Lu Jingshan is pregnant in September!Tao strong makeup stepping on hate Tian Gao to hold the belly throughout the process, exposing the due date will be next month

On August 24th, some netizens exposed the picture of Han Geng’s wife Lu Jingshan on the social platform, and revealed that Lu Jingshan’s due date will be next month, and the news has attracted attention.

Lu Jingshan, who appeared on the day, wore a blue dress and turned into exquisite makeup, lifted all hair up upwards, and seemed to be filming advertising.

Even if wearing a loose long skirt, Lu Jingshan’s pregnant belly is still very eye -catching.

Although it has entered the third trimester, Lu Jingshan’s status is still very good. With a smile on the whole process, he also seemed very kind when he communicated with the staff.

It is worth noting that Lu Jingshan also stepped on a pair of hate heights and was careful when walking. As long as she did not shoot, she would hold her pregnant belly. Although she was inconvenient, she insisted on completing the shooting work.

The publisher also revealed that Lu Jingshan’s due date will be next month. After the screen is exposed, many netizens blame "What are you going out to work like this?"

Lu Jingshan and Han Geng were pregnant on May 8th, and she was very obvious at the time.

It is reported that Lu Jingshan was pregnant at the end of October last year. Earlier, she revealed that she found the news of pregnancy after her father’s death, and her father died on October 12.

Based on time, now Lu Jingshan has been pregnant for more than 9 months, and it is imminent.

Although it is about to be produced soon, Lu Jingshan does not seem to have any discomfort. On August 20, she also posted a group of photos on the social platform.

It can be seen from the picture that Lu Jingshan seemed to gain a lot of weight, and his legs became very round.

Although she has always advocated that she has to dress freely during pregnancy, Lu Jingshan’s wear in recent times is mainly loose and comfortable.

Since her pregnancy, Lu Jingshan’s workload has been greatly reduced, and she has been resting at home for most of the time.

But even so, she did not give up the hobby of fitness. She would also ride night exercise at night when she was 7 months pregnant. In the picture, she was wearing tights.

In addition, Lu Jingshan also put herself in the gym to keep her body in order to keep her figure.

Yoga exercise she did not make mistakes.

Although Lu Jingshan was often spit out because of this, she didn’t seem to care about it. She also publicly stated that she would do things such as exercise and makeup during pregnancy.

However, due to the busy work of Han Geng, Lu Jingshan was alone during the pregnancy most of the time, and only a few dogs were accompanied by her. Earlier, she also publicly shouted on the social platform that Han Geng went home earlier.

Now that Han Geng and Lu Jingshan have been married for more than 3 years, she is also 37 years old. It belongs to the scope of an elderly mother, but fortunately Lu Jingshan is well maintained, and the state of pregnancy is also perfect.Beautiful babies, look forward to seeing a family of three in the same frame as soon as possible.


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