. My husband still stood on my side and went to the godmother to talk about it. They talked in the study. They used their hometown dialect, but I don’t understand, but I feel that my husband is right.They are serious.I do n’t know, the aunt and sister sister are even more fierce to me, ridiculed, and I am not the Virgin. I said, "This is my husband’s house. If you can’t get used to me, go out, I don’t need to take care of it."Say: "Sorry, do you know, this house …" The godmother stopped her and said, "Don’t tell me, Xiao Zhou called me, because I was important to her"I said," No matter how important it is, there is no importance to the children in my belly. I roll it if I can’t get used to it. I am not bullying. "For my child, I can’t bear to swallow.In fact, I am also curious, where did this goddess and sister, but I have never asked.

The godmother was so angry at the time, and she sat down with her sister.That was that day, when I went to the bathroom, my feet were slippery, and there were soapy water!After a slide, I fell around the sky, and the buttocks fell clearly, and suddenly there was a heat flow … Before I was unconscious, I saw the godmother and the sister who ran over, but the two just stood, I didn’t know, I didn’t knowI didn’t call, and then I fainted!

When I woke up, I was in the hospital, my husband and two children were there, and the elder sister was there, and they lowered their heads.When I first reacted, my child!Husband said, "Child, no. Don’t be sad, it’s okay …" I cried: "Why is it okay!! He was five months in my stomach, why is it okay! It is, they hurt me !!"I am crazy, I want to struggle to fight the mother and daughter.They hid two steps, and the godmother said, "We don’t want it, you are not careful. I just finished washing my clothes in the bathroom, and it must be wet there …" I shouted, "Get out!" My husband said, "Let’s go first. "Gan Mom, sister, left.

I lived in the hospital for a week, and the uterus was severely damaged. The doctor said that it should be well -raised, otherwise it is difficult to get pregnant.My husband always said that it doesn’t matter. I want me to rest well, as long as I can do nothing.But I don’t want to ignore him, he seems to feel that the child is gone.After being discharged from the hospital, my husband summoned his mother -in -law and sister, and said, "I think I am not sorry for you, why do you want to harm the person I care about? If this is the case, don’t live in that house, don’t blame me for being cruel!I promised Xiao Ru to take care of you, but your behavior makes me sad. "

When I heard him, I asked, who is Xiao Ru.Sister Qian stood up and said, "You finally asked now! You stupid woman. Xiao Ru is my sister, his ex -wife. I don’t believe me to see the photos." She rushed out two photo frames from the sofa, one was her husbandA photo with a woman’s wedding photo is a photo of the mother and daughter of the godmother and the woman.I took a serious look at the photos. Sure enough, the woman and the godmother seemed to be a sister.Sister Gan said, "You are enjoying someone else’s husband now, but I am embarrassed to scold us!" Her husband yelled at her: "Shut up! I will tell her yourself." Husband pulled me to the bedroom and hesitated for a long time and finally opened.

It turned out that his ex -wife explained him before he died, and he must take good care of his mother -in -law’s aunt, and he agreed.He is a man of love. After his ex -wife divorced, he did take care of his mother -in -law and aunt. In fact, when his ex -wife did not died, he had all the expenses of his mother -in -law, including the tuition fee of the aunt.He has been an orphan since he was a child and longed for a home, so he attached great importance to the affection like his mother -in -law. He also received them from the house and supported them.The mother -in -law actually hoped that he would marry his aunt, but the aunt didn’t look at him, just wanted to spend his money.Later, he was afraid of gossip and facilitated him to remarry. He simply recognized his mother -in -law and auntie for his sister.When his son was three years old, they proved their son’s name to the godmother’s sister, and they must be called grandma and aunt.So I have never doubted it.

After talking about this, my husband said, "I cherish the family who is with you now, don’t be angry, I will send them away, don’t you listen to them?" I said nothing, walk to the living room, look at itYu Nu’s uncomfortable elder sister, I said, "Please leave! I don’t have to roll off the politeness. My husband is now my husband, not the husband of other women, he will take care of itThese two parasites, but now, he listens to me. If you rush to me, I want them to pay you a penny in the future.In the future, the living expenses are only three thousand a month, and the young one will go to work, and the old one will save some use. Don’t treat my husband as the savior, roll, roll! "

I rushed them to go crazy, this was the most powerful time in front of them.After they left, my husband came over and hugged me and said, "Okay, don’t get angry, we will live well in the future."

But if you think about it, they must be uncomfortable. They feel that I have occupied their daughters and sister’s money, and I am afraid that they will get trouble again.

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