Mommy artifact 3.0 version is available for life during pregnancy

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Since its launch in early October 2015, in just 3 months, Mommy artifact has exceeded 500,000 times on each platform.Behind this is the results of Xiaoai Science and Technology’s concept of breeding and research and development personnel more than 10 APPs.On the 28th of this month, Mummy’s artifact will usher in a new version 3.0. According to Chris, the product manager of Xiaoai Technology, Mommy Artifact 3.0 version update is very large, and the new version will push the "intelligent auxiliary" function.From now on, as long as users are updated to version 3.0, they can intuitively experience the new features and functions of "Mommy Artifacts".

Chongqing Xiaoyi Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2014. It focuses on the distribution and operation of smart maternal and infant products. With the smart equipment of maternal and infantile equipment, with intelligent health consumer goods+services as the main product line, Xiaoai Technology independently develops firstModel AISHOES Smart Pregnant Women Shoes -AISHOES, a professional intelligent pregnant woman shoes that integrate smart sports assistance, fun pregnancy records, online services, and light comfort.The amount exceeded 1 million yuan, but how high the product is.

The Mommy Artifact APP, as the mobile application of AISHOES, the smart pregnant women’s shoes, came into being. After the intelligent chip was collected by sports data, combined with cloud data integration and the first core algorithm of pregnant women’s walks, it provided scientific sports suggestions for pregnant women to achieve intelligent sports assistance.At the same time, through the connection of experts and gynecology hospital experts, it provides consulting services for pregnant women.

The version update is large, and there are a lot of highlight functions

According to reports, the name "Mommy Artifact" comes from the popular vocabulary in recent years. The meaning revealed refers to the utensils that bring magical power to women during pregnancy, and are strong and rare for pregnancy management.Based on this naming connotation, the Mummy Artifact APP cuts from vertical segmented markets, focusing on young, fashionable, well -educated, and has a high 80s and post -90s crowds with higher recognition of intelligent hardware.

Looking at the vertical application market at home and abroad, all maternal and infant software have their own characteristics, and each product has a unique user population.So what are the commendable characteristics after this "Mommy Artifact" managed during pregnancy, after this "large -scale" update?

Mommy Artificial APP Interface Screenshot

Refine data during pregnancy is more intuitive

The pregnancy data of the old version of the Mommy Arts APP is based on weekly statistics. After the version 3.0 is launched, the data of the pregnancy will be refined. Data such as exercise consumption, weight change and physical symptoms today can be displayed very intuitive.And when these data are abnormal, the system will give the corresponding prompts, suggestions, and even medical guidance. If the physical symptoms are abnormal, in addition to self -examination, you can also go to Mommy’s classroom to search for the causes and processing methods to easily cope with the tedious pregnancy during pregnancy.Life.

Mommy’s classy knowledge authority is released during pregnancy

What kind of exercise is suitable for pregnancy during pregnancy? The first pregnancy is not experienced? Can pregnant women not make up? Do you want to quit coffee after pregnancy? How to use drugs safely during pregnancy? What nutrition should be supplemented during pregnancy? Which foods should be fasting?During the period, various problems and symptoms came one after another, so that pregnant mothers who were physically and mentally exhausted were overwhelmed.In response to the above problems, Xiaoai Technology integrates medical resources, and helps pregnant mothers to clear up fog from a scientific perspective.Moms can open any problems during pregnancy, and can open the pregnant women’s classroom of the Mommy Artifact APP. In addition to very easy to use pregnancy knowledge during pregnancy and recipes during pregnancy, they can also directly talk to authoritative obstetrics and gynecologists.

Pregnancy examination album pregnancy examination knowledge is simple and easy to understand

I believe that most young pregnant mothers are no stranger to the word pregnancy test, but they are very unfamiliar with how to conduct pregnancy.According to this specific situation, the Mommy Artifact APP launched the "pregnancy test album" function.For example, if you do n’t understand the pregnancy report, as long as you upload the pregnancy test to the pregnancy test album, the obstetrician will give accurate interpretation and consultation suggestions based on actual data, which is very convenient.In addition to checking the pregnancy examination form, there are also related knowledge such as the time of pregnancy examination, items and precautions, so that the pregnant mother’s pregnancy test is worry -free.

Xiaoai Technology, which has been born for 2 years, has been committed to providing scientific breeding services for the majority of pregnant women.In addition to the above functions, "Mommy Artifact" also has more functions such as prenatal education tips, sports reminder and Mommy mall waiting for pregnant mothers to experience.Xiaoai Technology will continue to develop in the vertical market segment, focusing on the smart mother and baby market. In the subsequent version of the Mummy Artifact APP, a series of intimate functions such as nearby medical guidelines and emergency treatment will continue to be added to be the group of pregnant women.Provide more complete services and a more perfect experience.Use mommy artifact to get it easily during pregnancy.

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