Moxibustion treats infertility. Is the effect good?

Affected by the environment and diet now, one -third of the one -third of the marriage couple needs to pass through conditioning to conceive the baby smoothly.

Definition of infertility: The couple have lived together for more than 2 years without contraception without conception.

Men’s factors: Semen contains sperm with normal quantity, morphology and mobility.

Women’s factors: Can discharge normal eggs.

In addition, sperm and eggs need to be encountered, and fertilized eggs can be bed in the uterine endometrium

Many people do not want to take medicine. Want to use moxibustion to help pregnancy. Is there any cases of success in clinical practice?Mr. Ma Shaoqun has used moxibustion to cure patients with infertility for more than five years. Generally, it has been conceived in continuous moxibustion for 3-5 months, and the baby is healthy.

Here is an excerpt from the female moxibustion prescriptions summarized by Mr. Ma Shaoqun.If it is a male problem, the two sides will moxibustion together and refer to the male moxibustion prescription, which will help increase the chance of conception.


Point name and number of points

Moxibustion per hole

First day

Zhongli, Zusanli (Double) God

30 minutes each

The second day

Xiayu, Tianshu (double), Qi Hai Shenxuan

30 minutes each

Third day

Guan Yuan, Cusculus, God

Sanyinjiao (Shuangxue))

30 minutes each

25 minutes each

Fourth day

Period Gate (Double), Shinji

Taichong (double)

30 minutes each

25 minutes each

Fifth day

Shenshu (double), Shenxian

Zhaohai (double)

30 minutes each

25 minutes each

Sixth day


Tongli (double)

25 minutes each

25 minutes each

Seventh day

Ganshu (double)

Zhangmen (Double), Shenxuan

25 minutes each

30 minutes each

On the eighth day

Life Gate, Giant Po, Shinji


30 minutes each

25 minutes each

Ninth day


Return, Shenyu

25 minutes each

30 minutes each

Note: Irregular menstruation, leucorrhea, uterine and appendicitis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and other gynecological problems can also be carried out by this moxibustion method.The above acupoints follow the moxibustion until healing.

The giant acupoint is located on the upper abdomen, and the front midline is 6 inches in the middle of the umbilicus.This acupoint is one of the main acupoints on Renmai, and it has a better effect on gastrointestinal disease.

Attachment: Part of the unsuccessful acupuncture points

Tongli acupoint: On the side of the forearm, when the radial side of the bent tendon on the ruler’s wrist, 1 inch on the horizontal line of the wrist, between the pole muscle of the ruler’s wrist and shallow flexion, the deep finger is deep flexor;The arteries pass; the inner skin of the forearm has the ulnar side of the ulnar.

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