My difficult pregnancy road (5) angiography, detection of follicles, promoting arrangement

In the New Year in 2017, we went to Xi’an self -guided tour during the holidays.I have played about five or six days. I have to say that travel is really a relaxed thing.Strange cities are novelty, delicious, and fun everywhere. I feel that I am the same as re -surviving, or I may have been used to healing.

Promote and detect follicles

In fact, I noticed this reproductive clinic while seeing traditional Chinese medicine at the Chinese Medicine Hall, and even asked.But I didn’t care too much, I just knew it.I have always been confident, because I do n’t have these problems such as the fallopian tubes, the uterine cavity adhesion, etc., and I feel that I will not reach this step, but the result is still.

As usual, there are still a bunch of examinations. You have to do it at every hospital. At this time, the time is effective.Some results are available for one year, and some results cannot be used in half a year.This time I came into contact with a new term, the fallopian tube angiography.

Fallopian tubes are a test method to check whether the factories are unobstructed.Fallopian tubes are one of the more widely used methods.The uterine fallopian tubal angiography of X -ray is injecting an contrast agent to the uterine cavity and fallopian tube through the catheter. The X -ray diagnostic X -ray see -through and camera is used. According to the development of the agent in the fallopian tube and the pelvic cavityA method of checking in the form and uterine cavity form.

Many of the sons around me said that it hurts to do this, and I am quite scared.The result is okay, just like doing leucorrhea inspections. Basically, there is no pain.When I came out, I said that she said that it would not be very painful because of your fallopian tube traffic. Pay attention to anti -inflammatory, which excludes the cause of infertility.

Since the fallopian tubes are connected, let’s start to promote it. The doctor said that those who have done fallopian tubes are easy to get pregnant. Indeed, there is this situation around, so I am also full of confidence.

The picture below is the B -ultrasound list I promoted.Everyone, this is typical of polycystic, with many follicles, but they are not growing.At that time, I took the medicine that was promoted and grew up.In

When the follicles develop to about 18mm, the follicles are mature, and the needle is needed, that is, the choric membrane to promote hormones. This is the best time that it can promote ovulation.

After the injection of ovulation pins, ovulation will occur about 24 to 48 hours.Therefore, it is best to be able to choose the same room after 24 hours. The probability of sperm and eggs into fertilized eggs is relatively high, so the chance of pregnancy will also increase.

In addition, after urging the needle, you can go to the hospital for B -ultrasound the next day to observe whether the follicles have been ruptured, and at the same time, you must also observe whether there is a small amount of follicles in the pelvic cavity.

I will continue to talk about some things on the road to pregnancy. If you have any people who want to ask me, I will tell me privately, I will tell you what I know, and I hope to give you some suggestions.

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