Menstruation is postponed for a few days, how can I determine whether I am pregnant?You can understand after watching it below

Many female friends in life delay menstruation as an important basis for judging whether they have pregnancy.So, a few days of menstruation is pregnant?If menstruation is delayed for more than 1 week, you can use early pregnancy test strips for detection.In fact, there are many reasons for delayed menstruation. In addition to pregnancy, gynecological diseases and mental factors will also cause delay of menstruation.

Menstruation delayed a few days to be pregnant

If there is no contraceptive measurement, you will not rule out the possibility of pregnancy. If the menstruation of women is delayed for more than 7 days, it is necessary to consider whether to conceive.

How long can I conceive after the same room

Within 1-2 days after the same room, the man sperm can reach the woman’s fallopian tube, and meets the eggs excreted from the woman’s ovaries in the fallopian tube to form fertilized eggs.In the next 6-7 days, the fertilized eggs reach the uterus under the push of the cilia of the fallopian tube. If the conditions are appropriate, you can bed in the endometrium.The symbol of women’s pregnancy is to bed with fertilized eggs.Therefore, at least 6-7 days from fertilization to pregnancy.

Consider pregnancy testing for a few days of menstruation

If the menstruation is delayed for more than 7 days, you can test the pregnancy test stick or the pregnancy test strip, or you can go to the hospital for blood testing.In addition, you can also judge whether you are pregnant based on some early pregnancy symptoms, such as vomiting nausea, dizziness, fatigue, back pain, and so on.

However, delaying menstruation does not mean pregnancy, there may be other reasons, such as common gynecological diseases, excessive mental stress, weight loss drugs and other drugs.Therefore, it is not that menstrual delay must be pregnant.

In conception, the menstruation will be temporarily prevented. Generally speaking, women who have sexual experience may be pregnant for more than 7 days.But delayed menstruation does not necessarily be 100 % indicated.For safety reasons, women’s menopause time is too long, it is best to go to the hospital for detailed examination to determine the accurate reason for menopause.

Menstruation is delayed for a few days to test pregnancy

Generally speaking, under the premise of intercourse, menstruation can be tested after 7 days or more.You can use the pregnancy test stick or the early pregnancy test paper.The method and principles of the use of pregnancy test sticks and early pregnancy test strips are not bad. Take early pregnancy test strips as an example. The main steps include:

1. Urine collection

When collecting urine, you must use a disposable urinary cup or a clean container.Generally speaking, urine at any time in a day can be used to detect, but the first morning urine is the best.If urine cannot be used in time, it should be stored in a refrigerator of 3-4 degrees Celsius.Before the test, take it out of the refrigerator and pay attention to return to normal temperature.

2. Test paper testing

Tear the packaging along the incision of the paper bag and take out the test strip.Then insert the end of the test strip into the urine, you need to pay attention to the depth of urine should be below the logo line.The test strip should be taken out at least 3 seconds in the urine. The results can be observed after at least 3-5 minutes after removing.

3. Learn the results

If the test strip shows positive, there is a red reaction line in the test strip detection area and the control area.Then, you are basically determined to be pregnant.But if there is only a red reaction line in the test strip testing area and the control area, then you are not pregnant.In addition, if there is no color line on the test strip, it means that the operation is wrong or the product is invalid, and the detection is invalid.

Whether it is a pregnancy test or early pregnancy test strip, pregnancy test strips are fast and convenient.However, in order to accurately know the results, it is recommended that women go to the hospital for professional examination as soon as possible to determine the facts of pregnancy.

The main manifestation of early pregnancy

According to experience, we know that the physical condition of pregnant women is different, and the pregnancy response during pregnancy is different.For example, some people show strong pregnancy, but some are not obvious.Therefore, the performance of early pregnancy has individual differences.But in general, the following symptoms are relatively basic:

1. Mentalomy

Women who are pregnant will discontinue menstruation.Memoral discontinuation is the most important "indicator" for women and women.For women who have normal menstruation, if menstruation is delayed for more than 7-10 days, it is necessary to consider whether to get pregnant.If necessary, go to the hospital for examination.

2. tiredness

Women who are pregnant are generally prone to sleepy and always want to sleep, and they are extremely lethargic.I just got up in the morning and had breakfast and wanted to sleep again.In addition, pregnant women will feel weak and tired.

3. Nausea, vomiting

Generally, women who are pregnant will experience nausea and vomiting, excessive saliva secretion, and loss of appetite after 6 weeks of pregnancy.Most of the vomiting occur in the morning or on an empty stomach, and some pregnant women prefer acidic or cold foods during this period.Generally, the nausea and vomiting of pregnant women will disappear after 11-12 weeks of pregnancy.However, the duration of a few pregnant women’s early pregnancy reactions is relatively long.

4. Breast tenderness

After pregnancy, due to the interaction of estrogen androgen, some physiological changes occur in the breast, such as breast tenderness, expansion and itching sensation.At the same time, the nipples will be significantly protruding outward, the color of the areola becomes darker, and the intravenous veins under the breast are more prominent.

5. Substitute of appetite

During pregnancy, women generally have a reaction of vomiting and nausea. This reaction often affects appetite and causes loss of appetite.These are normal reactions during pregnancy.However, long -term loss of appetite may lead to insufficient nutritional intake, which will hurt the normal development of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women can choose some foods that attract visual senses, light taste, rich nutrition, and easy to absorb, such as cucumber, tomatoes, apples, etc.Of course, the most important thing is in line with the taste of pregnant women.

6. headache

Indexes such as blood pressure, endocrine hormones during pregnancy have changed, and these will affect the circulation of blood in the brain to a certain extent. Therefore, headaches will occur during pregnancy.When a headache occurs during pregnancy, it is recommended to ensure sufficient sleep every day.

How to determine whether you are pregnant

With the improvement of science and technology, pregnancy testing technology has also increased. Common B -ultrasound, urine test, blood test, pregnancy test stick, and early pregnancy test strip can be detected.Among them, the pregnancy test stick and early pregnancy test strip operation is simple and fast, but there is a certain error rate.The relatively accurate methods of B -ultrasound, blood testing, urine testing and other methods of hospitals are guaranteed.

Generally, women suspect that they can first test themselves 1-2 times at home. If they are all positive, it is recommended to go to the hospital for regular pregnancy testing items to determine as soon as possible.If the detection is negative, but the menstrual delay is more than 2 weeks, it is recommended to check the specific reasons to avoid delaying the timing of treatment.

Causes of delayed menstruation

The menstrual cycle of women is generally 28-35 days, and the menstrual cycle is different due to people.But if menstruation is delayed for more than 7 days, it is delayed as a delay of menstruation.The reason for delayed menstruation may be as follows:

1. Pregnancy cause

For married women who are married, when menstruation is delayed, they are often worried that they have abnormal menstruation in the end.This situation is not uncommon in daily life. It is certain that if women are pregnant, menstruation will inevitably stop.So how to determine if you are really pregnant?

If the menstrual cycle has always been normal, from no delayed signs, and recent vomiting, nausea and other phenomena, then it is best to test pregnancy.After 5-7 days delayed menstruation, early pregnancy test strips, pregnancy test sticks, etc. can be used for detection. If it is displayed as positive, it means that you may be pregnant.To learn the results safely and accurately, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.

2. Medical side effects

The long -term administration of multiple drugs may cause delay of menstruation.For a long time taking contraceptives, endocrine disorders can be caused, causing delayed menstruation.In addition, weight loss drugs also have the same effect.It is recommended to live a reasonable life and minimize the frequency and time of drugs as much as possible.

3. Causes surgery

(1) People or medicine flow.Recently, an abortion or drug flow surgery has been performed, and the uterus has suffered huge trauma. Generally, the endometrium wall of the uterine is restored to a certain extent before the menstruation will appear again.So menstrual delay is a normal reaction.

(2) Uterine cavity surgery.Hystech surgery may cause cervical adhesion, which causes meridian blood stasis, and menstruation is delayed.

4. Other reasons

(1) Long -term mental depression.Psychological factors such as long -term mental stress, excessive pressure and other psychological factors generally affect endocrine and cause delayed menstruation.

(2) Factors such as excessive diet and cold body will also affect the delay of menstruation.Therefore, not only must we develop good living habits, but also to maintain a pleasant emotion. The two are indispensable.

Reminder: The delay of menstruation can be large or small. Those who are light can be easily cured. For those who are serious, they can cause infertility. Women must be paid attention to, discover, seek medical treatment in time, and go to the hospital for examination.

Will delay of menstruation affect pregnancy?

The normal menstrual cycle of women is usually 28-35 days.Menstruation delay can be divided into light and heavy on time.

· Light, if the menstruation is only occasionally delayed 1-2 times and there are no other discomfort symptoms, then it is not delayed in menstruation and it is not a big deal.

· If you are serious, if the menstrual cycle is often more than 35 days long, it is called menstrual scarcity.If the menopause is more than 3 months long, it is called amenorrhea.Menstruation and amenorrhea are relatively severe menstrual diseases, which may lead to osteoporosis and infertility. Women must be paid attention to and should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination in time.

Therefore, it is no stranger to delaying menstruation. If it occurs occasionally 1-2 times, it can be relieved, which is normal.However, if the phenomenon of scarcity or amenorrhea occurs frequently, medical treatment should be treated in time, and regular medical points such as hospitals are checked to prevent it from developing in a more serious direction.

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