Li Yang acupuncture: These five types of people can be treated with acupuncture for pregnancy

According to the survey data, infertility in the infertility population, the infertility caused by ovulation disorders accounts for 20%-30%. The more common polycystic ovary syndrome, the luteumin syndrome of the follicles is not broken.Ovulation disorders are infertility.Difficulty in ovulation leads to difficulty in preparing for pregnancy.

There are also more common fallopian tube infertility, such as chronic fallopian tubeitis, endometriosis, etc. This ratio accounts for about 30%-40%of infertility. This type of infertility people can actually assist acupuncture acupuncture acupuncturefor treatment.

The concept of fallopian tube surgery for infertility or ectopic pregnancy photos.The doctor’s hand of the surgery knife is above the anatomical model of the uterus

For some low ovarian reactions and poor quality of folicular eggs, acupuncture can also be used to assist pregnancy.

There are also female patients with thin uterine endometrium and a history of uterine adhesion. If you want to prepare for pregnancy, you can also take acupuncture for the treatment.

There are also people in this type of population, such as the preliminary conditioning of IVF and the repeated failure of IVF transplantation. It is also recommended to treat acupuncture.

Dr. Li Yang said that in fact, in addition to the above groups can be treated with acupuncture, some normal pregnancy, some pregnant people who want to regulate their bodies normally, or have some pregnancy preparations, are also very recommended for acupuncture assistive treatment.

Liu Baoyan, chairman of the Federation of the World Acupuncture Society and chairman of the Chinese Acupuncture Society, said that acupuncture and treatment of acupuncture stimulated the body’s own ability to repair through stimulating the body surface. This unique path of action can open the new world for the treatment of many incurable diseases, and then thenMake important original contributions to medical development.In recent years, the success of acupuncture in the treatment of infertility is an example.

Many patients have been treated with acupuncture and pregnant their babies.

Yang Xin (pseudonym), 27 years old, civil servant, premature ovarian function."In the year of college graduation, I got married with my boyfriend who had been in love for 3 years. I didn’t expect it to be immersed in happiness that it would be so difficult to have children! I can’t conceive my child after marriage.Once I knew the word ‘ovarian function premature failure’. I chose umbilical moxibustion. Each treatment, the belly was warm and comfortable. After half a year, my family encouraged me to try test tube babies (in vitro fertilization -embryo transplantation technology),As a result, it was successful. Now, I have been pregnant for 7 months, and now I look forward to meeting my baby every day! "

Woman Undergoing Acupuncture Treatment

There are many such patients.Acupuncture Hospital of Chinese Medical Sciences Acupuncture Hospital acupuncture and pregnancy -induced clinics take more than 80 pregnant women per day, doctors from more than 70 three -level hospital reproductive centers in the country and Chinese medicine practitioners from foreign hospitals come here to study acupuncture assistance technology;Every day, more than 100 patients who do IVF have repeatedly failed to seek Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment; acupuncture umbilical moxibustion of acupuncture umbilical moxibustion at the affiliated hospital affiliated hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine help the pregnant clinic.There are tens of thousands of patients.

There are still many unsolved mysteries behind acupuncture. This is because acupuncture determines its extensive and complicated effects through the characteristics of self -cultivation and cure. It needs to be explored in -depth.On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the promotion of the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, so that the pregnancy ideas of helping the pregnancy, nourishing the liver and kidney, and soothing are more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people;Further integrate into the standardized reproductive treatment system.

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