Mom is pregnant, how do you become a good sister?What is the meaning of being a sister?


Hello, I am a fifth grade elementary school student.Under the guidance of my mother, I followed your public account.Today I will share a message with you: My mother is pregnant today, and I did n’t believe it at first, because I have always been a only child. My parents used to ask me if I want my brother and sister, and I hesitated.But in recent years, I think there is a brother and sister, which is not a bad thing.So I told my mother that she wanted to go to the medical examination recently. After returning, she told me that she was pregnant.I am pleased, nervous and confused.After asking many times, my mother took out the medical examination report and I believed.After I go home, I have been thinking about how to be a good sister.I want to ask the shrimp.

I wish you health and mind and work smoothly.




Your mother is amazing.Many people now feel that life and work pressure, and their willingness to fertility has decreased. They have a second child, which is the manifestation of the ability, courage, and stress resistance.Of course, your support is also important.The family strives to usher in a newborn, which is already a achievement.

I also have my sister, there are two more.Although they are very powerful now, they always look like they are when they think of them.It is also known that their emotions for their brothers were fixed when they were young, and they always loved brothers and worshiped their brothers.This is the benefit of our brother (sister), and we have more love.

Of course, there is also a pressure, and I feel that I am worthy of the "honorary title" of my brother (sister). I am too uncomfortable and uncomfortable. It will live up to the unconditional trust and love of my brother and sister.Essence

My brother and sister are the leader and protector of the younger brother and sister. Their prestige and influence are sometimes higher than their parents.Knowing this positioning, then the pressure is no longer stress. To be precise, it is the internal driver given to his brother and sister to his brother and sister. It is a good thing for growth.There is only one child, it is more difficult to understand this.People need to understand themselves and need to understand themselves in the relationship between people.The essence of people is the sum of all social relations.This is a famous word of Marx.The relationship with parents and the relationship with younger brothers and sisters is the most important social relationship.Therefore, the Analects of Confucius said that the filial piety is also the foundation of benevolence."Filial piety" is a parent love the child, and the child loves his parents; "悌" is the brother and sister led, protected, cared for the younger brother and sister, and the younger sister loves my brother and sister.These four relationships are harmonious. People in the world can be classified into a certain harmony. Elders are like parents, juniors are like children, and they are like brothers and sisters, and they are like younger brothers and sisters.The Chinese have a family, and they understand the country when they understand the country, and treat the Chinese as a family.If you are light, the weightlifting is light.

When a good sister (brother) is the first, the stronger is the first, and the strong can have the ability to lead, protect and love. It is more self -disciplined, more conscious, and better life and learning habits.In addition, don’t be jealous, brother and sister are just born, weaker, and you must need more energy and care for your parents, and you are higher than this little guy, given the person, you don’t have to fight for the favor., I can melt you.



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