Mother -in -law must also be beautiful too!See here

Fashion pregnant mothers can’t stop the pace of beautiful photos even if they are pregnant, but go to the studio to take a trouble in the photo studio. Makeup, clothes change, and take pictures must be tossed for a day.The photo album of pregnant women has just been done!Can be done!Let you not delay making albums, but also take pictures in time!

Nothing is more suitable for taking pregnancy photos than childlike liga!Find a big blackboard, draw a childlike pattern on it by yourself, and even describe your imagination of your future baby through simple graphics.Will she be a little princess who likes pink bow, or is she love to play football and origami planes?Shooting at the front side of the blackboard at a front side can highlight the pregnancy taste!

The building block is almost a must -have enlightenment toy for every baby. Before playing with the baby, take a set of pregnancy photos as a prop!Pregnant mothers can lie flat on the bed or sofa. The background on the side is as clean and refreshing as possible. It is best to be a solid wall.Put your favorite shapes on the stomach, cute little houses, sailboats, or words that are made of several letters.The focal length of the mobile phone lens is aimed at building blocks, only a small part of the belly is exposed, and the playful and lively pregnant belly photos are completed!

For pregnant mothers who like romantic style, don’t miss the fairy wedding style.If you want to take a wedding style, you don’t have to go to the studio to rent a wedding dress.With a wedding veil or exquisite embroidered lace lace on the stomach, it can instantly create a wedding dress.Standing in front of the white wall near the window, adjusting the camera of the phone into a warm color mode or a black and white mode will bring you different surprises!

Every baby is the crystallization of the love of parents.The prospective mother -in -law used two hands to form a heart shape on the stomach, symbolizing the harmony and harmony of the future life.You can also take out the baby shoes or baby’s B -ultrasound in front of the stomach, the warm scene makes the full love overflow the picture.

If you are a lazy person, you do n’t want to make up, change clothes, nor do you want to prepare various small props, but you feel that it is a pity that you do n’t take commemorative photos during pregnancy. Then you can try to take the silhouette style.In the afternoon of wind and sun, when you enjoy the sun outdoors, you can get a pregnant photo by the way!Wear a knitted skirt or any clothes that can highlight the abdominal lines. If you feel that this is also troublesome, then you can use your hands to hold your belly to highlight the shape of the belly when shooting.As long as you take the shadow on the ground or the wall with your mobile phone, it is a good pregnancy photo.From the beginning of pregnancy to the late pregnancy, take a silhouette of the same angle every other time, and finally make a commemorative calendar is also a good idea!

Many families are planning to have two treasures. As a second -born pregnant mothers, the most hoped to see the happy scene of Dabao and Erbao’s harmonious play.It’s better to cultivate the relationship between the two babies from now on!When taking a pregnant photo, let Dabao also appear together, which will make Dabao have a stronger sense of participation in the birth of Erbao!Let Dabao talk to Erbao in the stomach, touch the mother’s belly interact with Erbao, and be more funny and loved by the mother’s belly than whose belly, and will definitely leave you a special pregnancy memories!

Many pregnant mothers like to use filters to take pictures. In fact, many natural light effects can be comparable to filters, and backlight is one of them.Use your mobile phone to shoot in the direction of the sun. The pregnant mother faces the camera with sideways, so that the sunlight is sprinkled from the other side of the body.The hazy light and shadow effect is comparable to the ten -level beauty filter!The best time to shoot this backlight is when the sun rises in the morning and the sun is about to fall in the morning. At this time, the angle of the sunlight is relatively low. The light and dark contrast of the picture can be better highlighted.

Which pregnant mother does not want to be praised for a hot mom?If you want to be more beautiful, in addition to paying attention to rest and sleep, and regular face maintenance, the whole person’s state is better, and body management cannot be behind.The body management during pregnancy is not encouraging everyone to go through diet or high -intensity exercise, but through a scientific diet and appropriate exercise, so that pregnant mothers can maintain a tight figure even in the pregnancy that is prone to gain!

During pregnancy exercise, it is necessary to ask professional coach guidance

Some pregnant mothers also have a lot of exercise experience before pregnancy, so they also want to continue the same exercise mode after pregnancy. This is very dangerous!The physical function after pregnancy is very different from before pregnancy. If you still train before pregnancy, it is easy to strain, sprain and even abortion.There are many exercise courses for pregnancy, such as pregnant women’s yoga, Pirati, and even pregnant mothers.Pregnant mothers must exercise according to their physical conditions under the guidance of professional teachers!

The scientific diet makes it easier for beauty pregnancy

It is also important to replenish nutrition scientifically and reasonably.The gastrointestinal and intestines of pregnant mothers are usually fragile. At this time, eating less meals may be a good way.In daily diet, eat more high -fiber, low -fat, high -quality protein and food rich in vitamins and minerals.Such as celery, kiwi (kiwi), chicken breasts, beef, fish, etc. are all ingredients that help pregnant mothers to maintain their shape.Try to choose light on the dishes, such as boiled fish, spicy spicy pot, skewers, and skewers.

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