Life in Dreams, a magical boy with a magical fetal dream

I often dream after I am pregnant with my son.I didn’t know if it was a baby dream at the time, but now I think about it.

The most scenarios made in the early pregnancy is the scene of a harvest in the field. Various fruits are full of branches and fruitful.Whether it is apples, peaches, or dates, they are full and rounded. It makes people look more and more. Strangely, all the fruits are green and even green.Even pumpkins are all over the ground.I walked in this harvest field, always felt surprised and excited, touched this, looked at that, wanted to pick up some, and suffered from no baskets or baskets at hand.

I started to dream of dolls in the middle of pregnancy.I saw a cute doll with big and bright eyes, fair and smooth skin.Although the little doll didn’t wear clothes, I couldn’t see whether it was a boy or a girl.Little is holding a huge sunflower in his hands, flying lightly in the air.I couldn’t help but flying involuntarily, and I was not surprised why I was flying. I thought to follow the child and take a good look. It seems that there is a magic to urge me to do so.

We fly freely, fly, and don’t speak each other.It feels wonderful.

Later, the child disappeared. I didn’t know how I saw a warm grass nest, which seemed to be lying on a toy bear.I hugged it, where is a toy bear, a white and sleeping baby who is asleep.

When I woke up from the dream, I vaguely felt that this was a wonderful fetal dream.After that, I would like to know whether it was a boy or a girl in the belly.To be honest, I have a feeling since I had this dream. I was pregnant with a boy in my stomach.Of course, I did n’t tell others about this dream, and I did n’t share my feelings with others. After all, separated by a layer of belly, I said that my thoughts were too naive early.

By the end of pregnancy, it looked like it for more than eight months.I dreamed that I had a bath with a few people in the river. They had men and women, but I didn’t know one.They seem to be discussing what topics, I can’t get into my mouth, but I want to participate in it.At this time, a big fish with four legs (like a crocodile, but looked at the crocodile and docile) to me.It said: "You go with me." Then it swim quickly, and I followed it quickly, feeling smooth, lamented how I could swim so fast!

I couldn’t help telling my aunt about this dream.She immediately said, "You are pregnant with a boy, right!"

Her statement is also more firm in my judgment of my feelings. Maybe she is really a boy in the stomach.

I felt quite interesting at the time.I want boys and girls, after all, I am pregnant in October.

Soon, I gave birth to my son by the way.The son was born white and clean, and it was exactly the same as the doll I picked up in the grass nest in my dream.

From then on, I believe that there is a dream of fetal, and it is amazing.

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