May Day is coming soon. These three seafoods are fresh on the market. Don’t miss it if you like to eat.

As the temperature continues to rise, many places have begun to enter summer.

At this time, it is only a week since the May Day holiday. I believe that many people have planned the travel plan of travel in advance. We must do our own sunscreen work when we go out in this weather.So pay attention to your own safety.

Friends who grew up by the sea should be clear. After May Day, this year’s fishing rest period must be officially kicked off. If you miss this time, you can only wait for the time of the coming year, so take advantage of the five of the five, so take advantage of the five of the five, so take advantage of the five of the five, so take advantage of the five of the five, so take advantage of the five of the five, so take advantage of the five of the five, so take advantage of the five of the five, so take advantage of the five.During this time before, when three kinds of seafood were listed on the market, do n’t miss it if you like to eat, and the price of these seafood is relatively affordable.Very good choice, come and see what you have eaten?

The first: octopusfish

This area by the sea is a very popular cuisine, mainly because its meat is delicious to eat, and this time also just catch up with it.Buy some.

The practice of octopus is also various. It can not only be used for cold mixing, but also can be used for cooking. No matter what, the taste will not be too bad.

Second: Pippi Shrimp

Many friends should have eaten Pippi Shrimp. Although Pippi shrimp is sold every season, during the period around May 1st, it was the most tender of its meat.

And the protein content contained in Pippi shrimp is also very rich, and it is also easy to absorb for the human body. Those who like to eat should buy more at this time.

Third: oyster

Oysters should be a food that we must order seafood. At this time, oysters are often fat, fresh and juicy, and the protein and fat contains are very replenishment for the human body.

In addition, oysters are also called "milk in the sea", and the rich zinc content is also very high. The steamed oysters of garlic fans should be the most common method of this dish. Don’t miss it if you like to eat.

The above three seafoods are often regarded as wine dishes, but do you know what wine do they usually match?I believe that many people should be familiar with this wine name, but I do n’t know if everyone has drank it?


This is a sauce wine from Moutai Town, Guizhou. Friends who are familiar with sauce wine should know that Guizhou is a place for sauce. There are countless liquors that have been produced here, and the Wangshan River is one of them.

The winery is built in the center of Moutai Town. The time for brewing this wine has been spent for 7 years. The 1 -year base wine+6 years of the cellar is made from the 1st Kunsha craft of the 12987 region.The quality and taste of wine have been improved by one level.

This wine is full of fragrance. After drinking the entrance, you can clearly feel the flavor of sauce, and it is also mixed with the fragrance of food and the fragrant fragrant. It is very coordinated with each other.It is a good white wine.

Well, what kind of liquor do you often match when you eat seafood?You can leave your answers and opinions in the comment area!

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