More than 100 years have passed, how many people have lived in Zhang Ailing’s "Resentment Girl"

"Big girl, big girl, cheerle hand …"

The laughter of the drunk man bumped into the door of Yin Di, the "sesame oil", and let us step into Zhang Ailing’s desolate old world.

Following the wind, crowd, salty and sticky smell of old Shanghai in the summer of Yan Tian, and a story about money, love, and degeneration.

As the sister’s article of "Golden Lock", Zhang Ailing’s "Resentment Girl", with extremely delicate strokes, let us see:

How did the poor female Yin Yan step by step to "voluntarily" fell into the big net of desire? In many ambiguous relationships, she lived into a ghost -like "grievance girl".

When her life unfolds slowly in the pages, we see that this "controversial" woman has the faintness of human nature, the persecution of fate, and even the tragedy of the times.

In the turbulence years of the early years of the Republic of China, countless "Yin Di" was driven by desires. They asked for a cable in fate, and eventually mistakenly entered the road.

And today, more than 100 years later, how many of us lived into Zhang Ailing’s "Resentment Girl".

Struggling in poverty, bone qi can not reach money

The story of "Resentment" began in a farce.

One night, at first dusk, the small shops on Shizi Road in Shanghai all went to the door, and a drunk carpenter "slammed the door in front of the sesame oil shop.

Yin Yan was lazy with an oil lamp, and reluctantly opened the door of the door, but did not want the carpenter to push in the door, eat and laugh, and dirty.

In a hurry, Yin Di threw the oil lamp over and scalded the carpenter fiercely before getting out of it.

The carpenters scolded all the way away, and the neighbors leaned against the door frame, and talked about Yin Yan and her pair of brothers who were addicted to money.

Yin Yan’s parents had died since childhood, and lived with his brother -in -law at a sesame oil shop. When he grew up, he came out of the ground.

The brother -in -law sold it for the price, and the media introduced the matchmaker to see each other, either wanted to sell her to the businessman, or to make her a small official.

At first, Yin Yan hated his brother and sister -in -law, complained that they had broken her reputation, scolded them to make a profit, and carried his brother’s fell in love with the guy in the pharmacy.

Gradually, Yin Yan realized that "poor" is a mountain that is difficult to overcome.

She witnessed how the grandfather and grandmother in the country came to the city and begged for pity; she saw that the Xiao Liu family was so poor that she was no different from the beggar;

Similarly, she also saw the wife and lady in the foreign car, wearing gold and wearing silver; she heard that the sister -in -law in the song and dance hall had a joke.

Standing at the fork of fate, Yin Yan was thinking:

Marrying Xiao Liu is to marry the countryside to suffer. It is difficult to get in the early days of life.

Soon after, the matchmaker Wu Xunzi came to the door and told Yin Di to the high gate, the Yao family, and married the second master with disabilities.

There are no more smart and refreshing "sesame oil Xishi" on the street. There is an extra second grandma on Yao House. Yin Di does not know what kind of wind and rain will go through the long life.The pleasure.

Regarding the choice of Yin Di, too many people are unfortunately angry, but those who struggle in the poor can have a few temptations that can hold money.

Sometimes, human bones are fragile in front of desire.

How many people want to change their origin through marriage, and how many people are lucky. I believe that as long as they are lucky, they will really lose pie in the sky.

But don’t forget that there is no free lunch in the world. All gifts from fate secretly marked the price.

Poor is not wrong. It is not wrong to change your life against the sky. The wrong thing is greedy. The wrong thing is to depend on others.

Everyone is suffering, except for self -crossing, others can not help others

The thin figure of Yin Yan was hidden into the deep house of Yao’s house.

In her eyes, the second master of the husband was not a "person" at all. He was born with disability.

Mother -in -law, Mrs. Yao, was strict, and she said to her daughter -in -law even more.

Both of my peers are young ladies and officials. They looked down on Yin Di in their hearts, either to make fun of her or hid far away.

The servants in the government are all rich eyes, and have never regarded Yin Di as a serious master.

Yin Yan was proudly married, thinking that it was "carp leaping the dragon door".

Today, Yao Mansion does not wait to see her, and the galco oil shop cannot go back again.

Because she married a front foot, her brother’s foot used her room to use him another.

Except for the carved wooden bed of the second master, Yin Yan could no longer find a place where he could take himself.

You can keep this "not ghost" monster, and then think about the scenery of the young master and the three masters, anger and depression like a flame, rolling in Yin Yan’s heart.

Just as she collapsed, the turnover came quietly -Yin Yan was pregnant, and a year later, she gave birth to a baby boy.

The mother was expensive, not only the old lady praised her, but also the relatives came to the door. Even the uncle who had been scolded by her, she was low in front of her and waited for several months.

What surprised her even more was that the handsome three young masters actually showed the initiative, secretly confessing, and vocally held Yin Yan as the goddess of love.

Yin Yan was confused in the sudden happiness. She had a son and the third master to support her. She no longer had to be like a street mouse, holding her tail to be a human.

Unfortunately, just a few months later, the son was raised by the old lady, and the three young masters also settled another new love and cold.

One night, Yin Yan was ashamed and found a short view.

Later, she was fortunate to be rescued, but Yao Jiarong couldn’t let this "find death and find life", and Yin Yan was completely left out.

In countless lonely nights, Yin Yan pulled out, like the painting in the movie, and said, "She feels like a dead person, separated by a living person."

In fact, for her, even if she was humble, she could also respect and love her and stood up by herself.

There is a question in "Ferryman":

If destiny is a lonely river, who will be the ferryman of your soul?

The answer is: yourself.

The old age of eating people has gone far, but in the current life, we do not often fall into despair, isolated and helpless?

Everyone is bitter, and some people panicly like Yin Di to grab the life -saving straw, and in the end, the bamboo basket is empty.

But some people can see the reality, grit their teeth, and be their own ferry.

Life is a choice, and no one can escape the law of cause and effect

Yin Yan boiled in the Yao family for more than ten years, boiled her husband, mother -in -law, had a big son, and also boiled herself into a yellow -faced mother -in -law.

After the death of Mrs. Yao, the three brothers separated and led by the nine old ladies to bully her orphans and widows. She deliberately divided her a few inferior fields to her, but the valuable stocks did not give it.

Yin Yan refused to accept it, splashed and scolded, but it turned out that everyone had a joke.

Soon after, Yin Yan moved out with his son Yu Yan and lived in a dilapidated two -story building.

She was full of resentment, blame the world, and was indifferent to people.

Outside of the house, the world is not too flat, rents are difficult to collect, and the shop is difficult to rent. Inside the house, there is a deadly breath, relatives do not come to the door, and the son hides her.

In the winter, the former love husband, the three young masters, came to visit. In some tenderness, it was the home of Yinyu.

As soon as he heard "money", Yin Yan threw him a few palms fiercely. As a result, the three young masters were hateful and began to bring Yuyu to the kiln in private to corrode the only hope in the life of Yinyu.

Seeing his son’s defeat, Yin Yan hurriedly married a relative for him, but after the bride came to the door, Yin Yan took out the posture of her mother -in -law and abused her daughter -in -law.

Either the punishment stands on the wind and blows the cold wind all night, or laughs at others in public, or calls the servant to cursing her maliciously.

Only a year after getting married, the new daughter -in -law was seriously ill. Without medicine, no medicine, no medicine, he soon died.

But Yin Yan didn’t stop, and she pointed the girl Dongmei to her son.But Dongmei is not a fuel -saving lamp. Relying on a few children, she is right with Yin Di everywhere.

At the end of the story, Yu Yan had nothing to do, the servants died, and ran, and the old and old Yin Di was sitting in the sky and returned to the poverty origin.

Zhang Ailing’s accurate anatomy of sentient beings let us see: those who do evil finally have evil reports.

Not only Yin Di, all the "bad guys" in the novel are embarrassing.

The nine old ladies and wives who deceived others were scattered.

The Nirnan Nirbon Sutra has a saying: "The newspaper of good and evil is like the shadow;

Looking at ourselves, why can we escape the law of cause and effect in this world?

If you pave the way for others, others will support your umbrella to cover the rain; you draw salary at the bottom of others, and others naturally regard you as the enemy.

Unjustly of fate, it is not easy to survive. If you turn the inner grievances into maliciousness, no one can escape the heavenly reason.

Scholar Xu Zidong once said:

In Zhang Ailing’s writing, love stories are not just flowers, moonlight, beaches, tenderness … Some are calculations, games, and fighting.

Just like the entanglement of love and hate in "Resentment Girl", rather than a history of a woman’s blood and tears, it is better to be the world’s heart -seeking mirror.

We all faced the choice of life and chose money, we have to bear the burning of desire; if we want to rely on others, we may be at the mercy.

In the world, if the heart is harmed, the result will definitely be uncomfortable with the retribution and eat its own fruit.

Yin Yan’s story has been yellow and old, and her charm, lust, and viciousness have dissipated in the vast time.

However, when you close the book page and think of which picture is closed with your eyes, you can suddenly jump to the dead age.

Yin Yan seemed to have never gone away, but turned into a strand of dark shadows, floating in our lives.

She seemed to be standing on the dark attic and whispered to us:

In order to resist the temptation of money, to fight for everything, and always have a good heart, the day of hardships and no matter how hard and no matter, it will eventually disappear.

Don’t live as "resentment daughter" like me.

With friends.

Author | Jinshan Yue, should have nothing to live in, and give birth to his heart.

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