Most of the people who are sleepy and drowsiness are mostly related to 5 reasons.

I believe that almost all of everyone here have symptoms of sleepy drowsiness. Recently, they have always been sleepy and want to sleep. Even if they sleep a lot the day before, they still can’t mention their spirit, and they want to rely on the bed and don’t remember it.

Sleep is a very normal physiological phenomenon. Adults are best to sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day, which is conducive to physical recovery.If the mental weakness caused by work or life, you should pay attention to rest, maintain a good mentality, and pay attention to a reasonable diet, which is conducive to relieving symptoms.

Normal people are alternately awakening and sleep. It is an important physiological phenomenon. Most of the alternate time is that the awakening time is 16 hours, the sleep time is about 8 hours, the elderly sleep for 5-7 hours, and adults sleep for 7 to 9 hours.Children’s sleep is 12 to 14 hours, and regular sleep has greatly helps the recovery of spirit and physical strength.

If you always want to sleep, consider physiological and pathological.It may be that I have been busy with work, tired life, fatigue, and fatigue, and it is necessary to exclude thyroid diseases, such as low A.I want to sleep may also be related to patients with poor constitution, tumors in the body, and other factors such as other cerebrovascular diseases.

Insomnia and dreams, staying up late, alcoholism, tiredness, indoor air does not circulate, causing indoor hypoxia to make people feel sleepy.The metabolism of the elderly slows down, the energy consumption of obese people will be more drowsiness.In addition, the increase in the secretion of velvetic gonad hormone during pregnancy can also cause pregnant women to have symptoms of sleepy drowsiness.


Most of the people who are sleepy and drowsiness are mostly related to 5 reasons. Don’t treat the pathological as the normal state

1. Nervous weakness: Early neurasthenia, poor sleep quality at night, short sleeping time, breathing suspension and intermittent breathing when sleeping, affecting the quality of sleep, and causing the patient’s lethargy.

2. Insufficient nutrition: Protein deficiency, anemia and other diseases can cause patients with symptoms of trapped and drowsy.

3, obesity: obese people, high blood lipid viscosity, reduced the oxygen carrying capacity of blood pressure, resulting in a reduction in the sugar content of the brain, which will appear to be drowsiness.

4, cerebral organic lesions: some cerebral organic lesions, such as cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc., cause insufficient brain blood supply, and can also cause drowsiness and trap.

5, depression: patients with depression, after taking sedative drugs, there will also be sleepy and drowsy.


How to alleviate the symptoms of sleepy and drowsiness

1. General treatment: ensure strict schedule, develop good living habits, pay attention to a certain sleep time, sufficient sleep will help relieve fatigue.

2. Psychotherapy: It is often used to remove bad psychological factors related to disease, avoid mental stimulation, and help build normal life rules.

3. Drug treatment: It mainly controls the symptoms, improves the quality of life, and takes the medicine to take medicine.

4. Cause treatment: Treatment of primary disease that causes drowsiness. If it is caused by organic lesions, it is necessary to actively treat primary diseases …


Kind tips:

It is likely to be caused by diet and sleep problems caused by exclusion of the disease caused by the disease.Therefore, you should adjust the schedule, get up on time, sleep on time, enter the deep sleep state before 23 o’clock, sleep for 7 ~ 8 hours a night, drink light tea, such as green tea and black tea.Fatigue can also provide potassium and magnesium minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

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