Lumbar soreness in six months of pregnancy

All women have such experience. Women are more difficult and tired in life than men. In addition to making money as good as men, there are a lot of housework waiting for women to solve. What is even more bitter is that there is a baby waiting forWomen are giving birth.Breeding a baby is the happiest thing for women, and of course the hardest thing.Women who have given birth to babies know that in October, she had a childbirth in October.And the hard work of the whole pregnancy is unable to experience it. Today we will talk about some discomfort symptoms of women when they are pregnant for more than six months.

How to relieve:

1 Women’s low back pain during pregnancy is due to the increase of the gestational week, which will secrete a hormone in the body, which can relax the ligament that connects the pelvis, and at the same time, it also has the effect of relaxing muscles, which increases the curvature of the spine, so it is easy to get back pain.This is normal, don’t worry too much.

2 At this time, exercise can be performed appropriately, while paying attention to nutrition and the correct sleeping position. Generally, it is recommended to lie on the left side.In order to relieve low back pain, the family can rub the painful muscles in the massage courtyard.You can also use a towel hot compress, simple hot compress and soft massage, which can promote blood circulation in the muscles and reduce pain.

3 In addition, during pregnancy, fetal development requires sufficient calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients. If these nutrients usually have insufficient intake, it will cause bone softening calcium and deficiency in pregnant women, which will also cause back pain, especially with the month of pregnancy.The increase in nutrition is prone to occur, so it is recommended to add more calcium at this time. It is best to eat food supplements. You can usually drink more bone soup fish soup.

4. Women who are pregnant should pay attention to walking every day, balanced diet, and usually eat more nutritious foods, such as eggs, milk, etc., but also supplement vitamins to avoid too greasy foods. In addition, pay attention to foot pain on the abdominal pain.Keep warm.

Foods that cannot be eaten:

1. It is best not to eat some smoked foods sold outside during pregnancy, such as ham, turkey, beef, etc., because these foods are easily infected with Liszt bacteria, and this bacteria can cause abortion, deformity and even dead tires.It is best to eat at high temperature to cook.

2. Do not eat half a lifetime meat or eggs. Unexpected meat may contain a large amount of bacteria. Seafood products may also contain parasites if they are not cooked. If the mother suffers from parasites, the fetus may receive it.Influence.Also, do not eat unfamiliar eggs, because it may contain bacteria, and the unfamiliar eggs are not conducive to absorption.

3. Do not eat large fish. According to the accumulation principle of the biological chain, the more toxic substances contained in the large fish that are closer to the end of the biological chain.Fish, tuna, etc.

4. It is not advisable to drink water or beverages that are not disinfected with high temperature. The water in the water dispenser in the home is best to drink after heating and boiling. The self -brewed juice drink or alcohol is not disinfected by high temperature. It may contain E. coli. Before drinkingShould be disinfected.

5. It is not advisable to drink strong tea: Since the tea contains a lot of tannins, it can be combined with the protein in food to become an insoluble tannin acid, and it can condense and precipitate with other nutrients in the food, affecting the pregnant woman and the fetus to the pair of fetuses.The absorption and utilization of protein, iron, and vitamins, and malnutrition.Tea also contains a large amount of tannic acid, which has a convergence effect, affects the peristalsis of the intestinal tract, and makes it easy for pregnant women to have constipation.

6. It is not advisable to take thermal supplements: such as ginseng, velvet antler, deer gum, antlers, longan, lychee, walnut, etc. Due to the strong metabolism, the blood circulation system of the whole body has increased significantly, the heart burden is worsened, the blood vessels are also inExpansion and congestion.Increased aldosterol -secreted steroids can easily lead to water and sodium retention to cause edema and hypertension.If taking heat supplements can easily cause abortion or death.

Reminder: The above is the topic of "lumbar pain for six months of pregnancy" we shared today. By sharing, we know that some methods of lumbar pain during the six pairs of women’s pregnancy and food that pregnant women cannot eat during this period cannot be eaten during this period.EssenceXiaobian hopes that today’s sharing can help pregnant mothers solve the problem of this period and reduce the hard work of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.I wish all the pregnant mothers happy during pregnancy!

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