Menstruation is delayed. In addition to pregnancy, there are 4 possibilities. Women must be vigilant

Do female friends know their menstruation? Menstruation is not only a "barometer" for women’s health, or an important condition that affects pregnancy. Therefore, regular menstruation can make women healthier and better fertility.However, if menstruation is delayed, it is necessary to be vigilant. Many people think that they are pregnant, but in fact, in addition to pregnancy, there are four possibilities below, and female friends must be vigilant.

1. The influence of external factors

Women’s endocrine is disturbed by external factors, and it is prone to fluctuations.For example, emotional ups and downs, excessive stress, changes in surrounding environment, or weather changes may cause female endocrine fluctuations, endocrine disorders, and delayed menstruation.If the delayed time caused by external factors is generally about a week, it is necessary to pay attention to this time period.

2. Ovarian, uterine disease

Ovaria and uterine problems in women often knock on female friends through irregular menstruation.If female friends have diseases such as ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids, they will cause irregular menstruation.If you have such diseases, you must actively seek medical treatment and eliminate the "source" of delayed menstruation as soon as possible.

3. Drug impact

If women take contraceptives or some drugs that hurt the uterus, they may also cause delayed menstruation and can consult a doctor to solve it.

4. Excess weight loss

I believe that beautiful women want to have a "devil" figure, so many women will lose weight too much for themselves.You must know that if women want to have normal menstrual period, the body’s fat content must be at least 22%, so if you use excessive diet or use of weight loss drugs, it may cause endocrine disorders in the body, causing adverse impressions such as delayed menstruation.May be amenorrhea.

01. Keep a happy spirit

Some women have lower abdomen swelling, backache, breast pain, drowsiness, and emotional instability during menstruation.Pay attention to adjusting emotions a week before menstruation. There is a good mood to make my aunt relax.

02. It is not advisable to eat spicy food

Women who cause irregular menstruation due to blood fever, usually pay special attention to eating less spicy foods, such as pepper, curry, ginger, garlic, etc.You can eat more foods such as lotus root, black fungus and other foods.

03. Guaranteed rest

People who have lost their diet or overworked are the most likely to damage their temper. After the spleen deficiency, they cannot manage blood exercise normally. They can easily cause menstruation in advance. Three meals are quantitative, eat less cold, greasy, etc.Essence

The above is a few reasons for the delay of menstruation. If your menstruation has been postponed for more than 7 days, then you need to consider whether these factors above, or whether you are pregnant, go to the hospital for conditioning in time.Doctors will give you more professional solutions to help you solve it.

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