Looking at the changes in quasi -leucorrhea, increasing the chance of conception is not a problem!

With the disorder of the proportion of men and women, my brother returned home every year. He was married and urged by his family. He finally got married and had a child by his family.As soon as you escaped the wedding, before you breathed, he would start another new hurdle.

But the major events in life during pregnancy, whether for family or female individuals.For those who just get married and want to get pregnant.If you want to increase the chance of pregnancy, newlywed women who do not understand can pay more attention to the changes in leucorrhea.Many people’s menstrual cycles are not allowed, so the ovulation period cannot be determined, but the changes in the ovulation period and leucorrhea are closely related, and leucorrhea also changes with the menstrual cycle.Therefore, women with inaccurate menstrual cycles can determine the ovulation period through the change of leucorrhea.

Lands change as the menstrual cycle changes, that is, the leucorrhea conditions before and after menstruation are different.There will be a certain difference in color and consistency. As for the specific differences, I wo n’t say much about it (everyone understands).And what is the rustic of leucorrhea?In fact, leucorrhea drawing can be understood literally, that is, the leucorrhea presents a silk -shaped sticky, which is less likely to be broken, and it will be stretched into silk shape. This is what we call the leucorrhea drawing.

Yes, although the leucorrhea can determine the ovulation period, how can it be determined that day?This depends on the changes in leucorrhea. Generally speaking, during ovulation, leucorrhea will increase significantly during ovulation, so general women will feel more secretions and wet.The ovulation period is calculated with menstrual periods. This everyone knows that menstruation is related to the ovulation period. Generally, ovulation is the first ten days before the next menstruation arrives.However, not every woman’s menstruation will come on time, and some women’s menstrual time is actually different.So how to judge the ovulation time for these women?

The change of leucorrhea is to change according to the time of menstruation, and menstruation is closely related to ovulation. Therefore, at this time, we can use leucorrhea to produce changes in drawing to determine the time of ovulation.At this time, we can judge according to the condition of the leucorrhea.How to judge, because leucorrhea is very fragile in special parts, and if you are not careful, you may cause a private infection.Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that it is better to use medical cotton towels or cotton swabs, sanitary napkins, etc.Use cotton swabs, toilet paper, etc., dip it in the leucorrhea, and then observe whether there is a brushed (just mentioned the specific phenomenon of the leucorrhea drawing above).

But is the leucorrhea rushed, or after ovulation or after ovulation?In fact, there will be leucorrhea before and after the ovulation period, and there will be different situations, but when it is close to the ovulation period, there will be a significant increase in leucorrhea. Before, the amount of leucorrhea will be relatively small.EssenceWhen the leucorrhea is drawn, the ovulation time is almost arrived, and usually women’s ovulation will last for two to three days.

With the ovulation process, the amount of leucorrhea will gradually become sparse and less, and the phenomenon of leucorrhea brushes will gradually disappear.To put it simply, the maximum amount of leucorrhea is brushed, or when the leucorrhea is not easy to break, it is also the most ovulation day, and this day is also the highest power for pregnancy.Therefore, the pregnancy couple can hurry up and prepare when observing the leucorrhea.

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