Microwave furnace radiation carcinogenic?Can’t use a microwave oven if you are pregnant?

Recently, colleagues C were pregnant, and those who were eating all began to become particularly cautious.

In the past, she would bring some meals from her home, and warm it with a microwave oven at noon.Since she is pregnant, she will never bring it again, because she is worried that the microwave oven has radiation, which is not good for her children.

The colleagues around also told her: "The microwave oven has radiation, the pregnancy cannot be used, and it is very bad for the child! Foods that eat microwave furnace hot for a long time will get cancer!"

It has always been said on the Internet that the heating of microwave oven will cause carcinogenic, which is a lot of nutritional loss … This makes colleagues very worried.

Can the microwave oven be used?Is the food heated by microwave oven is harmful?Let’s talk about microwave oven today.

Microwave furnace radiation carcinogenic?Can’t use a microwave oven if you are pregnant?

How does the microwave oven heat food?

There is no fire when the microwave oven is heated, so how does it heat the food?

In fact, the working principle of the microwave oven is to transform the electrical energy into a microwave. The energy of the microwave itself makes the polar molecules in the food vibrate at a high speed with the change of the AC electric field, which generates huge heat, which will heat the food.The most common polar molecules in foods are moisture.Once the food is absorbed by the microwave energy, the water molecules in the food will rotate at a high speed of AC electromagnetic field, which will generate heat energy.

Because of this, the composition of food will also affect the heating effect of the microwave oven.Generally speaking, the faster the food with high moisture content.The more ions in the food, the faster heating.


The microwave oven has radiation, can pregnant women use it?

In the impression of many people, microwaves are a kind of radiation, so pregnant women cannot use it.

In fact, this is completely worrying.

Microwave is an electromagnetic wave, which is essentially the same as the radio waves, radio waves, infrared and the usual light used in radio, telegraph.But the radiation that we often worry about -X -rays are very different, mainly due to different frequencies.

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves between 300 and 300,000 MM (1 MM 1 million per second).Although microwaves are also an electromagnetic wave and radiation, it is very different from the X -rays that everyone is afraid.X -ray is a strong radiation electromagnetic wave. Its frequency is much higher than that of microwaves and has higher energy. The radioactive isotopes will radiate particles during the decaying process, so they can cause the organism to cause cancer.

The microwave is a very frequent electromagnetic wave, which does not harm the human body.

Moreover, the metal shell of the microwave oven has a good shielding effect. When heating, the door of the microwave oven is closed. There are very few microwaves that can be leaked from the door cracks, which is only equivalent to the radiation of a 10 -watt sunlight.

Therefore, pregnant women can also use the microwave oven with confidence.

Can microwave heating foods cause cancer?

As for the carcinogenic foods of microwave heating, this is also a rhetoric that has no basis.

During the heating process, food will inevitably produce some harmful substances, such as benzene and fat oxidation products.However, microwave heating does not increase more harmful substances.

Some studies have compared the effects of several cooking methods on mutton and beef. As a result, it was found that lamb and beef heated with microwaves did not produce more carcinogens.There are also research on feeding rats heated with microwaves for testing. As a result, microwave foods will not be harmful to mice compared to the feeding of ordinary cooking foods.

Moreover, microwaves are heated by electromagnetic waves. There is no bright fire. The temperature is usually lower than the temperature of the traditional cooking method (barbecue and fried), and there will be less harmful substances produced.

For example, meat is easy to produce carcinogenic heterocytes when heating.There are some methods to compare several methods of cooking chicken legs, and it is found that the minimum rings produced by microwaves are the least.Studies on beef cakes also found that there are relatively few hybrid amine produced by microwaves for pre -processing steaks.

In fact, whether food heating will produce carcinogens is to see the heating temperature and time. As long as the temperature time is appropriate, you can eat it safely.

Will the food heating food lose nutrition?

Many people are worried that microwave heating foods can lead to reduced nutrients and nutritional losses.In fact, this worry is also superfluous.

There are five major categories of nutrition provided by food to us, namely protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals.During the heating process, foods are only vitamins, especially vitamin C and B vitamins.However, scientists have found that the impact of microwave heating on vitamins is smaller than ordinary heating methods.Because compared with Minghuo, its temperature is still lower.

Judging from the current research, the food cooked with microwaves, whether it is nutritional value or food safety, is no different from the food we cook in traditional methods.Therefore, the microwave oven can still be used with confidence.

Source: Science Popularization China, Ruan Guangfeng Nutritionist, copyright belongs to the author

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