Just 2 weeks of pregnancy, there will be five obvious signals. How many do you find?

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You have to ask how pregnant women or mothers know you are pregnant. Most of the answers are discovered through the holiday or vomiting.However, some women’s menstruation is not very regular. It was already pregnant, but thought it was irregular menstruation.So you will do something that is not good for the fetus, such as smoking, drinking.In fact, at 2 weeks of pregnancy, women’s bodies have these 5 obvious signals to remind you.You must observe carefully during pregnancy.

1. Menstruation stop

That is what we start to say, most women find that they are pregnant through this feature.If your menstruation is normal, but if you haven’t come for more than 10 days, you must consider whether you are pregnant.Because in the same room for 10 days, fertilized eggs will bed, so this time is basically synchronized.

2. Bed bleeding

Generally, about 10 days in the same room, if the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, there will be slight bleeding.The amount of bed bleeding is relatively small, usually pink or brown, but not all women will happen.If you find that there are situations in about 10 days in the same room, you need to consider whether you are pregnant, do not deal with it according to examples.

3. chest pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, the breasts of pregnant women have obvious changes, which are generally larger, soft and accompanied by tenderness.With the increase of the gestational week, the color of RT will deepen, which is a clear signal of pregnancy.If women usually pay attention to observing their bodies, they will find this change.

4. Easy fatigue

After the fertilized eggs, the hormone level in pregnant women will change, and pregnant women will be drowsiness.Sometimes it was very tired that it didn’t take long before it got up in the morning, and wanted to sleep.The symptoms of some pregnant women are about the same as a cold, and they will mistakenly think that it is a cold and even take medicine.In this case, it is best to confirm whether you are pregnant first, and then decide to take medicine.

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5. frequent urine

Some pregnant women will have frequent urination after pregnancy, which is also the result of changes in hormone levels in the body.If women find that they don’t drink much water, but keep going to the toilet, then think about whether they are pregnant.

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