Losing weight before pregnancy = Supremely effort?

Losing weight is the word that many women often hang on their mouths.The process of giving birth to a small life seems to be associated with words such as "gaining weight" and "body shape".

Many sisters who have weight loss and intended to prepare for pregnancy may have such confusion: "I have worked hard to reduce the fat, and then I am pregnant again.

At first, I thought so, and such a misunderstanding was logically an excuse for me to lose weight.After experiencing the whole pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding process, I have a new understanding of the wonderfulness of the human body.

With my personal experience, I think that weight loss before pregnancy is not in vain.As long as you pay attention to your own diet or exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, you can maintain the results of weight loss, or even thinner than before pregnancy.

How to maintain the effect of weight loss before pregnancy?

1. Diet

Nutritional intake during pregnancy is essential, and nutritional elements such as carbohydrates, protein, fat are not less.

Many pregnant women will have this idea: "Now I am pregnant, eat whatever you want, and eat as much as you want. After all, the baby in the stomach also needs to eat."

However, reality is cruel. If you do not control your diet during pregnancy, you may have gestational diabetes, which will not affect the baby’s health, and you have a meat.

If you want to slow down the speed of weight growth during pregnancy, a very effective method is to reduce carbohydrary and use coarse grains to replace some fine rice noodles.Even healthy mothers can refer to pregnant women with gestational diabetes for meals, which is not only conducive to the baby’s health, but also effectively controls her own weight, and can even be long -lasting.

2. Exercise:

In the first three months of pregnancy, exercise is not recommended.After three months, the amount of exercise can be gradually increased.Sisters who do not have a exercise foundation before pregnancy can adopt a relatively safe way: walk.

Walking can consume both calories, which is conducive to regulating physical functions and preparing for the final production; it can also regulate mood and facilitate physical and mental health.

3. Mother breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding is the critical period of weight loss.Because breastfeeding will consume a lot of calories, if you take the above healthy diet and appropriate exercise at this time, you will have more effort for weight loss, and you can even make your weight lower than before pregnancy.Mother -use the breastfeeding period is an excellent way for new mothers with weight loss.

A healthy diet and moderate exercise, make full use of breastfeeding, can quickly recover new mothers after giving birth to maintain the results of weight loss before pregnancy (it is necessary to emphasize here that a healthy weight loss method must be adopted).Pursuing beauty and health, when can it be available, as long as you adopt a healthy lifestyle, the effectiveness of weight loss before pregnancy can be perfectly maintained after pregnancy!

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