Knowledge during pregnancy | Article 23 taboos that should be known during pregnancy should

Novice pregnant mothers will definitely have heard of things that pregnant women cannot do in their lives. Today, I have counted some 23 common taboos.Let’s learn with me and welcome the health little baby together

1.Can you fake a pregnancy?Bleak

Yes, because the skin’s absorption of cosmetics can be ignored,

But avoid cautious ingredients, such as vitamin acid and salicylic acid.If you are not sure if there are these ingredients, you can check on the beautiful practice app.

2.Can I apply lipstick when I am pregnant?Bleak

Pregnant women are best not to apply lipstick, because it contains more chemicals, do not enter the entrance, remember to clean it before eating.

3.Can I dye my hair during pregnancy?Bleak

It is generally not recommended to dye her hair during pregnancy.

4.Can we use skin care while having pregnancy?Bleak

Yes, but it is best to avoid efficacy products, such as whitening, acne and other products, avoiding pregnant women with caution.It is best to keep moisturizing, such as Vaseline, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

5.Can I do my nails during pregnancy?Bleak

6.Can I drink milk tea during pregnancy?Bleak

7.Can I drink coffee during pregnancy?

8.Should I make up a lot during pregnancy?Bleak

9.Can I eat spicy pregnancy?Bleak

It can be appropriately eaten, but the mother factor in the pregnancy is pressed to the intestine, which can easily cause constipation. If it will increase the stimulating food such as spicy food at this time, it will increase the hemorrhoids.

10.Can pregnant women eat seafood?

Yes, fish and shrimp are very good protein sources.However, shells and crab seafood are not recommended to eat more, as well as raw and smoky foods cannot be eaten, and there may be bacteria.

11.Can I eat ice cream during pregnancy?Bleak

It is not recommended to eat, pregnant women eating ice cream will not directly affect the fetus in the belly, but eating more ice cream will affect the stomach absorption function.

There are more sugar content and can easily cause hyperglycemia.

12.Can I eat thorns during pregnancy?Bleak

Do not eat raw food during pregnancy.Although thorns such as salmon are rich in nutrition, the safety of ingredients is difficult to control and may contain parasites. During pregnancy, try to avoid eating.

13.Is it okay to eat hotpot while pregnant?

14.Can I eat hot and spicy during pregnancy?

15.Can I stay up late during pregnancy?Bleak

16.Can I get a hot spring or bath?

17.Can I have a room in the same room?

18.Can I swim in pregnancy?

19.Can I raise small animals during pregnancy?

20.Can I take a plane when I am pregnant?

twenty one.Can I eat leftovers for pregnancy?

twenty two.Can I exercise during pregnancy?Bleak

twenty three.Do I have to drink tires in the third trimester?Bleak

May every pregnant mother’s birth check -up all the way to give birth to a healthy baby!

In the later period, more parenting knowledge is continuously updated ~ More problems during pregnancy, pregnant mothers are welcome to communicate in the comment area!

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