Moms’ pregnancy partial eclipse is more likely to cause the baby to bad temper

The nutritional intake of expectant mothers is a topic that every family cares about, but a study states that if the expectant mothers have uneven diet, the baby may not only be healthy and damaged in the future, but even the personality, psychology, and behavior may be negatively affected.And more prone to psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression.What is the truth?

Research and survey: The pregnancy diet affects baby behavior and psychology during pregnancy

The study was conducted by Australia and Norwegian scientists at the same time, and they investigated more than 23,000 mothers and children.It was found that children with unhealthy diets during pregnancy are more likely to have psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, as well as behaviors such as aggressiveness, multi -disease and irritability.Studies have also found that children who eat a lot of spams are also stronger and their temper is worse.Researchers said that this shows that early life nutrition is essential for children’s future mental health.

If the expectant mothers eat scientifically, it will affect the baby’s health, which is believed that everyone believes that it can be said that it affects the baby’s mental health, which seems to be a bit thoughtful.

First of all, everyone must know that nutritional intake may affect the baby’s behavior or even emotion.The problem of calcium deficiency in babies is not rare. In addition to physical symptoms, such babies often have some behaviors and emotional symptoms, such as prone to irritability, that is, a little bit of things can cause their strong and excessive reactions.It is actually related to the insufficient calcium intake, because in addition to the essential of calcium in our bones, it is also related to nerve excitement. Low calcium is often enhanced by nerve excitement.A manifestation.

In addition, some people have suggested that too sweet children’s personality and temper may be more "weird", which is also related to nutrient intake.Because after eating a lot of sweets, in the process of digestion, absorption, and metabolism, a large number of vitamin B clan in the body will be consumed, while the latter has a protective effect on the nervous system.

Junk food is often high -calorie and high -fat, but nutrients are seriously biased. Such a diet model can easily bring baby’s nutritional intake, so it is not impossible to cause some behaviors and personality changes.

However, for a period of time, as long as the nutritional impact effect is corrected in time, these negative effects can be eliminated.But if this negative effect occurs, it is exactly in the critical period of the development of the baby’s nervous system, then it may also bring some serious or even irreversible effects.

Take pregnancy as an example.The baby is growing rapidly in the palace. If the baby’s nervous system is abnormal at high speed, the impact may be great, and it may continue for a long time.Earlier, the medical community has confirmed a lot of research that the nutritional model of expectant mothers during pregnancy not only affects the health of the baby when the baby is born, but the long -term impact is more likely to be until the baby is adult.For example, if a pregnant woman’s nutritional intake during pregnancy is uneven and excessive obesity, especially gestational diabetes, then the baby will suffer from obesity and type 2 diabetes after adulthood, which will also be higher than the nutritional balance during pregnancy.A healthy and good baby.

For this phenomenon, some scholars believe that this may be because the mother’s performance of metabolic syndrome during pregnancy affects the development and function of the baby -related organ, such as pregnant women with gestational diabetes.Affected by negatively, the risk of baby’s diabetes in the future greatly increases.On the other hand, since the baby is in the palace and in the early life of life, the mode of nutritional intake at this time will also have an important impact on the baby’s future nutritional intake and metabolism.

From this perspective, it is also possible to say that early nutritional nutrition will also play an important role in the future mental health of children.Many studies have confirmed that some psychological obstacles and behavior problems, such as depression and polymidia, can actually find differences with people in the brain.If pregnant women have uneven nutritional intake during pregnancy, they may also affect the baby’s nerve development, and even affect the baby’s psychological and physical health in the future.

It can be seen that the healthy development of the fetus requires a variety of nutrients. If the nutritional intake during pregnancy is uneven, the consequences will really be serious!Therefore, expectant mothers must ensure the balanced nutrition in the daily diet structure.In addition, some nutrients can also be added to ensure that there is enough nutrients to promote the healthy growth of the baby and let the baby’s healthy appreciation.You can choose some products with rich nutritional content, such as the good survival of 18 kinds of nutritional elements and a variety of trace elements.

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