Make rice wine yourself, keep in mind 4 techniques, make more wine, sweet and mellow, you can fail to fail before you make

Make rice wine yourself, keep in mind 4 techniques, make more wine, sweet and mellow, you can fail to fail before you make

There will be 3 days until the winter solstice. After the "Nine Nine" starts, the temperature will become lower and lower. Many people will have cold hands and feet and feel cold. In addition to adding thick clothes, they will eat more heat., Have the effect of driving cold.

Today I recommend a food that is suitable for all ages. It is rice wine.Rice wine is also called wine, sweet wine, and some places are also called ghosts. In the old days, it was called "醴". It was fermented by glutinous rice as raw materials. It is a traditional drink of the Han nationality.Although it is wine, its degree is very low, and the alcohol content is only 1 ~ 2%. The taste is sweet. From ninety -nine times, you can drink it.

Unlike liquor, the nutritional value of rice wine is very high. It contains a dozen amino acids necessary for the human body. There are eight types that cannot be synthesized by the human body.Under the circumstances, the lysine of rice wine is several times higher than wine and beer, which has the reputation of "liquid cake".

At the same time, after fermentation, the nutrients of glutinous rice are easier to be absorbed, and it has the effects of nourishing and nourishing qi and nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

The sweet smell of rice wine can promote desire to help digestion. Frequent drinking in winter can promote blood circulation, and it will not feel cold, and it also has a whitening and moisturizing effect.Many people also like to drink rice wine, but they usually buy it from the outside. In fact, they can be made by themselves.

There are many ways to eat rice wine. Drink a bowl of hot rice wine in winter, and your body will quickly warm up, or it is used to cook eggs and dumplings, which are very delicious.

Is it difficult to make rice wine?In fact, it is not difficult to do it at all. It is very fresh to do it yourself. It is convenient to do it for a week.

Rice wine is made of fermentation. The low temperature fermentation in winter is very slow, and the amount of alcohol is relatively low. Let ’s share a trick with you below. It can quickly make sweet mellow rice wine. There are also a lot of alcohol.

【Method of Family Rice Wine】

Prepare 1,000 grams of glutinous rice, one wine cake, a bowl of cold boiling water.

1. Rinse the glutinous rice twice with water. Do not scrub or wash too many times. Otherwise, the glutinous rice will lose a lot of nutrients, so that rice wine will not be fragrant and the nutritional value will be reduced.

2. Wash the glutinous rice and add an appropriate amount of water. You must not pass it. Soak for 12 hours and remove the drained water.Boil the steamer with water, pour the glutinous rice on the clean gauze, put it in the steamer for half an hour, and steam the glutinous rice.

3. Prepare a clean container, such as the soup pot, be sure to bring a lid, wash it in advance, sterilize and disinfection.Pour the glutinous rice into the container, break it with chopsticks, and dry for a while.

4. Wrap the sweet wine tune with paper and roll it into powder with a rolling pin, so as to add it to the glutinous rice, and the fermentation efficiency is higher.

5. After the glutinous rice is dried until it is not hot, pour 1,000 grams of cold water in multiple times, stir it while pouring, mix the glutinous rice and water evenly, and then slowly pour in the sweet wine.Poke a small hole with your fingers in the middle, you can see how much wine is.

6. Cover the lid of the soup pot. The most suitable temperature for fermentation is 30 ° C. You can put the soup pot next to the radiator or put it on the hot cymbal.Okay, there have been a lot of wine.

7. Add an appropriate amount of cold water or pure water, stir well, put it in the refrigerator and save it, and eat it as soon as possible.


1. Glutinous rice should be steamed before making rice wine. Soak it in advance before steaming, otherwise it will take a long time to steam.

2. Add water to rice wine. The amount of alcohol is high. The amount of water and glutinous rice is 1: 1.

3. After the glutinous rice must be cool, the wine can be added. Otherwise, the fermented microorganisms in the wine song will be burned to death, losing activity, and failure to ferment.

4. Put it in a warm environment when fermentation. After fermentation, add cold water in time. The purpose is to stop fermentation.Rice wine fermentation time is too long, which will affect the taste.

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