Long -term vegetarian child height is far lower than the average level 17 cm, but the mother does not want to hit growth hormone

During pregnancy, you start drinking porridge for your baby in three months, causing children to be malnourished and short.The doctor suggested to hit the growth hormone, but the mother is unwilling to fight.

This kind of parenting method that sounds blood pressure rises appears in the popular science documentary on May 24th of the Shenzhen Health Commission.In the video, a mother brought her 6 -year -old child to the doctor, saying that her child was told that height was backward during the physical examination.

According to the doctor, the child is only 102cm tall, while the average child of the same age is 119cm, and he is 17cm behind the average height.The doctor said that the height had reached "short", and even "shorter than shorters."Based on this, the child’s height may be only about 150cm in the future.

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After further inquiries, the doctor discovered the reason why the child developed abnormally.

It turned out that the mother had a lot of vegetarian vegetarian vegetarian during pregnancy, which caused the child to insufficient nutrition. When she was born, she was only 4 pounds and 8 pounds. Subsequently, when the child was 3 months old, the mother reduced because of "eating breast milk" and reduced it.The child’s breast milk intake, instead feed him food and other foods.In addition, the in -laws are mainly vegetarian. The children have also had light diet and rarely eat them since childhood.

After listening to these, the doctor immediately suggested that the mother returned to the local to make growth hormone to the child, prompting him to grow 3 or 4 cm each year to make up for the slow growth of malnutrition.

However, the child’s mother was hesitant after listening, saying that "I don’t want to fight", because the information I usually hear is to avoid hormones in the diet, so she feels that hormone is not good for the child’s health.

Seeing this, doctors explained that hormonal hormones are as a last resort, because the child is too tall to be his peers, and he can only promote the growth of hobbies and tie the gap.Later, it was said that parents would go back and think about it, but it is recommended not to wait for the child to make a decision at the age of thirteen or four.

Is it suitable for vegetarian during pregnancy?

Fan Zhihong, an associate professor of the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety at the School of Food Safety, China University of Agricultural University, said in his blog that although there are many benefits of vegetarian food, it is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Among them, pregnant women are not recommended to be vegetarian.

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Fan Zhihong explained that pregnant women are in a period of strong metabolism and rapid cell growth, and the demand for nutrients is large, but some nutrients necessary for the growth and development of some human body, such as vitamin B12 and vitamin D, almost only exist in the food of animal sources; in additionAlthough various vegetarian foods also contain iron and zinc, their existence is different from the iron and zinc of animal sources, and often contains a variety of "anti -nutritional factors" (that is, substances that hinder nutrient absorption), making it difficult for these trace elementsHuman body absorption and utilization.

Therefore, for young children and pregnant women, people with very strong nutrients such as iron and zinc, and people with anemia and zinc deficiency symptoms, if they do not add additional nutrition after eating, they may lead to more serious condition.The lack of these trace elements for pregnant women is more likely to affect the development of the baby.

Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Health Hospital said that for vegetarians, if you can accept it, you can eat some amaranth after pregnancy; if you don’t like it, there is no need to force yourself to eat ravioli, but the diet structure must be appropriately adjusted.Throughout pregnancy, if the dietary structure can be adjusted, the only vegetarians need additional supplements are vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 only exists in animal foods. If you eat vegetarian for a long time and do not eat any amaranth, you may lack vitamin B12.Vitamin B12 is also known as "nutritional nerve" vitamins. If it is seriously lacking, it will cause mental weakness, depression, memory loss, numbness, nerve, paranoia, and multiple cognitive dysfunction.Daily intake of sufficient dairy or dairy products, vitamin B12 deficiency will not occur; if you only eat eggs or dairy products, vitamin B12 is still prone to.

Children and adolescent growth judgment standards and food support suggestions

The National Health and Health Commission issued the "Guide to Children and Adolescent Growth (Edition 2023)", which provided us with detailed standards for growth retardation and food care suggestions.

The slowdown of growth is defined as: due to the protein or energy, vitamins, and mineral intake of the diet, the height of the height of the size of the screen is lower than the screening standard, which is long -term malnutrition.

Slowly grow self -test:

The diet of each meal should include three categories and above foods such as grain, vegetables and fruits, livestock poultry fish and soybeans; more than 12 kinds of food types per day, and more than 25 kinds per week.(See Table 1)

Based on the balanced diet:

1. Properly increase lean meat, aquatic products, poultry, eggs, soybeans and other foods rich in high -quality protein.

2. Eat milk -rich foods such as milk and dairy products every day. At the same time, pay attention to supplementing foods rich in vitamin D; children 2 to 5 years old drink 350-500ml of milk a day;A considerable amount of dairy products.

3. Eat sufficient fresh vegetables and fruits.

4. At the same time, increase iron -rich foods such as animal liver and animal blood.

5. Daily diet must also meet the body’s demand for trace nutrients such as zinc, iodine, vitamin A, vitamin B12, folic acid, and vitamin C.

It is hoped that pregnant women and parents will have a scientific and reasonable diet, scientific parenting, and promote the healthy growth of children.

Source: Zhengguan News Comprehensive sorting out the "Flash Pediatrician" of Shenzhen Health and Health Commission, WeChat public account of the first maternal and infant health hospital in Shanghai, WeChat public account of the Child Health Department of Children’s Health Department of Northwest Women and Children’s Hospital

(Source: Zhengguan News)

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