Motherwort is the University of Gynecology!This is doubled with the effect, but try not to use these 4 types of women

"Mom, look at you, it’s rare to go back to the countryside, you are not fun, and find wild vegetables here again!" Xiao Li was rare to meet the Mid -Autumn Festival holiday and brought her mother back to the festival, but the mother said to find wild vegetables.

Xiao Li didn’t think so. When she lived in the city, she often bought wild vegetables in the vegetable market.Back to the countryside, I can’t wait to take the wild vegetables in the fields and hillside home.While picking wild vegetables, she said, "Every time you come to menstruation, you say that your stomach hurts.

"That’s it. Every month, my stomach hurts to die! Motherwort is really so amazing?" Xiao Li was doubtful about this.However, when she thought of dysmenorrhea, she couldn’t help but tremble.

Xiao Li’s mother picked up the cricket in her hand and handed it to Xiao Li’s hand: "This is the ‘big coffee medicine’ in the gynecological industry! If you don’t believe it, take it back to wash it, soak it in water for a while, take a look at it for a while, take a look at it.Will menstruation be better in the past month? "

Xiao Li looked at the green weeds in his hand, although he had doubts about his mother’s words, and said, "I don’t believe it is so amazing!"

Some people may think: Motherwort is just a wild plant. How can it have such a magical effect?In order to let everyone understand Motherwort better, today, I will give you a detailed introduction.

The original name of Motherwort is 的, which is widely distributed throughout the country. It is a wild plant that can be divided into fine -leaf motherwort, white flower motherwort, etc. It is a lip -shaped plant.Motherwort was listed as the Chinese medicinal material of the "Shennong Materia Medica".It can be seen that as early as in ancient times, some people used motherwort to medicine.

The roots and leaves of fresh motherwort can be eaten. The taste is refreshing and the nutritional value is very high.It contains a large amount of alkaloids, fatty acids, volatile oils, phenyl ornitin, carrotidoside, motherwort polysaccharides, and a variety of trace elements, such as zinc, copper, selenium, iron, manganese, etc.

Among them, the total alkaloids in motherwort can help the body improve the occurrence of hemodynamics, inhibit platelet condensation, thrombosis, and red blood cell agglomeration. To a certain extent, reduce blood viscosity and enhance the deformation of red blood cells.

Biological alkali also has the effect of anti -inflammatory and analgesic.For example, women can apply motherwort to conditioning because of their unwillingness to keep your body warm, abnormal hormone secretion, and cervical inflammation, which cause symptoms such as non -smooth menstrual blood and dysmenorrhea.Motherwort can improve local blood circulation, regulate female and progesterone levels, reduce uterine smooth muscle spasm, and achieve the effect of alleviating dysmenorrhea.

If women have disorders of uterine bleeding, the menstruation is constantly dripping. By cooking motherwort and other Chinese medicines, the uterine contraction increases after drinking soup medicine, which will help promoting blood circulation and stasis, hemostasis, and relieving pain.

Motherwort has a lot of role. When many people apply, they only drink water, but they do not pay attention to the amount.After all, Motherwort belongs to a Chinese herbal medicine. When used, if it can control the amount, the efficacy will be more ideal.And its nature is slightly cold, if it is too much, it may cause the body to be stimulated by cold, but it will be unfavorable to health.

For example, when applying Motherwort, the amount is controlled at 9-30g. If the fresh motherwort, the amount is needed to control the amount at about 12-40g.In addition to soaking motherwort and drinking water, motherwort can also be made with egg cakes with eggs, and can also be used as ingredients for porridge or soup.Motherwort and different medicinal materials can also be treated with a variety of diseases.

For example, wash motherwort, add water for about 20 minutes and remove them, then remove the eggs and red dates, and cook for about ten minutes, eat eggs, drink soup, can promote blood and nourish blood, relieve dysmenorrhea, relieve dysmenorrhea, make menstruation make menstruation, so that menstruation can make menstruation.The situation of disorders, darkened blood, and less quantity is improved;

Wash the motherwort, Chenpi, and eggs respectively, then cook in the pot with high heat, and then cook with low heat for 15 minutes. After eating eggs and drinking soup, not only regulate spleen and stomach function, enhance digestion and absorption, but also to a certain extent.On the situation of promoting blood circulation, improving menstrual delays, amenorrhea, etc.;

Women have functional uterine bleeding or often dysmenorrhea after giving birth. Wash the motherwort and raw hawthorn. Put them in a pot and boil it for 15 minutes, then wash, peel, cut it in the pot, and continue to simmer in the pot.Add brown sugar to drink after cooking for 5 minutes.To achieve the effects of nourishing blood and qi, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, promote the discharge of uterine blood, and relieve dysmenorrhea.

There are many ways to use motherwort. It is recommended not to use motherwort blindly. Before using Motherwort, it is best to consult a professional doctor and use it correctly under the guidance of a doctor.Although Motherwort is good, it has symptomatic diseases. Not all people can use it. Improper application. Not only can it be eliminated to get sick, it will cause bad stimulation to the body, and instead worsen the condition.

1. Pregnant woman

For many women, motherwort is a good product for conditioning menstruation.However, pregnant women should avoid the use of toileta to avoid increasing risk of abortion or premature birth.

The reason why this is mainly because Motherwort has the effect of promoting blood circulation, excitement and shrinking the uterus.The use of motherwort in the first three months of pregnancy will increase the risk of miscarriage. After three months of pregnancy, the use of motherwort will not only affect the development of the fetus, but also easily cause premature birth.

2. Women with deficiency and cold constitution

Motherwort is called "grass born for women". It can promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation, diuretic and swelling, and has excellent treatment effects on women’s menstrual disease and postpartum disease.However, there are individual differences in each woman’s constitution. If there is no blood stasis blocked, less yin deficiency and blood due to physique deficiency, there are less headache, facial dark spots, and purple spots on the tongue, so is to avoid the use of motherwort.

Because people who do not have the above symptoms may cause vaginal abnormal bleeding after using motherwort for a long time.If the dysmenorrhea occurs due to blood deficiency and cold, the use of cold motherwort can not only treat the disease, but also cause cold body cold, but will make the dysmenorrhea develop more seriously.

3. Women during menstruation

Menstruation is a physiological phenomenon formed by endometrial endometrium and after proliferation.Under normal circumstances, women will come to menstruation in a fixed time period per month.If menstruation and dysmenorrhea can be used under the guidance of a doctor, motherwort can be used, which can improve discomfort caused by menstruation.However, women need to pay attention to the use of motherwort during menstruation.

During menstruation, women’s uterus is also bleeding, and her body is weak.If motherwort is used, the blood circulation speed increases, which may cause uterine excitement, increase the amount of menstruation after excessive shrinkage of the uterus, and extend the period of menstruation, which will even cause leakage and cause more damage to the body.

4. Women who are allergic to motherwort

The so -called "medicine is three -point poison". The sketches belong to a Chinese herbal medicine. The vegetable alkali is allergens and has a certain toxicity.If it is allergic to plant alkali, it will cause allergic reactions after use, grow rash and blisters, and accompanied by itching and heating.If the situation is serious, it will also cause symptoms such as chest tightness and acceleration of breathing frequency.

After taking motherwort, an allergic reaction occurs, and anti -allergic drugs should be applied under the guidance of a doctor for treatment.After that, avoid the use of motherwort to avoid repeated allergies.If you need to use motherwort, it is recommended to do an allergies to judge allergens. If you find allergens to plant alkali, you should avoid the use of motherwort.

In addition, you can consume a small amount of motherwort in the early stage. If you find discomfort, stop the medication in time to prevent the body from being harmed more.

In addition, motherwort will affect liver and kidney function, and if the situation is seriously caused by poisoning and death.Therefore, anyone must avoid the abuse of motherwort, as needed by the condition, and take the correct medication under the guidance of a doctor.

In summary, Motherwort is of great help to women’s health. If it is used correctly, it can achieve more ideal results.However, all Chinese herbal medicines have their own indications. Women who are pregnant with pregnant women, deficiency and cold constitutions, menstrual periods, and maternal herbs should try to avoid the use of motherwort as much as possible to avoid adverse effects on the body.

Dear friend, how much do you know about motherwort?You are welcome to leave a message below to share the efficacy and usage of motherwort with you. If you have any questions, you can also communicate with me in time. I will make professional answers for you.


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