Jay Chou official Xuan Kunhuai’s third child: This is the most beautiful gift, his wife’s belly is as big as a ball

On the day Jay Chou celebrated his birthday, the news about Kun Ling’s pregnancy was not released.

However, Taiwan media said that Kun Ling’s sister revealed that Kun Ling had successfully conceived his third child, and Jay Chou also said that he would have 5 children.

So under everyone’s speculation, Jay Chou’s official announcement came.

On January 19, Jay Chou’s wife Xuan’s wife Kun Ling did have a third child and released photos of his wife’s pregnancy, saying that this is the best gift.

Since it is his birthday, his wife is pregnant again, why not be a birthday gift?

Jay Chou posted: "Originally I wanted to say that I was born again, and I couldn’t defend it. This best gift was" pregnancy. "On the grass, Kun Ling had a huge belly, and it was obviously a pregnant belly. The whole belly was as big as a ball.

Jay Chou made a funny look at the defensorian. Kun Ling was wearing the birthday clothes that appeared in the photo last night.Congratulations to Kun Ling, congratulations to Jay Chou.

Jay Chou and Kun Ling in 2015, and then gave birth to the eldest daughter Hathaway. In 2017, the second son was born and named Romeo.Congratulations!In 2022, Kun Ling was pregnant again and exposed his pregnancy.

In addition, after Jay Chou officially announced his wife’s pregnancy, Kun Ling released a photo of the family and made a heart -shaped pattern on everyone.In addition, there is a photo of Kun Ling’s guessing boys and women’s quiz, which is very interesting.

Kun Ling placed some glasses of the birthday party yesterday and lined up on the table, and then blinded the words of boys and girls on the glasses.It is estimated that Jay Chou’s friends have participated in this wonderful entertainment activity, haha.

However, I have to say that Jay Chou’s brothers hidden well for him, and the news of Kun Ling’s pregnancy was not released at all.Fortunately, the powerful Taiwanese media heard Kun Ling’s sister accidentally say it before confirming the news.

Netizens message: actively respond to the third child policy, wait for the album!There are more children born in these years than albums!Haha, the boss is really amazing.

I can imagine Lao Zhou: Woo woo, I want to play games, haha, this year their family’s joy is more joyful. Will Jay Chou’s inspiration add more?

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