Maternal "drink milk tea milk more"?The popular drama lines quot

Recently, a topic of "whether domestic dramas can respect the mother" rushed on Weibo hot search.It is mentioned that in a recent TV drama, the heroine sat with a picker on the hospital bed and drink milk tea.The actor asked the heroine, "Can you drink milk tea in confinement?" The heroine responded to "Yes, drink this milk more", this dialogue caused heated discussion among netizens.

Some netizens questioned the authenticity of "drinking milk tea and milk", and some netizens said that they did feel more secretion of milk after production.Some netizens believe that after the production of pregnant women, it is not possible to sit on the leg after the production of pain, and the performance in the TV series is not in line with common sense.

△ Some netizens commented

After the mother drinks milk tea, will the milk become more?Is it illegal to sit on the leg after production?

In response, Eu Sheng, chief physician and head of obstetrics at the obstetrics and gynecology department of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital.You Sheng told reporters that there is no correlation between "drinking milk tea" and "milk secretion".

"If the protein content of maternal intake is high, and the soup is more soup, relatively more milk secreted. However, most of the ingredients in milk tea are carbohydrates (sugar), fat, and some of them.Add agent. "You Sheng introduced.Some netizens commented that after the production of production, "drinking milk tea really feels more milk." You Sheng believes that this aspect may have a sense of pleasure because of drinking milk tea.Milk tea contains a lot of water, which can also promote the production of milk.

However, You Sheng believes that as far as the nutritional content of milk tea is concerned, it is not suitable for maternal drinking.Due to changes in the secretion of maternal hormones, cortisol hormones are relatively increased, and blood lipids are relatively higher than ordinary women.The high fat content in milk tea may adversely affect the mother’s blood vessels.

In addition, the ingredients such as additives contained in milk tea may be passed to the child through body metabolism, lactation and other methods, and children may not be accepted."Children are prone to diarrhea, constipation, and other indigestion. Some children will have allergic symptoms due to incurable lactose, and some will also be excessive due to the content of tea."

Regarding whether the maternal "sitting leg after production" is violated, You Sheng believes that this is related to the maternal personal constitution.You Sheng told reporters that women’s lumbar spine changes after pregnancy, and some rehabilitation movements will be recovered after production."Everyone’s pelvis and ligaments are different. Some of the actions contained in some rehabilitation yoga are required for cigma. Do not force cross -legged legs, which is related to personal constitution."

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Ren Huawan

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