Liuzhou women are pregnant after taking drugs, and children are addicted when they are born!The betrayal regrets and regrets the tears

Not long ago, the staff of Liunan District Anti -Drug Office entered Liuzhou City for compulsory isolation and detoxification office to carry out teaching activities. A female trainee A Jing made a statement in the past 30 years.The staff of the anti -drug office reminds A Jing that after going out of the detoxification center, they can continue to receive metharone replacement therapy.A Jing said that for her two children, she was confident to overcome her dependence on all drugs.

In the detoxification center, A Jing wrote all the thoughts of the child into the diary.Reporter from this newspaper Zhong Hua


Drug drugs to prove that drug addiction can be presented

A 49 -year -old A Jing was an excellent art gymnarian athlete.In 1986, A Jing, who was preparing for the selection of the national team in the Guangxi Sports Team, accidentally injured both knees and cervical spine during the training.For the time being, she can only rely on wheelchairs, and she has to retire in advance.

Aron, the assistant coach of the sports team, is also a Liuzhou native.After A Jing retired to Liuzhou, Aaron also returned, and he was protecting the injured A Jing.After 9 months of treatment, A Jing stood again and gradually recovered his daily activities.In the days of gradually recovering, A Jing and Aaron had feelings and married in 1989.

One day after marriage, A Jing was surprised to find that her husband and a few friends hid at home to suck heroin.A Jing persuaded for two months. Along always said that the injuries that had fallen in training that year brought him a lot of pain. Only drugs can keep him away from the pain.A Jing was surprised that she was also injured by herself. She believed that with the tenacious perseverance of the athletes, she could defeat the drug addiction, so she let her prove that she could quit her husband’s addiction to show her husband.

As a result, A Jing also began to suck heroin, but as soon as she touched the drug, it would be difficult to get rid of drug addiction.She has been with Aaron for 9 years. In 1998, Alon died of liver cancer.In this year, A Jing gave birth to her son and Aaron’s son, and Arol failed to see his son.

What made A Jing didn’t expect was that because she took drugs during pregnancy, her son appeared drug abstinence syndrome as soon as she was born. She had to separate from her and undergo anti -drug treatment.

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In order to be filial piety to kneeling in front of his father’s sick couch and crying

Shortly after the child was treated with detoxification treatment, A Jing’s mother sent her grandson to Beijing -for the future of the child, let him stay away from the drug mother and live with A Jing’s aunt.Now that the child is 20 years old, he is going to college in Beijing.However, he had a few times with A Jing to meet. The year was more than 20 days after the year, and the mother and son were more alienated.

Whenever I think of this son who has not been around for a long time, A Jing always feels heartbroken pain.She blamed herself because she was ashamed of her son, and she was suffering because she could not get the care of her son.A Jing’s mother not only sent her children, but in 2000 she also reported to the police that she sent A Jing into the then Guangxi Women’s Labor Camp to take drugs.A Jing had a rebellious psychology. Shortly after returning to Liuzhou in 2001, she began to take drugs again.

In 2006, A Jing’s father was treated with urgent surgical treatment due to the perforation of the lungs.Blood transfusion was needed during the operation, but the blood of the inventory was insufficient. The family launched many relatives and friends to donate blood.A Jing is the same as his father’s blood type, but he cannot transfuse blood for his father because of drug use.With the help of more than 10 relatives and friends of blood donation, A Jing’s father successfully undergone surgery.

During his father’s hospitalization recovery, A Jing cried in front of his father’s bed.She told her heartache. Because of drug use, she lost the opportunity to accompany her son to grow up, and lost the ability to filial piety for her father. She didn’t want to live in this way without hopes. She finally decided to go to the detoxification center to detoxify.

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Determination of detoxification for children

After A Jing’s father recovered and discharged from the hospital, she reported to the public security organs to take drugs and sent A Jing into Liuzhou for compulsory isolation and detoxification.At the end of 2006, A Jing returned home after the detoxification period expired, and has been being treated with Meisalone for replacement.

In 2010, A Jing was introduced to know the man A Qiang. Aqiang knew that she had suck heroin and was undergoing Medisone replacement therapy.The two got married for a while, and had two children.A Jing’s time was full and busy. In order to make money to support her family, she started the noon class and actively participated in volunteer services.Except for always taking methane, her life is not much different from ordinary people, until last year reappeared drugs.

Because of his busy work, A Jing said that he had no time to take the medicine at Mesatone Clinic.With this as an excuse, she has re -absorbed heroin since last year.On March 28 this year, A Jing was captured by the police at the Chicken Police Station and was sent to a detoxification center again.

She didn’t dare to let her children know the truth, she could only ask her husband to lie to the child and say that she had a business trip.After 3 months of suffering from the children, she has received the enlightenment and education of the police officer. A Jing does not want to lose the two children around her. She decided to overcome the dependence of Meisone.

After a period of desertification treatment, a layer of dark spots on Ajing’s skin gradually faded, and her continued cough was much better.The discipline police told reporters that A Jing is a relatively positive state of detoxification practitioners, and her body’s dependence on drugs is getting smaller and smaller. Everyone is full of confidence in her abstain from her drug addiction.(The characters in the text are pseudonym)

Since the 1980s, the spread of drugs around the world has endangered the health of human beings and the tranquility of the international community. It has become a serious international harm and has attracted the attention of the world.

In June 1987, according to the suggestion of the Secretary -General of the United Nations, a "International Conference on the Implication and illegal Trafficking Issues" was held in Vienna, Austria’s capital in Vienna, Austria.This is a large -scale international meeting in history.

Since 1987, countries have to focus on large -scale anti -drug activities around June 26 each year.

Today, it is the 31st detoxification day. Drug use can not only spend money, but also destroy their own families.Be wary of drugs, don’t let them appear in our life circle.

★ Do not mix the cigarette rings, don’t suck with those who suck.

★ Do not mix the poison circle, young people should not mix suspicious sugar blocks with strangers.

★ Don’t mix at nightclubs, don’t drink strange drinks, especially women.

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Be wary of these strange things

Source 丨 South China Journal

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