Emotional changes during pregnancy

Today, I summarized my emotional changes from pregnancy to the present. In any stage of the prospective mother, the mother -in -law can make some mentality references and adjustments based on my current situation.

Mother and baby / pregnancy

Early pregnancy

6 weeks ago

I just knew that I was pregnant

It’s a big one


Because I only receive a certificate for a month

I lived together for a few days on holidays

The first moment of thought is actually

Would you like this baby?

After calm down

Naturally, baby wants to stay

Go to the hospital to draw blood to confirm

Let yourself accept the fact that he is a mother -in -law

Then tell the truth

I also have the feeling of seeking motherly love

(I still haven’t found it for 34 weeks of pregnancy now)

Maybe it’s not born yet

Just unfamiliar

Besides, I didn’t feel at all in the early pregnancy

I can believe the fact that I am pregnant

It’s amazing

6-8 weeks

So wordry

Because it was discovered too early

Although the results of the blood test told me that I was really pregnant

But 6 weeks of B ultrasound results

Only showing a yolk sac

No germ and fetal heart

I have been drumming in my heart these half a month

Nothing or not knowing

If you know you are pregnant

But suddenly gone

Isn’t it a happy joy

(Looking back and thinking about the above are all blind care)

On the 8th week to review

Before lying in the B -ultrasound room

I’m nervous enough to hear my heartbeat

Until the doctor heard the fetal heart, I heard the fetal heart

I also saw the germ on the report

Then I reassured

8-12 weeks

Everything after life is as usual

The body and emotions have nothing to do

When I want to eat occasionally, but be guilty

Will be a bit doubtful life

But it’s all for a while

It’s okay, it’s okay

Most of the time is very good

At the beginning of the checkup

Will be a little problem because the doctor said

Just go to the Internet for a long time

The more you look, the more you don’t have the bottom

Afterwards, I transferred directly from the Three Hospital to the Women’s Insurance


(I really recommend not scared myself) here)

Occasionally find a little problem

It’s not worth mentioning at all in the doctor

Just listen to the doctor

Just cooperate with the review

Under normal circumstances

As long as the doctor does not let the hospital

Or for fetal


Blindly worry about worrying

It will only damage your mentality

Mid -pregnancy

12 ~ 20 weeks

Because of the improvement of appetite

I am very happy

At the same time, I also resigned and resigned

Lie flat for a while

In this period of time

I almost do everything

I originally wanted to do

But for various reasons, things that failed to achieve

I didn’t travel except for the epidemic

No negative energy happened during this period

Whatever you want, comfortable to serve

The belly is not big

Wherever you go is the national treasure

Whoever saw me smiled

The whole mood is a state of fluttering

20-27 weeks

Start by 20 weeks

Shutan’s day is gradually boring

I’m tired of playing

I started to feel empty and boring

So, in front of my husband

It seems to unlock a new skill

Cry, cry, laugh and laugh

Really exaggerated

Because the weather is not good, you can shed tears

Outbreak at any time, accept it at any time

(I admit that I make trouble unreasonably

But I just want to make trouble unreasonable)

That time

A reliable husband looks particularly important

Although he can’t let the rainy day out of the sun

But he can be the sun in my world

Let me see the beauty of life

Save me from bad mood

(Roar, show love to live)

Cover here

During this period

If there is no reliable husband to coax in time

Instead, when I was unreasonable

If you care about me to the end


I am very likely

From a cute girl

Become a grudge woman

Late pregnancy

27 ~ 34 weeks

From the beginning of pregnancy to the present

Because the belly is increasing

Slowly enter the countdown stage of unloading

That kind of anxiety and nervousness appeared again

At this time I will want to understand the process of delivery

Let me have a number in my heart

Seeing the pain of others

It will naturally substitute yourself

Especially when I brush some

When the unlucky video and popular science knowledge

It’s almost a second in panic

And unable to extricate

The people around me talked about the topic in this area

If there is a case of "danger" and "pain"

I will be very sensitive

Let yourself be unable to stop

Falling into various negative emotions

That time

Really need to take the initiative to open

And actively stay away from these



(Especially the short -sighted short video, popular science knowledge)

There is really emotional when unsolved

You can be positive and sunny around you

Chat from friends with stable emotions

Since there is no retreat anymore

What we can do is to face actively

Think less about those bad things

Think about the smooth things

The beauty of life

(At this time, you will find the importance of finding the right husband)

That time

If you are not seriously treated by the people around you

It is easy to fall into depression

I’m probably because my husband cares enough

Mother’s family and in -laws have enough attention

So discover yourself

No matter where you are

Just think of this

No matter how much fear and anxiety in your heart

All consciously dispersed

in the end

Courage and self -confidence value are bursting

I think now

I just need to use my belly

There is just a child

Besides, I am my own child

It seems that this matter is not a big deal

The above is the summary of my emotional changes during the current pregnancy according to my own situation. Now now I look back at the previous thoughts, worry, worry, and anxiety.Obviously nothing, but it destroys his mentality. At the same time, these negative emotions will also affect relatives and friends around me …

So, although I admit that pregnancy is not easy, as a pregnant woman, sometimes don’t take too much about pregnancy!Because the more important it is, the more nervous, the more anxious, the more it affects yourself …

During the period of pregnancy, we are used to enjoy life!If you delay your time on your anxiety, and after unloading, you think there is this free day, but it will be difficult ~

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